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[2.12] Popular Strats:

[2.12] Popular Comps:

Notable Heroes:

  • [2.12] Jungle: Koshka, Tako
  • [2.12] Lane: Vox
  • [2.12] Support:

Similar to 5v5, assassins are tearing up the Halcyon Fold. If both teams end up with Koshka or Tako, then the game is essentially decided on whoever has the most effective jungler. Both Tako and Koshka are extremely oppressive right now. Furthermore, Vox is easily THE best laner in 3v3. His CP path is even more powerful in 3v3 because of the smaller map, allowing for better synergy with his resonance bounces. Vox is just ridiculous currently


[2.12] Notable Items: Aftershock

After shock is most likely the big reason assassins are so oppressive right now. The percent health damage allows it to scale insanely well while having stupid strong burst potential in the early game while being a rather cheap item. Not only does it help Koshka and Tako, but other AA augmenting heroes such as Alpha and Fortress.


Popular Drafts:

From what I have experienced so far Vox is obviously THE most popular ban right now. However, that would be more for red side. Blue side can ban Tako to prevent counter picks, forcing red team to either leave Koshka or Vox available, or both giving each team either one. This is a very simple look at how draft is currently, but the draft very much seems geared towards drafting around Koshka, Vox, or Tako picks.


Hero Overview

Below are primary roles as well as purposes and what they mean

Primary Roles:

  • Laner (Mostly a hero requires gold for items to deal reliable damage for team)
  • Jungler (Mostly a hero require XP for Raw damage in their ability and stats to have reliable toughness for frontline)
  • Captain (Mostly a hero having utility abilities to support and cover their teammate)
  • Flexible (Able to play any role effectively)


  • Tank (Absorbs a great amount of damage. Mostly able to provide peel for squishier team mates)
  • Bruiser/Mage-Bruiser (Can take an alright amount of damage, but deals high sustained damage from close up)
  • Utility (May not be the most combative heroes, but can provide either CC, great vision control, etc. for the team. These abilities must be wisely used since it allows tactical strategies developed and turning the tides.)
  • Initiator (Heroes that tend to start fights)
  • Carry (Ranged heroes that are main damage dealers)
  • Artillery (Very good at taking objectives or can stay way back and still be very useful)
  • Protector (Heroes that heal or provide some sort of defense for allies)
  • Assassin/Ranged-Assassin (Heroes that rely on burst damage or are very maneuverable)
  • Disabler (heroes with lots of CC/hard CC or their CC is reliable)
  • Disengage (heroes with the abilities to dodge ganking, break engagement or helping them and their teammate retreat easily).
  • Wave Cleaner (heroes with AOE abilities to clear the wave/jungle camps quickly. Allows team’s formation to be re synchronized and develop strategy for ganking or pushing)

HERO FORMAT [Role(s)/Purpose/] Text explaining the hero’s current state and effective way to use them. Make sure to have a pros and cons list.

[2.12] image [Laner, Captain/Protector, Carry, Ultility, Disengage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Jungler/Bruiser, Tank, Initiator]

[2.12] image [Captain/Protector, Tank, Initiator, Disengage]

[2.12] image [Flexible/Mage-Bruiser, Initiator, Utility, Artillery, Disabler, Disengage]

[2.12] image [Laner/Artillery, Initiator, Carry, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Laner, Jungler/Bruiser, Initiator, Assassin]

[2.12] image [Captain/Utility, Tank, Disengage]

[2.12] image [Jungler, Laner/Carry, Utility, Initiator, Disabler, Wave Cleaner, Artillery]

[2.12] image [Captain/Tank, Disabler]

[2.12] image [Captain/Utility, Disengage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Captain, Jungler/Initiator, Assassin]

[2.12] image [Flexible/Utility, Bruiser & Assassin]

[2.12] image [Captain, Jungler/Protector, Tank, Bruiser, Utility, Initiator, Disabler]

[2.12] image [Jungler, Captain/Bruiser, Utility, Initiator, Tank, Assassin]

[2.12] image [Laner/Ranged-Assassin, Carry, Utility, Initiator, Artillery, Disengage]

[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Assassin, Carry, Artillery, Bruiser]

CP Idris is a complete monster in 3v3 as far as I know. His Chakram deals loads of damage and his single target damage with his perk is unbelievable. He has good escape options, great poke, and great damage. Everything you want in a laner. WP Idris can great single target burst and a much better dash than CP. Idris is in a very strong spot right now in 3v3.


  • High damage output
  • Good escape
  • Safe poke


  • Squishy
  • Long CD on dash
  • Can be shut down with CC


[2.12] image [Laner, Jungler/Bruiser, Tank, Carry, Initiator, Artillery , Disengage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Laner, Jungler/Ranged-Assassin, Artillery, Carry, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Jungler/Assassin, Initiator, Mage-Bruiser, Disengage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Jungler, Captain/Bruiser, Utility, Disengage, Disabler]

[2.12] image [Flexible/Utility, Tank, Initiator, Disabler, Bruiser, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Captain, Laner/Utility, Protector, Disabler, Disengage, Artillery]

[2.12] image [Captain, Laner/Protector, Utility, Artillery, Disengage] R.I.P

[2.12] image [Jungler/Initiator, Tank, Bruiser, Wave Cleaner] OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO!!!

Petal A.K.A Patel
[2.12] image [Jungler, Laner/Carry, Mage-Bruiser, Utility-ish, Artillery, Protector] Patel*

[2.12] image [Captain/Tank, Utility, Initiator-ish, Mage-Bruiser, Wave Cleaner, Disabler]

[2.12] image [Jungler/Mage-Bruiser, Utility, Tank, Disaber, Disengage, Wave Cleaner, Artillery]

[2.12] image [Jungler/Assassin, Ultility, Artillery]

[2.12] image [Laner/H-A-R-D Carry, Initiator, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Jungler, Laner/Bruiser, Utility, Tank-ish, Disengage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Laner, FNATIC CAPTAIN!/Carry, Nuker, Mage-Bruiser, Ultility, Initator, Artillery, Disabler, Disenegage, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [SAW GO LANE. SAW PUSH TURRET AND CARRY TEAM. SAW WIN!/ Carry, Initiator, Artillery, SUPER Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Laner/Artillery, Carry, Wave Cleaner, Initiator]

[2.12] image [Laner, Jungler/Carry, Utility, Mage-Bruiser, Initiator, Artillery, Wave Cleaner, Disabler]

Taka A.K.A Tako
[2.12] image [Jungler/Assassin, Initiator, Disengage]

[2.12] image [Laner/Carry, Wave Cleaner]

[2.12] image [Laner/Carry, Artillery, Wave Cleaner]

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