A Helpful Resource on explaining which heroes are the Best in 5v5 currently Updated

Mid Lane(arguably the most impactful role but moving on)

  1. Celeste (The Definition of Burst Lies here)
    The Absolute Queen of the Mid Lane, Celeste has been provoked for many updates now and has finally reached her peak. With Burst Damage only contested by CP Kestrel and Varya, Celeste has an easy time of harrasing the enemy laner with her extremely hard hitting stars and supernovas. After her Lv 8 overdrive, Celeste stays safe from all the bloodthirsty heroes who want nothing but stop the star queen from her glorious reign over the mid lane. After the speed buff of her ultimate, she can now snipe heroes across the map with ease. The absolute go-to mid laner right now. I will be surprised if she isn’t nerfed next update.
    Edit: Changed CP Gwen to Varya to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

  2. CP Kestrel (The Sniper)
    Although she has a very high skill cap, CP Kestrel works wonders in the Mid Lane. After the buff to Spellfire, it has become the go-to item for Kestrel against heroes that she struggles with(Krul, Rona, and Reim). It also procs her Mist trap, which makes it even more easy to land and enables her to stay safe in case she gets jumped on by the enemy. Burst damage from her mist traps and hard-hitting Glimmershots make quick work of the enemy, and her snipe from her ultimate one if the easiest ways to delete an enemy from the face of Sovereign’s Rise due to her huge crystal ratio of 260%. She has a fairly easy laning phase as she can easily poke the enemy without fear of body blocking via Splash Damage from her Glimmershots. One of the things that have changed to make CP Kestrel more viable is also the fact that she isn’t as squishy as she once was due to her base health being increased by a fair amount and also her reload time has lessened from 2.7 seconds to 2.4 seconds, making it more forgiving if you missed a couple of Glimmershots. CP Kestrel is a monster this update, you should definitely try her out.

  3. Skaarf(The Turret Eater)
    The Best thing about Skaarf is how easily he devours turrets in 5v5, literally in a matter of seconds. Burst Damage from his spitfire and good make quick work of the enemy and his ultimate with full dragon’s eye’s stacks really brings the pain. The main niche that Skaarf has over Celeste is that he is much more easily able to draft into an assasin(such as Blackfeather in particular) due to his ability to work around goop. He has more mobilty compared to Celeste which makes him a good second pick if Celeste or CP Kestrel is taken or Banned. The importance of objective taking in 5v5 has made Skaarf a much more viable pick in 5v5 compared to 3v3. Give the little dragon a Try and watch the World Burn.

  4. Varya
    Varya’s nerfs have brought her down to earth but she is still a monster in the right hands. Her Poke Damage via her Stormforged Spear has burst damage only contested by Celeste and CP Kestrel, her Dashes make her a much more mobile mage then any other(except for samuel) and her Ultimate makes the impact it needs in teamfights. However the main reason why she is lower is because she is much more vulnerable to being caught out due to her low movement speed(3.1) and her long cooldown in her dashes after the nerfs. Also her overall potential damage output has greatly been lowered after the crystal ratio nerf in chain lightning and the Mid Lane would rather have some one like Celeste or CP Kestrel who can out put Mostrous amounts of AOE burst damage then an AC based CP Mage who takes time to really bring the pain. (CP Kestrel and Celeste can do up to 70 000-80 000 damage in a game I’ve checked. A Good Varya can do up to 60 000, probably 70-000 if a pro in a good 30 minutes match)

(too lazy to write about him atm but he is still a very viable Mid Laner that you can still give a go at)


I won’t say anything about positions as I don’t really have the qualifications to say it( I main the Mid Lane that’s why)

Alpha, despite her nerfs is still a monster in the right hands. Having one of the highest sustained damage in the game via her core charge and prime directive, Alpha is a pain to deal with. With no Aftershock nerf this update, aftershock junglers such as alpha and koshka still dominate and snowball for easy wins in 5v5 ranked. Skye, one of the better counter picks into an Alpha is not in a very good position this update with all the CC that came with 5v5, so Alpha has very few counter picks beside Reim and Krul. Even they could be countered if Alpha buys the fairly popular item Spellfire, and her burst Damage is able to beat them both with the right positioning. She also counnters most of the God Tier Carries in the game, able to 1v1 Celeste, Kestrel, Idris, Blackfeather, Gwen, even Vox who already has more mobility than most carries, making the first gank an almost guaranteed first blood. Most definitely a ban worthy hero this update, and she is the second most banned hero after Taka, for good reason.

The Jungle won’t be the same without this crazy kitty running amok and stealing your jungler camps. Undoubtably the best snowball jungler in the whole game, a Koshka in your team almost always results into an easy win. Having one of the highest base damage in the whole game, Koshka just simply snowballs with a simply 2 crystal bits, one of the most effective junglers for gaining a gold lead in the early game. Although she does fall off late game, by then, she usually has already done her job. However, she can be shut down with good CC, so you’ll have to watch out for that, especially with the Catherine+Baptiste Combo. Also previous nerfs have made her less crazy, so you’ll have to play her in a more careful manner.

Baptiste(Taka is top lane)
With Koshka and Alpha’s slight nerfs, Baptiste dominates the jungle is extremely high burst damage when empowered, one of the highest CC of all Junglers in the game, and Sustain to top it all off, Baptiste currently has one of the highest winrates among junglers in the high tiers. Especially when paired with Catherine, Baptiste becomes a monster to deal with, and with 18 dragon’s eye stacks, the enemy is most likely doomed to get aced with this fearsome scarecrow holding a synth. The Problem with Baptiste however is his Low Mobility makes him very easy to get caught out by the enemy, though he can usually survive with his in built sustain in his kit. Also, He is vulnerable to poke damage from the likes of Skaarf, Celeste and Kestrel making it more difficult to do his job. All in All though, Baptiste is one of the best Junglers Vainglory has to offer and you should definitely try him out.

There very few who can rival the Utility Krul can offer as a jungler in 5v5. The ability to move around the 5v5 map quickly paired with decent damage and tons of utility makes Krul and easy top tier jungler in 5v5. He can easily gank the mid in the early game and when paired with a good roam, it will be difficult for the enemy mid laner to escape their fate of dying to the hands of a dead zombie(lmao). The Stun on his Ultimate is particularly helpful in ganks and it is a guaranteed Kill if it lands on a squishy like CP Kestrel, proving an invaulable asset to any team. The only problem with Krul is that he is shut down by when faced against Spellfire from the enemy jungler or mid laner, making him suddenly much squishier than he was. Also he struggles agains 1v3 situations and getting caught out by a pair of heroes in the jungle alone. He also hates CC and makes him quite useless for a long period in time. However, there is no doubt that he is very valuable asset to any 5v5 team and a ban worthy hero.
A new build for Grumpjaw has suddenly make him one of the most fearsome Junglers that 5v5 has to offer. Tension Bow+ Aftershock make a fearsome combo for Grumjaw, synergising perfectly with his kit. Packing huge burst damage, A Slow, and the power to remove 1/5th of the whole enemy team for 3 whole seconds in a fight, Grumpjaw is a monster to deal with. An Easy Shutdown to squishy heroes, Grumpjaw easily gains a big gold lead for his team in the early game, in where he is one of early game-snowball junglers that can actually rival Koshka, which is something to be taken seriously. All in all Grumpjaw is definitely one of the best Junglers in 5v5 currently.

Top Lane
The ability to reposition an Enemy hero in a fight is always in valuable, and no one is better than doing that then Glaive(although Tony can do that too, he is mostly unexplored). Offering High Burst damage with in Build Crit and Lifesteal, Glaive makes a fearsome bruiser in 5v5. A good counter to many late game squishy heroes such as celeste, ringo, Idris(in the early game), etc, Glaive gets many free kills in the early game through this. Also, unlike heroes that rely on critical strike to do most of their damage(critical strike was nerfed this patch), Glaive does fine with only a Spellsword and an Attackspeed Item and Tension Bow for the burst. The main thing that holds Glaive back is heroes who can kite him and retaliate(like Vox). Also, he suffers from Reim, the ultimate counter to all melee heroes. However, All in all Glaive is an effective top laner and one of the best heroes in 5v5.
One of the best split pushers in the game, Blackfeather finds himself a spot in the 5v5 meta where split pushing is a very effective tactic to win the game. Being one of the most mobile WP/CP carries in the game, Blackfeather offers a good option to counter the slightly immobile bot laners in the enemy(Ringo, Gwen, Kestrel). His turret damage is very high for a wp carry, and he is up there with Rona in terms of damage to objectives. However he is vulnerable to poke damage and burst damage, stopping him from being able to anything when the fight just started. However, all in all, he is a very good top laner this patch.

Rona-The Master of Tanking Damage while dealing it back, Rona finds herself in a good position this update, having the ability to tank damage and dealing it back, making her very good in 1v1 situations and secures kills with relative ease. She is up there with blackfeather in split pushing, shredding turrets with high attack speed in her kit. Extremely good in all situations, except when facing against Heroes with Kiting powers and Spellfire/ Poisoned Shivers.

Reim- Fortified Health makes him practically unkillable, counters WP Heroes with ease, forcing them to buy poisoned shiv. Even so, Reim is very effective in countering almost every bot laner in the meta at the moment. There is nothing much you can say about him, he counter almost every her in the game. The Master in 1v1 situations, able to 1v1 Krul with spellfire, Alpha(almost no one can do that), Rona, and even some range heroes who are vulnerable to his ultimate. He also requires little gold to be effective, 2 damage items make him effective eneough. Mortal WOunds hinder his potential, coming from the likes of CP Kestrel, and his mobility also holds him back. However, he is still a very effective Top laner, and you should definitely give him a go.

Gabizzle(sorry for wrong spelling) made Taka in the Top Lane a Thing. With a regular build of StormCrown and AS, he is a master of shredding turrets and split pushing in general. Directly counters most of the Bot Laners who are in the meta right now, Taka top lane is fearsome to face against. However, Good vision holds him back, and mortal wounds make his healing nearly useless. However, a very effective top Laner at the moment, one of the best probably.
Joule (sorry I missed this ;(, CP is more prevalent then WP)
CP Joule offers one of the Best Options of Blast Away squishies with her fearsome Ultimate. Offering a Stun, the Highest CP ratios in the Game, and a mid-range AOE poke that has a higher CP Ratio than CP Kestrel’s Glimmershot, CP Joule makes a very worthy foe. A very effective counter to squishy mid laners and bot laners in the enemy, definitely worthy of honourable mention. The thing holds her back is that she can lack DPS in Teamfights after her Ultimate has been used. Also, a stun can stop her ultimate, putting in on cooldown and losing most of her niche value. However, all in all, a very viable Top Laner. It is worth noting that her split pushing skills are likely the best in the whole game.
Bot Lane



3v3 Meta Overview Wiki

Here is a wiki that you can contribute to that is a community resource regarding the 3v3 meta.

5v5 Meta Overview Wiki

And here is the 5v5 one


Thanks for the info! I never thought I could put it in there lol

I personally love Celeste or Samuel mid lane.
WP Idris bottom lane
Adagio or Idris Top lane
Reim jungle (He seems like a bad jungle bc his slow move speed but take advantage of rivers and get travel boots. He can clear jungles fast and have plenty of time to help in the lane.)
Adagio or Lance suport

Samuel’s Nerf on his CP ratio makes him much less of a go-to mid laner compared to last patch. However Celeste is really a monster right now.

WP idris does not fare very well in the bottom lane, having to face against heroes like Rona, Reim, WP Grace, and Blackfeather. He is much better as a top laner. CP Idris is much better this update, and definitely the go to laner, WP is meh in the face of CP.

The Jungle is dominated with heroes like Krul, Koshka, ALpha, Baptiste and Grumpjaw, and the good matchups reim has are literally only Alpha and Grumpjaw, because Koshka can buy spellfire to completely Ignore Reim’s fortified health. Baptiste can to the same and Krul has PS on his regular build which is not a good thing for Reim.

Adagio in the Top Lane is an interesting idea, he could possibly be like CP Lorelai in the top lane?

Idris Top Lane is viable but Rona, BF, and Reim are preferred.

God Tier Supports this update are namely
and Lance
Catherine is a good option if the stuns and silences are really needed. Her B also acts a great counter to CP Kestrel and Celeste, but she is usually situational.

Adagio is situational, and he often goes more of a carry/captain build path with AC and Dragons Eye+Capatin Items

Where is CP Joule? She murders all those squishy midlane mages…
CP gwen isn’t a thing… She is really a very weak version of WP Gwen imo…

Right about Gwen but I’ve personally been wrecking Joule. Only just now getting into Hotness though, so could just be because of lower tiers

A good Joule will face you head on and thunderstrike your face safely. She will A to secure a kill or jump to safety. She has a decent early game into a very good lategame. As soon as you have two t3 items you become a real monster.

Joule will use heavy plating to tank and an early boe after some bits and a battery for great sustain.

She has no hard counters and isn’t squishy plus she has a reliable escape.

Her thunderstrike helps waveclear and you can poke and clear at the same time. Drop a cam on both sides of the bushes and you can prevent ganks reliably. You have more defense than Celeste more mobility than Celeste and an as strong lategame.

Joule is meant to be in the Top Lane. I am sorry I forgot her, but I’ve been quite busy around so pls forgive me for the heroes I missed.

As For CP Gwen, I just used the burst Damage from her A as a comparison to the damage that Celeste can put out, she isn’t very good and very viable but it just her damage that I am comparing with her. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

PS: Joule’s hard counter is actually hard CC. She becomes very vulnerable after being stunned or slowed and she makes easy pick for someone like CP Kestrel who throws glimmershots to her squishy backside after given the time to reposition and retaliate.

Do you mean CP Joule in the Mid Lane?

The problem with CP Joule is that She lacks a lot of DPS in Fights after you use her Ultimate, making her quite vulnerable after her ultimate goes on cooldown.

Celeste on the other hand has consistently monstrous burst damage all throughout the fight, with an added bonus of her Ultimate for some sweet snipes or to turn around a losing fight. She also has the added bonus of extremely long range while CP Joule has to get close, which arguably can be done with her A, but she is vulnerable to stuns mid-air or when she lands due to the mark on where she will jump.

I’m not saying CP Joule is bad, I am just saying Celeste a simply better option most of the time, and CP Joule COUNTERS Celeste, but with the right positioning, Celeste can find ways around it.

Thunderstrike is on low cd and Joule isn’t more susceptible to cc than Celeste.

I have repeatedly beaten CP kestrels and Celestes.

The trick versus Kestrel is to bodyblock the shots with minions and if you are taking hits hit her back. I can trade rather well with her. Also I don’t run from Kestrel I face her hits because I know turning is suicide.

I love playing Kestrel in top lane myself so I know how she plays.

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Not convinced by CP joule, she is a one trick pony relying on her ult to deal serious DMG. Her thunder strike is strong but it’s the basic attack combo on her WP tree which adds significant DMG as a CP laner she’ll struggle with wave clear and if the enemy are sensible they would starve / encamp her turret. In midlane her B is easy to block and once you’ve committed to it a hero like Celeste,Kestrel will blow her due to the massive burst potential. For me midlane is all about range and AEO abilites and joule lacks one of the two elements (range).

WP joule far more viable as a top laner, her ability to reposition combined with those critical strikes enables her to delete squishes in seconds.

Had thought CO Vox would be stronger but his range puts him in line to take DMG making him easier to target in the big late game fights).

Inclined to agree with midlane meta, but I’d throw in a CP Baron, he can and does become a spam monster like Celeste zoning out whole areas during team fights. Obv he has problems farming early game but if you can last hit well this guys a monster.

My mid lane choices (in order)


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I would put Celeste, Samuel, Kestrel but I enjoyed your analysis

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I struggle a little with Samuel as I’ve never really invested time into playing him, certainly has a high skill tier cap (I spent all of the winter season learning Skye lol). I’ve seen him destroy in midlane, in the right hands he is awesome, but he falls down my list because i can’t do him justice.

Have you seen a good CP Joule yet?

Joule outdamages Celeste any day…

Is vox S or S+ tier? Honestly the main reason to pick him now would be to counter rona or other melee sustain based heroes. He is outranged and outdamaged by most wp carries and people have learned to spread out against his reasonance when against cp vox

Vox is still really good as a side laner. The main thing about Vox is that he is one of the safest blind picks to any team composition. Vox is one of the few carries who has very little/few counters that really ruin him for life(Unlike Celeste for Example, you know how squisy mages are yet she dominates the mid lane but moving on).

Another thing to take note that especially in the bot lane, when you try to name the possible match-ups that Vox will have against the enemy top laner, he has really good matchups. For example, Rona is a good match up for vox, Reim is a good match up for Vox, Reza is a neutral matchup for Vox, Joule is a neutral matchup for Vox, etc. pretty much he has no bad matchups. He’ll probably only suffer against a good CP Kestrel in the Side Lane with poke damage that will wittle his health down really quickly.

You forgot Tony. Despite the cc, I’ve been ruining Tony with Vox

Lol Tony is just not there because he is largely unexplored. If he proven to be good by pros, then I’ll add him.