PSA: Do NOT upgrade to iOS 13 ... wait for 13.1

The strong advice from multiple trusted Apple bloggers & commentators is to avoid upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13, which was released yesterday (19 Sep). There are numerous bugs in the initial release, including one major security hole which potentially exposes your entire contacts list to anyone with physical access to your device.

iOS 13.1 is scheduled for release on Tuesday 24 Sep and reportedly fixes the bugs as well as the security issue.

It is very strange that 13 was released in the condition in which it was, but unless you have a new Series 5 Apple Watch, you do not need to upgrade right now.

Useful commentary here from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber:


I forgot that I had automatic update on when i got this phone and now I regret not turning it off. iOS 13 really hasn’t affected my phone that bad besides a little lag here and there. Safari 13 feels like garbage tho.

Well, at least you’ll only have to put up with it for 4 days … :frowning:

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Good thing I didn’t update. The new features (like Apple Arcade) are tempting, but I’m just gonna wait for a more stable version when it gets more widespread compatibility with apps and such.

A ton of apps have already been updated (or were already compatible), so that’s less of an issue than the bugs in the OS itself. (Particularly the security-related one.)

It’s mystifying to me why Apple even released 13.0 for existing customers.