Black Cat Flicker and Trick or Treat Malene

so here are the teased skins… i can say i am pretty excited for both of them with petal already having pumpkin skin alpha is the only one of my favourites who needs a halloween skin (i love sugar=i love halloween) i hope neither of them are recolours and have effects good enough to make me actually want to replace their defaults. huzzah for the sugar costume festival!


I just saw this on Twitter as soon as you posted this

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oh i saw this about 3 hours ago and was waiting for someone to make a topic… then i had an astonishing idea

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Definitely not the art style I was expecting but the appearance of it all is nevertheless cool

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It’d be cool if they brought back the Halloween map for the Fold from now till the 31st!

I’d even play a game or ten, if I could play 3v3 on that map again!

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Finally a malene skin! Hope it will be se or L

It’s a instant buy for me.

Argh yes

Hint: separate balancing coming in update 3.9

On topic: I don’t like any of those hero so I’m not exited at all, but it’s alright, I want 3.8 to pass as quick as possible.

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I hope black cat flicker comes with some new voice lines. That would be So cool.

But just the skin would still be pretty good. blend into the shadows. :sunglasses:

As cool as these two are, I wanted the Malene skin to be love bites MAlene to go with my love bites Blackfeather. Just gimme them Vampires.


I thought Malene would be pink and look more like bubble gum from Adventure Time. The skin still good though, at least we got one for her.

Only about a year late … :oops:

Seriously, I think them failing to preserve 3v3’s balance when 5v5 was released was the single biggest mistake they made. (And they’ve made some whoppers, so that’s saying something.)


Because they thought people would leave 3v3, and it was partially true: people left 3v3, but not all, in fact, it’s supposed to be the 2º most played hero, something they didn’t expect at all. Enough people keep playing this mode to force them balance it too, which originally they didn’t planned to do, but it seems the players are too many for them afford risking them not balancing the mode, which I’m glad as it’s the mode I play. I don’t expect them to perfectly balance it like in the past in one update (3.9), but with time it will be balanced again.

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Melon already got a skin and Lorelai mains just be like…:upside_down_face:

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RIP, there are Lorelai mains ??? Yikes


The few, the proud, the masochistic …


That would be ozo mains: their main is a meme, barely ever viable and doesn’t get good skins.


The only hero that I play consistently that doesn’t have an amazing skin is Churn ( no, that dumb clown looks ridiculous - I prefer the base skin )

It must be hard :upside_down_face:

What’s hilarious is I was going to add that to my post but decided not to because I thought Ozo mains (all 8 of them) might feel even worse … :ozo:

Ozo is always viable, what are you talking about? Did you not see Broken Myth’s latest tier list?? :ozo: