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[2.12] Popular Strats: Text explaining popular rotations and such

[2.12] Popular Comps: Dive comps

Notable Heroes:
(In approximate order)

  • [3.4] Top: Grace, Reza, Malene.
  • [3.4] Mid: Celeste, Skaarf, Samuel, Varya.
  • [3.4] Bot: Kensei, Gwen.
  • **[3.4] Jungle:**Fortress, Kensei, Reza, Krul
  • [3.4] Captain: Lyra, Catherine, Fortress, Grace, Phinn.
  • [3.4] Notable Versality: Adagio, Idris.

The meta has shifted. Now the game won’t belong to hyper late heroes anymore (~30 and after that). Things are more interesting around 17:00 where people engage for objectives because with one lane cleared, visions and objectives might belong to one team only. Moreover, the dual laners in bot is pretty much favored so top laners need to be a hero who can quickly clear creeps and get away since they most likely have to 1v2.

  • Mid game: Krul, Skaarf, Reza, Malene: everything you need for a bright mid game, getting a snowball and secure the objectives. With the fast gameplay nowasday, you can win the game around 17:00 - 25:00 before the enemies are strong again. With Krul, carries can get a head on by having a kill early (however, it would be hard against Reza). With Skaarf, you will have easy laning early and mid game, go roam and have a kill, Reza and Malene both has nice kits to solo 1v1 in early and mid game as well. They can take a kill for themselves to begin snowball.

  • Late game (25-32): Celeste, Varya, Fortress, Phinn. What they all share with each other is now their core has been completed and they can deal insane DPS to both enemy heroes and objectives. Moreover, with proper equipments and ultimate, heroes like Fortress and Phinn, Celeste are having insane impact on the map. And no, Vox is not included in here, he is a balanced hero.

  • BlueLycan

[3.2] Notable Items:

After the changes from Zekent which reduces the time needed to deal 100% damage to enemy heroes and applies mortal wound without any price increase, SpellFire is now the core items for most of Nukers building CP path now. With AOE Mortal Wound and DPS, SpellFire can be used to make a team combat, ganking and snowball early while secure the kills. Note: remember to rush SpellFire first, even you don’t have money to buy boots.

  • BlueLycan

Teleport Boots
This is the new boots which just introduced in 5v5. Since not so many players know about this boots, it has been used as a snowballing tools for assassins and mages. Although it provides crappy stats, it can be used to teleport to scout cam or minions to provide help for ganking, getting objectives, or split push. Furthermore, you can use it to escape gank if needed. If you play with a 5 person team, be sure to consider this item since it can turns the tide easily. Now, why don’t you try to learn to use it, because I heard that in 3.1, they will have A HUGE BUFF! (SEMC action to make people try it)

  • BlueLycan

Popular Drafts: Text explaining popular draft strats
In Pro play, Celeste is a very popular pick and ban, being and insta ban or pick in the VGL, for good reason. Tony has been very popular as part of a team in a 5v5 comp, being very invalauble in terms of CC and damage. Alpha’s permaban status will drop off after her nerf, making her much less off a good jungler and much less valuable to the team overall. Petal’s reworked ultimate will make her very useful as a counter pick or for healing the whole team with her ultimate. Skye has also been a very invaluable counterpick in the current meta. Fortress will remain dominant but probably not OP.

Hero Overview

Below are primary roles as well as purposes and what they mean

Primary Roles:

  • Top: often melee heroes who can suistain damage or assassinate enemy carry quickly.
  • Mid: often CP Carry who is a wave cleaner to provide ganking after 5:00.
  • Bot: often WP Carry who has high DPS or high burst damage to ensure damage output when taking objectives or teamfight.
  • Jungler: people who farm in jungle early game, gank and rotate a lot in mid game and split push in late game (since they have to give others most of the buffs)
  • Captain: Support mid laner until 5:00 or have their first core items, warding objectives and protecting WP carry in teamfight.
  • Flexible: often a combination 2-3 of previous roles. For example: Baptise can be jungler but also can act as semi-captain by buying 2nd Fountain and Atlas Pauldron. In combat he would stand next to CP Carry to ensure their damage. These people, who have to carry 2-3 jobs at the same time, are Flexible.


  • Tank (Absorbs a great amount of damage. Mostly able to provide peel for squishier team mates)
  • Bruiser/Mage-Bruiser (Can take an alright amount of damage, but deals high sustained damage from close up)
  • Utility (Provide either CC, great vision control, etc for the team. Used to turns the tide of team fight!)
  • Initiator (Heroes that tend to start fights)
  • Carry (Ranged heroes that are main damage dealers)
  • Artillery (Very good at taking objectives or can stay way back and still be very useful)
  • Protector (Heroes that heal or provide some sort of defense for allies)
  • Assassin/Ranged-Assassin (Heroes that rely on burst damage or are very maneuverable)
  • Disabler (heroes with lots of CC/hard CC or their CC is reliable)
  • Disengage (heroes with the abilities to dodge ganking, break engagement or helping them and their teammate retreat easily).
  • Wave Cleaner (heroes with AOE abilities to clear the wave/jungle camps quickly. Allows team’s formation to be re synchronized and develop strategy for ganking or pushing)

HERO FORMAT [Role(s)/Purpose/] Text explaining the hero’s current state and effective way to use them. Make sure to have a pros and cons list.

[3.0] image [Laner, Captain/Protector, Carry]
Adagio is kinda in between to me. He has a good heal that scales with CP, can empower basic attacks and deal lots of damage, and a stun that lasts FOREVER. However, he is extremely immobile, his ult is easy to block, and his damage does not necessarily scale as well for 1v1s as other heroes. His early game is amazing if played a bit more aggressively, though he can be more easily punished now that there are more routes for ganks now. He feels weak as a support as he only has single target healing on a long cooldown and his damage is not very strong without items to increase it. He is best played on mid or bottom lane. He can get the red buff and slow enemies as he quickly deletes their health bars with his A + B. He is not ridiculously broken, but not weak either.

**PROS: **

  • Huge damage early game
  • Large radius on ult
  • Healing scales with CP
  • Very long range


  • Very immobile
  • Long cooldowns
  • Ult is the easiest ability to block


[2.12] image [Jungler/Bruiser]

Alpha has two distinct viable paths

WP side that focuses on B then A where you are an infinite gap closer with build in healing. You use your ultimate mostly as a second life instead of an offensive meassure.

CP side that repies on Cooldown to lower your explosive ultimate cooldown and revive faster.
You spam your B to proc aftershock a lot but Max out A and C for your high CP ratios. You use your Ult for massive aoe damage, activating it right before you die. Never engage with it. While channeling your Ultimate time an A or B to jump to enemies right before you blow up.

Your A can be used to cross walls blindly by jumping to a jungle monster. This is your best escape option.

Select JB on Alpha

Alphas pros are:
Indestructible suicide commando. 2 lives and a reboot barrier.
Sticky as can be

No reliable escape
Nothing else.

By @Xaldarian

Ardan A.K.A Big Daddy
[3.0] image [Captain/Protector, Tank]
Big daddy Ardan is still pretty viable in 5v5. Though not as insane as in 3v3, he can still put in some work. His single target protection is still very effective for protecting that one carry you really need alive and he can close in several enemies in at once, limiting their mobility heavily without blocks. Also, if you are a gud Ardan Like me you can aim gauntlets to stun people instantly! His BfB is pretty good for a gap closer and combined with his A could be a good slow to help all allies catch up to someone running away. Although he is not as insane as some other supports right now, I think Ardan can definitely still be a very valuable hero to have, especially since he is so tanky.


  • EXTREMELY tanky
  • The best single target protection in the game
  • AOE slow
  • Gauntlet is still amazing. Effectively a huge AOE stun that limit mobility if your team can take advantage of people who get stunned.
  • Can 1v1 early on
  • With good coordination he can make some dank escape plays
  • A has an amazing range


  • Long cooldowns early on
  • BfB is only really good as a gap closer or finisher on already weak enemies
  • Cannot protect a whole team from just his abilities


[3.0] image [Flexible/Utility]

[3.0] image [Laner/Artillery, Carry]

[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Bruiser]
Blackfeather is in a very strange spot after his semi-rework caused by the 5v5 mode. Overall, his WP Path lost the massive executes it was known for, while both paths lost a small amount of tankiness late game and his slow. Additionally, his ult charge time was nerfed, forcing him to be more conservative in his use of them. However, he did get stronger in one area; his early game A strength. With the new 50% WP scaling and high damage execute, WP BF has an oppressively strong laning phase just because he’s so damn good at jumping on a ranged botlaners face. CP BF also gained a stronger execute, just overall. Abusing this early damage is incredibly important on new Blackfeather, so you can scale into his mediocre mid-late game. Abusing the river speed buff and the shop can really help your snowball go out of control. His damage spikes very hard at your second and third damage items. Against a squishy lane opponent, you want to be going for a Sorrowblade/Serpents and Crit, to try and decimate them over and over. Against a tankier opponent, going for a SB Shiv is generally the best option. Flexing into CP is somewhat viable, but I wouldn’t recommend it because that path is a little undertuned. Late game, BF is great for splitpushing. His dueling is great, and his turret damage is above average. His A allows him to clear waves quickly too. Just don’t except him to always perform in teamfights.


  • High damage all throughout the game
  • High mobility, scaling throughout the game
  • Smooth powercurve; BF remains relevant throughout the whole match
  • Strong dueling
  • Good waveclear and turret damage
  • Flexible with his build


  • Squishy
  • Suceptible to being camped
  • Loses lane to many melees (Rona and Krul ahhhhhhhh)
  • Incredibly ineffective when playing from behind
  • No team utility

-ThePinkOtter (AKA slashingwinds)

[3.2] image [Captain/Utility, Tank]
Cath is in a good spot right now. Her lockdown in her A, despite getting a nerf in duration is still invauble. Due to the popularity of Heavy Burst CP Mages and Carries, Her B is amazing for reflecting all the pesky damage. Being a good counter of the extremely dominant and annoying Celeste(God tier mid basically) her ability to lock her down and catch her off position to remove her from the teamfight is not something any hero can do, due to her range and pesky poke. ALl in all Catherine is a god tier roam though not as good as Lyra and Ardan.

-Can counter Celeste
-Invaluable lockdown for ganks
-reflects extreme burst damage in this burst heavy meta
-Very good mobility

-Can be countered with Skye and Petal
-Not very in the early game

Her CP jungler path/top laner path has been used quite sucessfully in 5v5, as a support that actually does damage. The build typically consists of Stormcrown, Aftershock, Clockwork, Metal Jacket, Aegis/Fountain/vision item, and Teleportation boots. She really helps the bot laner or mid laner get through their weak early game phase and provide some really good ganks that turn tables on her teams favour.

End Edit: Blissey123


  • Great single target disruption, only rivaled by Glaive who has a much better stun
  • Fast move speed with the A
  • Her B turns her into a Nokia that hits back
  • Long silence


  • Squishy after her B ends
  • Squishy against DOT heroes
  • Squishy early on
  • Long CDs early on
  • Massive energy usage early on
  • Short stun due to nerfs


[3.1] image [Laner/Carry, Utility]
Celeste is a very strong hero right now in 5v5, despite the insane amount of koshkas and Takas appearing everywhere. Her range buff this update has enabled her to just get out of range from powerful gap closers from assasins(Koshka and Taka basically) that severely hindered her late game potential by shutting her down in the early game. Now however, she can safely farm the mid lane in 5v5 with her extended range and powerful heliogengesis damage in the early game. We all know what a monster Celeste is in the late game, but in 5v5, her AOE(GOSH HER SUPERNOVAS) do so much poke damage that the enemy team could barely engage for a teamfight. It also means that she can finish off enemies easier now in the late game, bringing more kite potential. Not only that, but she can now abuse Frostburn using her excess range(Insert frustration face here). However, she suffers from the influx of Koshka everywhere, despite her extra range, their burst damage is still a little bit too much for Celeste to handle. and her early game range is still often not good enough to keep her completely safe, meaning that she needs a roam to support her to her Lv 8 powerspike. But after that, she is a monster and is a serious threat and definitely the go-to mid laner in 5v5.

Edit overdrive her A and B. Overdriven B in combination with a clockwork means you can have a stun up almost all the time. It is an aoe stun that can stun a lot of enemies at once if clumped. In 5v5 you want more stuns available to stop diving enemies and other threads.

-End edit (Xaldarian)


  • Powerful burst AOE damage that rips your team into shreds in the late game
  • Supreme range on her poke, only beaten by Varya and Samuel(by 0.5 metres)
  • Very good team utility with vision on her stars and core collapse
  • Difficult to get close to because of her poke

*Low mobily for easy lockdown in the enemy team(Catherine)

  • Needs support to reach her highest potential

Counters: Catherine, Taka, Koshka, Ozo, Ringo
-Blissey123(A Celeste main from T5)

[3.0] image [Captain/Utility, Tank]

[3.0] image [Captain/Utility]
Remember when this lil’ guy was practically trash tier? Well those days are no more in 5v5. The fact that vision works differently and Flicker gains true sight while stealthed seemed to be just enough to bring him to the top. Great at ganking and can shut out escape routes if used correctly. He can also use him ult in cheeky ways to back door or collapse on the enemy team. I never thought he would become meta without getting extreme buffs!


  • Great ganking potential
  • Can spot scout cams
  • Good mobility with his perk


  • While un-stealthed he can easily be killed by enemies as he is not very strong on his own


[3.1] image [Captain, Jungler/Initiator, Assassin]
This gud pupper is still a top jungler even after the nerfs. His bleed burst packed alongside team-wide speed boosts makes Fortress a very formidable foe. Currently, Fort is used quite a bit as a jungler to take advantage of bleed damage, but he is a good captain due to his roaming capabilities. Fortress is great with an aftershock, but there are many other second damage items that can be used such as Clockwork for heccing quick cooldowns, BM to get past shield, though I feel Aftershock does not really care about shield much in the first place. Fortress is still a very high priority pick in the current meta.


  • Not much damage needed for good burst
  • Makes allies heccing fast
  • Ult can provide some chaos


  • Little defensive capabilities
  • Reliant on team mates for the most part
  • Relies mostly on burst damage
  • No real escape options other than pouncing on minions/having allies nearby

-NinjaBryden (Best Fort NA)

[3.0] image [Flexible/Utility, Bruiser & Assassin]

[3.0] image [Captain, Jungler/Protector, Tank, Bruiser, Utility]
So far Grace has been putting in work, but as a hybrid support jungler. Her tanky nature with her perk already allows her to last rather long in fights and being paired with another support only makes her even more of a threat. WP Grace deals considerable damage with her AA that slows and brings down her ability CDs. In addition, she can provide a team-wide defensive buff while maintaining the damage and mobility needed to keep up with the fast meta. Because her ult does not scale, she can build as much damage as she wants without sacrificing her amazing heal. Her AOE stun is still as good as ever while her A provides peel and stickiness. Grace excels at being a tank jungler because of the high scaling with her damage and lack of scaling on her ult. I have only tried WP so far, but she looks like a strong rival to the assassins dominating the jungle so far! (P.S: Her perk takes huge advantage of storm crown too, so clearing jungle is a breeze!)


  • Great mobility for a tank
  • High natural defense
  • No scaling needed for good ult heal
  • High damage
  • Great CC
  • Ult is up a ton
  • Amazing A range to stick on enemies


  • High CDs if you cannot get close to use the perk
  • Can’t dash without an enemy target
  • B can be punished
  • Long ult and B wind up

-NinjaBryden (Best Grace NA)

[3.0] image [Jungler, Captain/Bruiser, Utility, Initiator]
Grumpjaw is a top notch hero currently, able to hold his own in 1v1’s with most characters. He has huge base damage so take advantage of that early game but be careful not to lose your stacks, because he really does not have that much base health. he works in the bot lane or jungle but whatever you do don’t just stay in one lane. grumpjaw is best used as a suprise so even if you are laner help gank the middle lane. if he has the wp buff he can take the first turret fairly easily/quickly at around lvl 4 if no enemy heroes are not there and has enough minions. the slow is not to be laughed at. the dash range is also quite good. use your ult to take carry’s away from battle to quickly kill them and then join into the (hopefully) 5v4.

his captain path is much the same. use your high base damage and the brush to your advantage. but this time try and eat the enemy captain to get rid of the utility. please don’t play full cp.


  • fantastic base damage all game
  • usually tanky
  • lots of dashing
  • nice cc


  • dot makes him less tanky
  • needs stacks to make his a do a lot of damage
  • no sustain
  • can be kited by speedy heroes

edit by: Pigstuffs

[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Ranged-Assassin, Carry, Utility]
With the meta being anyone who gets caught out is instantly deleted with Vainglory’s extensive list of crow controls, Gwen fits nicely into the scene both as a CP mid laner and WP bot laner. Her Buckshot Bonaza provides reliable poke damage which synergies well with Spellfire as CP and decent slow as WP, while letting her be at safe range from most assassins. Her B, Skedaddle, allows her a get out of jail free card from follow-up CCs should she ever be caught out while also giving her amazing passive movement speed during fights or for roaming. Her ult is the perfect follow-up CC to ensure locking and bursting down key targets.
Gwen’s speed combined with her natural burstiness makes her perfect for roaming/ganking in the mid game while her kit provides great ultility during team fights. Just like Twisted Fate from League, Gwen doesn’t win by fighting fair.


  • High burst damage
  • Strong poke potential
  • Strong roaming power
  • Evasive cleanse
  • Can reliably secure kills


  • Can lack DPS in teamfights
  • Very squishy
  • Lack objective damage
  • Vulnerable to flanking
  • Weak to hard engages


[2.12] image [Laner, Jungler/Assassin, Carry]
Idris has been an on-off hero for the past few patches. He could easily burst down squishy mages and 1v1 some melee bruises, however he was easily burst down before he could even touch them. In 2.12,his CP path was updated with bigger damage and scaling, giving him the buff he so desperately needed, however WP is where he really shines.
With 5 players on the enemy teqm, Idris can easily ult into the entire enemy team and quickly get insane amounts of breaking point stacks and huge damage, and can easily burst down a squishy even quicker than in 3v3. Ult into enemy team, jump off, gain 15-20 BP stacks, focus a squishy, burst him down in 2-3 basic attacks. He does well as a mobile split pusher, boasting high wave clear and good turret taking potential.
On his CP side, he excels as a late game monster with extremely high mobility and AOE damage, insane split pushing potential and can even take a beating without dying. However, he is an early game potato who needs to get to that 100cp powerspike, which forces him to play safe in the first few minutes of the game. Once he gets to that powerspike, however, be ready to spell certain doom on your enemy.


  • High AOE damage on both Wp and Cp
  • Extremely high mobility
  • Decent survivability on CP
  • High burst damage on both paths
  • Very good splitpusher


  • Early game potato
  • Squishy on WP
  • Must commit to a fight, no reliable escape


[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Bruiser, Tank]
Joule is everything you want in a top laner. Her perk makes her naturally tanky. Melee allows her to use a Book of Eulogies and sustain. Thunder Strike clears waves quickly. Rocket Leap not only lets her escape, but the stun lets her win early 1v1 duels. Joule is primarily played as a WP carry built with SB, TM, TM/TT. She is an ideal split pusher due to her combination of escape and wave clear. Once built, two thunder strikes will take down most squishy laners. CP Joule is a less viable option but brings a team nuke to the field. With a SG, she can Rocket Leap to clear a wave. A CW brings her Big Red Button down to 22 seconds. When paired with Flicker/Lorelai slowing the enemies or a Lance/Phinn to stun, chained stuns from Rocket Leap or a nuke from BRB are a constant threat. Late game CP Joule should play from the back line looking to fire her BRB on multiple damaged enemies. Her ideal team comp involves a support with slows or stuns that affect multiple enemies to allow her to stay in Thunderstrike range or to land a BRB on two or more enemies.


  • Good wave clear
  • Good escape
  • Split pusher
  • Naturally tanky
  • Late game team nuke


  • Has to build as a glass cannon to be effective
  • Dive comps will prove challenging
  • Her intermediate range with Thunderstrike requires ideal positioning


[3.3] image [Laner, Jungler/Assassin, Bruiser]

[3.1] image [Laner, Jungler/Ranged-Assassin, Artillery, Carry]
When 3.1 activated, the nerf to Critical Strike means that WP Kestrel will not have a good time in 5v5, leaving people to explore her CP path, and figured out that she is actually one of the best midlaners VG has to offer in 5v5.

Her buff to her health, reaload time and her cooldown on her ultimate means that CP Kestrel has become more viable. Previously, missing a single glimmershot is a death sentence due to the very long reload time Glimmershot had 2.7 seconds. With the reload time now being 2.4 seconds, it gives CP Kestrel more breathing room and increases her DPS in fights overall. Spellfire is an absoulte blessing to her, giving her a chance to live if she gets dived on, with the bonus of countering all the junglers that she had so much trouble with previously(Reim, Krul, Rona). The Spellfire damage actually activates her mist trap, making it much easier to land than before. Offering High AOE splash Damage, a decent escape option, an AOE Stun that does TONS of damage, and an ultimate with a low cooldwon that deletes anyone of the map with ease, CP Kestrel is a monster of a Mid Laner and she is very Viable in 5v5. Just remember that WP Kestrel is not in a very good spot, so stick to CP if you want to flex.

Edit reason: CP Kestrel is doing very good in the mid lane right now so I’ll change your analysis completely(except for the pros and cons) if you don’t mind.


  • Very high Splash and Burst damage
  • Powerful global ult
  • Very strong with skilled players
  • High mobility
  • Can intercept retreats
  • Best summer skin


  • VERY squishy
  • Outside of stealth not much mobility
  • Very precise
  • Good vision can make her vulnerable


[3.4] image [Laner/Carry]
Even though there are many good words and she is currently banned in every ranked, she is pretty bad. She takes too long to have enough core items to prove herself useful in combat, and even in combat, she still lacks of mobility and damage. She couldn’t deal much damage in teamfight since she has to stack first, and even she has the stacks, her A and Cstill not prove useful because it is too easily to be bodyblocked by tanks. Her B is the only good thing in her kit, but with 9s cooldown, it is pretty hard for her to shutterstep good as Vox or Skye. Her laning phase is terrible also, because of the dual bot laner meta.
P/s: don’t get fooled by her perk. She has low base stats compared to other heroes so in order to make her AA deals good damage, she needs to have at least 3 stacks. Remember that each time she levels up, her perk deal … 1 extra damage for each stack (yeah, 4 damage for 4 stacks but can only have it atleast after 6s - she relies heavily on the +10% damage each stack thou).
P/s2: don’t ban her, let enemy team pick her and just counter it with Grace or Reza.

  • BlueLycan -

[3.0] image [Jungler/Assassin]
Koshka is one of the assassins that can REALLY abuse aftershock stupidly well. Her early game is monstrous and if the gets aftershock early, then you’re in for a world of pain. She moves insanely fast, which allows her to stick to targets extremely easily while maintaining loads of damage for just a measly couple damage items. Her mobility allows her to get to certain places extremely quickly, allowing her to set up ganks far better than many heroes as well as being able to counter jungle quickly and leave immediately. The barrier buff she also gained has also helped her stay in fights longer which makes an already difficult to deal with assassin even herder to deal with.


  • Insane damage
  • Very high mobility
  • Good defense with barrier


  • Her ult can leave her vulnerable
  • Her late game falls off a bit as you get tankier


[3.0] image [Jungler, Captain/Bruiser, Utility]
Krul is a surprisingly effective WP jungler in 5v5. With a Spectral Smite upgrade at level 1, he can effectively and reliably invade the enemy jungle right from the start of a match. Additionally, his great base move speed, perk, and access to a gap closer allow him to gank quite easily. However, he struggles against AP, PS, SF, and kiting heroes.


  • Great earlygame for invading
  • Great mobility
  • Strong ganking game


  • Weak against mortal wounds
  • Atlas shuts him down
  • Struggles against kiting


[3.0] image [Flexible/Utility, Tank, Initiator]

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[3.1] image [Captain, Laner/Utility, Protector]
Lorelai is a somewhat viable ranged support in 3.1. Despite receiving a longer cooldown on her ultimate, Waterwall, the barrier is still very strong and can save your allies at a moment’s notice. In 5v5, supports seem to be leaning into building 1-2 damage items on top of their standard roam builds. Lorelai takes advantage of this with her passive and Fish Food, which provides a stun and AoE damage over time; additionally, this damage is quite high compared to other supports. Also, with a larger map on the Rise, her Spashdown helps give much more team-wide mobility, helping cross that map much more quickly.


  • Increased mobility for the whole team (very effective at saving time to cross the large map)
  • Waterwall is very effective against 5v5 meta burst enemies; Taka, Koshka, and Celeste’s ultimate etc.
  • Good zone control with Fish Food, also provides high damage during early game
  • Slows down meta mobile enemy heroes with Splashdown, reducing their impact


  • Squishy
  • Fish Food has a delay; needs a bit of practice for timing
  • Waterwall has a long cooldown; with 5 team members, you can only protect 1-2 per teamfight


Second Path= CP Top Laner
CP Top Laner Lorelai surprisingly has started to creep in the 5v5 meta, even with Excoundrel saying, CP Lorelai is a really good deterent for late game bot laners who really need their late game powerspikes to be effective. She can trade extremely well especially in the early-mid game, with her empowered pools being extremely frustrating to deal against. Her team utility with Waterwall, Fish Food(Btw, it does alot of damage RIP enemies) and her pools also come to use despite her being a CP Carry due to the fact that CP Lorelai tends to build clockwork as 2nd or 3rd item. She also synergises well with Dragon’s eye, and when her Crystal Power all stacks and when she stands on one of her pools, the amount of damage she can put out is surprisingly difficult to deal with. Even with the influx of assassins this update, she has more survivability and mobility compared to most carries out there that it Lorelai can usually manage to survive and deal with them with the right positioning and good communication. However, her skillshot in her A can be quite difficult to land and require’s immaculate prediction, like Celeste’s stars. Also, her overall damage when she is not standing on a pool or/and without a good amount of Dragon’s Eye stacks is quite meh compared to other more favourable carries, so you have to master her and where to place her pools. In other words, she requires high skill cap. However, if you do learn how to use her, CP Lorelai will definitely reward you and is a great asset to any 5v5 team.

-High Team Utility compared to other carries
-Very good in 1v1 trade offs thanks to her empowering pools
-Good survivability with waterwall and splashdown
-Very frustrating ticks of damage from her basic attacks when empowered and stacked with Dragon’s Eye
-A does alot of Damage
-High Early Game base damage
-Effective deterant to enemy bot laners.

-Still squishy, even though you have more protection
-Less sustain compared to other potentially more favourable WP Top laners
-Forces team to pick WP Jungler(in other words, you lose any chance of getting an assasin in your team unless someone goes CP bot or WP mid)
-Doesn’t like tanking and dealing with High Burst Damage Carries(Celeste, Kestrel, Taka)
-Very High Skill Cap

-Blissey123(If anyone asks it was me who put CP Lorelai as an effective and notable Top laner. Her splitpushing skills and Objective are comparable to Joule’s, Kestrel’s and Celeste’s)

[3.1] image [Captain, Laner/Protector, Utility]
After SEMC bringing healing back to where it once was, Lyra has once more become a very powerful roam hero. She Excels at protecting the squishy Carries from being dived on as her bright bulwark is a direct counter to the dive-heavy meta in 5v5 with Foretress being the best roam hero at the moment. The God Tier Mid Laners, Celeste, Kestrel, and Skaarf all appreciated the immense support and healing that Lyra brings, enabling them reach their monstrous late game with relative Ease. In particular, Celeste and Kestrel benefit the most from this as when the enemy dives, they are nearly almost always done for(except for a good CP Kestrel who can use Spellfire to Stun the enemy and get away. Lyra pairs well with any hero and always offers a lot to any 5v5 team. Definitely a Top Tier Captain this patch, although not 100% pick and ban rate like Foretress is.

Immense Healing, better than adagio’s
Huge Team Utility via Bright Bulwark, Perk, Heal, and Ultimate
Flexible with the option of going CP carry and Captain(though Captain is better in most situations)
Annoying Poke in the Early game via Perk.

Loses potential in a Spellfire-Heavy Meta
Squishier than some Captains
Ms. Nerfed 2017, meaning she might get hit by a nerf in the near future we never know

CP Carry Path
CP Lyra is definitely a viable option as a CP carry, although definitely not in the Mid Lane. CP Lyra suffers from Oppresive Poke Damage from the likes of God-Tier Mid Laners namely Celeste, Skaarf and CP Kestrel, and she isn’t able to trade very well against them. Also, as an AC based CP Mage, she suffers heavy competition from Varya, who is generally the better option with AOE damage in Basic Attaks, Long Range Poke, and Higher DPS with built-in attack speed in her kit. However, the main niche that Lyra has is that he Basic Attack range is the longest among all heroes in the game once she reaches Lv 12, to a whopping 7.1 attack range. This enables her to be in a relatively Safe Position in teamfights in the late game and avoid all of the heroes trying to reach her. Also, when stacked with Dragon’s Eye, her damage our put is surprisingly difficult to trade against especially if your caught out. She can teleport towards you and trap you with her bulwark and you’re a goner.

High Single Target Damage via AC and Perk
High Team Utility compared to other carries

VERY Squishy
Can’t trade will into Burst Damage
Suffers under God-Tier Mid Laners
Can only target one hero at a time, making her not a good choice for the Mid Lane to more favourable options leaving her to suffer under side Laners that she can’t trade well against.

  • Blissey123(A former Lyra main, writer of the 2nd Best Lyra guide in VGfire. Peace Out)

[3.3]image [Laner/Carry, Captain,Disengage]
After receiving a slight nerf in the recent patch, Malene is still a strong cp carry. Though with a slightly longer cooldown on the ultimate which makes you think twice before engaging the enemy or executing a combo. Though she is particularly good in 1v1 in late game but if caught in a wrong form can kill her. Malene is good in chasing and fleeing after/from the enemy, baiting them towards you so you root them. In the hands with a good roamer, Malene can reach her full potential and she can counter lots of heroes in any situation though she is weak against dive comps like Reza and Blackfeather. Malene has many abilities such as rooting, speed/barrier boost, invulnerability and her basic empowerment attack. Executing those abilities requires timing for certain situation. Also note that when playing as Malene, it’s all about distance and timing. Never get to close to enemies, have some gap to engage and flee.


  • Many abilities for many situation
  • Invulnerability
  • High damage with AS and DE
  • Can eliminate squishy enemies easily by executing the combo


  • Super Squishy if caught in wrong form
  • Weak against range heroes like Celeste and dive comps like BF and Reza.

Captain Malene
Her path as captain is viable if you know how to play her well. As mention earlier, it’s all about distance and timing however you can’t deal much damage. As a captain Malene, it more about baiting the enemies and relying more in your light form since she can root and slow. You can also rely on her dark B form as a way to bait them out. As a captain malene, she is squishy and her basic empowerment damage isn’t as high as CP Malene unless you go hybrid CP/UTILITY. Though squishy, Malene can still be aggressive with her slow and rooting allowing your team to catch up. I wouldn’t suggest using Malene as captain for 5v5 as her abilities doesn’t counter many heroes at once. She can sustain quite well on her own in late game with her low cooldown.


  • Low cool down, offers plenty of slow empowerment and root (get CW)
  • Great at chasing and being aggressive if played well.
  • Invulnerability (good way of baiting them out as you sink into the shadow)


  • Low damage
  • Squishy but she can sustain
  • Not Viable for 5v5 as captain.


  • Malene is weak against Range heroes and Dive Comp so never counter them 1v1 however she can eliminate range heroes like Celeste, Skaarf, Blackfeather with her Team. Stick with your members in late game.
  • Learn to execute her combos well, watch where the enemies are fleeing and root them
  • Use Dark B if you are Ganked and always make sure you are in the backline of your team.

TadashiN - Malene Main

[2.12] image [Jungler/Initiator, Tank, Bruiser] OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO!!!
After being the off-meta hero since his release, Ozo is finally getting his chance in the spotlight with 5v5. His perk provides him with extra healing from all sources except his natural health regen, making him one of the best sustain hero in the game only rivaled by Krul. His CP path allows him to become a bulky AOE hero, however, his WP path is what really makes him stand out. He is quite strong in both lane (due to the recent Book of Eulogies buff for melee heroes) and jungle with his fairly good clear speeds and ability to harass in lane. Additionally, all of his abilities synergize extremely well with WP, as Three Ring Circus can allow him to heal a great amount of health, stick to his targets with the second hit, and deal AOE damage with the third hit, Acrobounce gives him a small health barrier, but most importantly, a speed boost that scales with WP after the second bounce, and Bangarang sending him directly to his target, stunning on impact. However, he is extremely weak against CC-heavy team comps, as well as Poisoned Shiv and Spellfire, more than any other hero.


  • Extremely good sustain
  • A ton of stickiness and mobility
  • Great AOE damage


  • Extremely weak against Poisoned Shiv and Spellfire
  • Shut down by CC
  • Can’t handle burst too well


Petal A.K.A Patel
[3.0] image [Jungler, Laner/Carry, Mage-Bruiser, Utility-ish] Patel*

[3.0] image [Captain/Tank, Utility, Initiator-ish]
Everyone’s phavorite river troll is phinally seeing his phair share of meta play with 5v5. His perk provides him with amazing bulk and immunity to CC, making him very durable and great for bodyblocking. Additionally, his abilities provide powerful utility, with Quibble stunning when overdriven, Polite Company granting nearby allies fortified health and pulling enemy heroes slightly closer, and Forced Accord pulling enemy heroes right to his location, working effectively to enegage, protecc, and prevent enemy disengages. However, his low mobility hurts him quite a lot, as he has trouble traversing Sovereign’s Rise, from Top/Bot to Mid especially. In addition, he can easily be stuck on by even slightly mobile heroes.


  • Amazing bulk
  • CC immunity
  • Great utility


  • Low mobility
  • Lack of disengage options
  • Predicable abilities


[3.0] image [Jungler/Mage-Bruiser, Utility, Tank]

Reza A.K.A Smaller Daddy
[3.0] image [Jungler/Assassin]

[3.1] image [Laner/Carry]
Other than Vox, Ringo is with no doubt the best laner in the game right now. His lane clear is ridiculous, his burst is ridiculous, his stutter step game is ridiculous, his mobility is…ok, his chasing is ridiculous, literally everything you want in a laner is in Ringo. Pair him up with Vox in casual and if they’re both competent it’s an ez game they’re ez bans once draft hits if they remain this dominant. If the enemy laner is not prepared, a good Ringo can rack up damage and get first blood before you notice your health bar disappearing. RIngo is pretty much THE tryhard hero to go for in 5v5.

[3.0] image [Jungler, Laner/Bruiser, Utility, Tank-ish]

[3.1] image [Flexible, Jungler, Laner/Carry, Ultility, Initiator, Artillery, Disabler, Disengage, Wave Cleaner]
Samuel is pretty much one of the Good heroes right now if you’re skilled with him. Otherwise, focus on another hero or do not expect to carry very hard. He can play in all lanes and in jungle as well with a hint of captain with his ultimate. I don’t know what to say about him more, since he is good in every aspect. In early game, he can play safe/agressive/focus on farming (arrrgggg, so annoying). When mid game, he can farm his lane pretty fast (just a bit slower than Kestrel) and then can start ganking. When ganking, he is also very reliable with Ultimate or Frostburn (if equipped). He is even more powerful in late game since he has pretty OP AoE damage in 5v5. He can even use his Ultimate or Frostburn to protect team’s carry.


  • High nuking damage, scaling well with Spellfire.
  • Flexible, suitable for most of formation and strategies.
  • High skill rank, easility counter most of heroes except mages.
  • High sustain.
  • Can counter assassins while other mages are very weak in this aspect.
  • Damage output is very high and still high even in late game.
  • CP damage nerf didn’t affect him much.


  • Require high player-skill.
  • Require vision, cause he sucks when getting ganked (outnumbered).
  • Doesn’t have tools to secure kills or objectives
  • Movement when use B is predictable

IN THE END, HE IS ONE OF THE BEST MID HEROES RN. (PS: He did get nerfed this patch, removing him from his OP status. He is a Good Mid, but not the best)



[3.0] image [Laner/Artillery, Carry]
Skaarf is one of the top choices in lane in 5v5 currently. Overall, Skaarf is extremely easy to pick up and play, so he’s the perfect choice for any new players. Being an artillery class, Skaarf is designed to float in and out on the edges of the teamfight. His A ability is one of the best for lane, having the ability to pass through all lane minions, and chip away at the enemy laner’s health. Not only that, Skaarf has his B, which can melt away an entire enemy wave, and clear objectives insanely quickly. Add this with his lane dominance, and it’s clear why Skaarf is so strong. If you get picked off, expect your turret to be destroyed. His ultimate is amazing for picking off a teamfight as well. It slows the enemies running away, gives your allies a speed boost, and gives you fortified health. If you’re a good Skaarf, a perfectly timed ultimate can grant you the ace and the game. Skaarf synergizes well with Spellfire, Clockwork, Eve of Harvest, and Frostburn.


  • Very strong early game
  • One of the best laners
  • Effective objective clear
  • Available to everyone
  • Easy to play
  • Is adorable


  • Very very squishy
  • Has no way to escape enemy tanks, besides B
  • Falls off in late game

*Note Skaarf is countered by any burst assassins or CC. Enemies like Koshka or Glaive are hard to play against.


[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Carry, Utility, Mage-Bruiser]

Taka A.K.A Tako
[3.0] image [Jungler/Assassin]
Despite getting a nerf to Kaku, the lack of an aftershock nerf and a nerf to his damage keeps Taka in a very dominant spot in both 3v3 and 5v5. Very mobile, has stealth, extremely sticky, great burst damage, and can really abuse aftershock very well. His mobility allows him to traverse the large map faster than most heroes which can allow for easy counter jungling. A Tako with good macro play is an absolute menace


  • Very mobile
  • Great damage
  • Hard to kill
  • Heavily rewards good macro play


  • If hit out of stealth he can be shut down pretty easily if not prepared
  • Well placed vision brings his power down a notch


Toe Knee
[3.2] image [Flexible/Tank, Bruiser]

[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]

[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]
Vox was always good, but as a WP carry. However, with the buffs to CP Vox, his CP path is very oppressive. Dealing with the problem of having an extremely weak 1v1 situation was exactly what CP Vox needed to be pushed back over the top to become the best laner in the game imo. His laning is extremely safe as his resonance bounces can hit stealthed heroes, he can stay back where the minions are and still be able to harass at the same time, he has insane minion clear, and can finally 1v1 with CP although it’s still weak compared to other carries in 1v1s unless fed hard.


  • Very safe
  • Insane AOE
  • Can hit stealthed heroes with bounces
  • Mobile


  • Still somewhat weak in 1v1s
  • Has to get pretty close to start attacking


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