4.4 New Hero Teaser


To let their employees get used to the palette and uniform, so when they let them go, they can say: We helped the transition to your next adventure, you should thank us!
Kinda sums up how they treat most of the people there from what is known. :smiley:

P.S. This is a joke, should not be taken seriously.


Im wondering when we’re gonna get some heros with a cool color palette instead of warm :mask:


Prolly the next mage on release.


They will just cast condiments lmao

Off Topic


Caine is getting a nerf next patch!!!

I know it’s off topic but… making a whole new thread just for this is… really sad IMO.



His kit looks interesting so far but his voice still bothers me. Why is he chipmunk Caine :bacon_tears:


:haha: im guessing his R skin will be the better version…but his voice is…irritating also it is mentioned by shinkaigen that he is and off set bleekos…why isn’t he british lul


AoE displacement and stun?
What does crucible even do anymore? Literally 3 of the last 4 heroes have an AoE displacement and stun.

I don’t think CC is inherently unhealthy but I do think there aren’t enough options to stop it right now.

Even Shinkaigan thinks CC in the game isn’t in its best shape. :koshkaeyeroll:


CC in this game is too strong, one hard CC hability and you are done. They keep giving range carries CC habilities while needing Reflex and Crucible at the same time. It makes no sense. How to win a fight: don’t let your enemies play the game.


Lol, a ranged hero with a dash, and hard cc. Honestly why.


Talk about a wombo combo, @HipsterSkaarf, have this little dude do that, into Phinn’s ult, while Joule is using her ult - yippee!!!



Yikes three Skaarf goops that seem to be the size of Lorelai’s pools? Hopefully it’ll have reasonable damage because that could completely melt turrets assuming we can control where they go like the clip seems to show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t balanced tho


Shinkaigan said it would be a new mechanic, still waiting.


I think they put his talent instead of the ability by mistake , like this could kill any stealth hero you just going to trap them and the damage reveal them , rip Melee heroes and stealth heroes , I see you semc mixing talents with abilities .


It isn’t the talent, it’s the ult.


Did they reveal all the abilities ? , I have no idea what his perk , I was joking by calling the ability a talent , you know it’s similar to silvernail epic talent , I won all my battle royale games with it .


The perk is the only thing that wasn’t announced.


He looks like he might actually be a CP hero. Based on the big gun I thought we were getting another WP carry but I might be wrong.