Apple Arcade coming Sep 19

Early reactions (from people on the iOS 13 beta who’ve received early access) have been universally positive – often wildly so.

The skinny:

  • $4.99/month with a 1 month free trial
  • 100+ games by fall 2019
  • all games are free of ads and in-app purchases
  • subscription can be shared with up to 5 family members (using Apple’s Family Sharing feature)

This is a no-brainer. I’m signing up immediately on Thursday.


A couple of the games look absolutely phenomenal. Really considering this.


The Pathless seems the kind of game I can spend hours and hours playing…

First time hearing about that feature XD


The price is really a steal, apple did the right move here and defo a lot of people will subscribe (incl. me if I end up with the new pro max as intended - green is my fav color… soooo :confused:)


I’m upgrading the kids’ phones to the iPhone 11 this year … trying hard to stick to my promise to myself NOT to upgrade my phone also … :confounded:


Currently I roll note 9 (sadly exynos 9810 that is a lot lot worse vs sd845) and an iphone 6s. Got one HTC M8 custom to the bone that still do fine, but rarely used nowdays. The note 9 will go into my girlfriend if I just to the pro max as I will 99% do.


Here’s a detailed table of all 62 games that will be available on Apple Arcade at launch tomorrow:

The launch library is tempting me already. Gungeon, Rayman, and Shantae (even if it’s not the complete game) alone got my interest.

My iPad is not compatible yet (it’s 6° generation) so I will have to wait ;_;
To anyone that has it already: what do you think of it so far?

The 6th gen iPad is compatible with iOS 13, actually — but I’d wait until iOS 13.1 is released (expected tomorrow) due to a number of issues reported in 13.0 …

Hey what? Mine says it isn’t. Good to know though.

Edit: apparently in Spain for the IOS 13 we have to wait until tomorrow.

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Can completely recommend this one! It’s not really a game but rather quite a sweet story in which you solve some simple puzzles in order to move on. It’s short but very enjoyable.