5 v 5 seasonal map

So far from 3 v 3,winter is my favourite map. It looks cool and if remember correctly in the past the treants look like a santa thing? I wish in 5 v 5 they also add that and change the damned treant into something else. Right now vainglory 5 v 5 maps look like a garden imo.


That’s because it is a garden.


i want a halloween season map so bad, if its one thing that SEMC had done well, IT WAS TO MAKE AN ATMOSPHERE IN GAME. woops too much caps sorry :neutral_face:


I expect a Winter map coming this year its far away and they have time.

Lol. My weird imagination has pictured life-sized Treant statues to place in a real garden. lol.

I’m betting some Japanese entrepreneur is finding a way to make it happen, right now.

Yeah halloween is cool spooky dark feeling map definitely sick


I loved the seasonal maps in the early years – I wish they’d go back to changing the map appearance more frequently! Also, 5v5 definitely needs a winter map, but I’d also love to see a dark version (Halloween would be perfect timing)!

For those who haven’t been playing long enough to remember the older Halcyon Fold maps, here they are, in all their glory:

How it all began …

Autumn map …

Halloween map …

Winter map …

Lunar New Year map …


Halloween map was the best imo. That update when phinn came out


Yah, I LOVED the Halloween map …


Hmm if they did seasonal maps they could also sell map options like the ability to use the seasonal map you like anytime

The Halloween map was incredible…
What was their reasoning for axing seasonal maps again? Too much storage? >< They really should find a way to put them back in, the details and atmosphere enchanced the game experience by a lot.

Could do it by an optional download


that’s actually a smart idea, or during october, they could make it purchasable so u can keep it even when halloween is over, but thats my two cents

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Yeah I’d actually pay I’ve to use the map of my choice, something they should consider doing.


Plus a feature like that would not make initial download bigger unless you decide on having them