4.4 New Hero Teaser


I am expecting a wp ratio on the abilities


Well…he definitely has rights to that whole big gun thing…he seems to have the most aoe out of any hero so far from ranged.


I hate that they present this ability without any context! For real? Does it slow? Does it deal a burst and then a dmg/sec after? At least with the other ability reveal we learned it stuns and redirects.

I do like the mechanics. I like how the player determines how the ability interacts in the team fight.


That’s why it’s a teaser.

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I guess you could argue his ult is a somewhat new mechanic, as it has this sort of channel + cast while you pick locations. I still assuming it is his perk.


I guess. With the other ability they revealed can see damage dealt and how it impacts enemy heroes. This one provides nothing.


Except for visuals, rough effect (damage in an area presumably) and some kind of 3 charge channeled casting system that can be used in different ways. They are not meant to explain the hero, that is what the spotlight is for, just to tease them.


The damage is not final , so they could change it anytime before release , same for the effect if it slows or something they could nerf it or buff it .


Going to close this topic, as he’s now been officially announced … continue the discussion here

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