4.4 New Hero Teaser

I mean he’s cool… but his VLs are kinda cliche with the “oh im small but * insert whatever *”

Also I cant help but think of a more nerdy Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy when I think of him as a hero.

^Leaked model btw :sneezing_face:

I hope his kit has more to offer and is more unique than to what the other ADCs in VG has.

his voice is super annoying also wow vainglory players are more toxic than i rememberimage


That’s quite possibly the cringiest teaser I’ve ever seen for any game … ever.


I think its the voice…now I’ll hate someone more than i hate petal :haha:

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The tone of his voice reminds me of a high pitch Caine ._.

It’s also the terrible script … ugh

“Now I’ve got the biggest gun anyone’s ever seen…”

*Voice actor gets uncomfortably close to the microphone, but no one bothered to fix it in post *


Man, Sugarvenom really let herself go, huh. :grimacing:


I’m assuming this is meant in jest, as Sarah is long gone from SEMC and had nothing whatsoever to do with this hero’s lines or VA direction.

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:pensive: I already see in the future that they’re going to do my favorite upcoming unreleased hero wrong in the VA department and probably for the rest of new heros.

Hopefully this “minion” might have a nice splashart to look at atleast.

Rip No SV

Yes, yes it is.

I mean they could have omitted that last line to fit the “tiny but mighty” mood more, or at least cut to another angle to accommodate the phrase?

Instead you get this awkward angle that supposedly goes with a “badass” line.


Yeah, the value of her contributions to VG and the cost to the game of the loss of her talents grow more painfully apparent with each new hero that they release …


Yeah, the editing of that teaser was just … bad.

Tbh, other than the artwork, they seem to be kind of phoning it in nowadays :disappointed:

The whole universe was destroyed after the lore drop, followed by her let go from SEMC (as she tried to continue the lore with small clues in the voice lines).

Overall the effort they put into the game is (to me) obviously lower.

Same to me

Look to heroes evolved they have lower Player base than VG and they keep update every week with new heroes every 2 weeks

Lmao. I gave the teaser a listen to see if the comments were more SugarVenom and lore nostalgia than actual bad va but nope, that va and scrpit is really freaking terrible. Apathetic about it at this point.


Yep, it’s really that bad and if the ingame effects/voice lines are like that - will not play it. hahah

Effort =/= more heroes being release. Effort is shown but the quality of what you release.


This new skin for minions looks awesome!.. oh! It’s a new hero, didn’t notice it thanks to the low effort video and those… ugh… voice lines? #BringBackSugarVenom. I personally don’t have words for this hero, am I supposed to be hyped? Really? I don’t think so.

Wow this teaser is annoying. Hopefully the voice is less abrasive in game.

I could see this character concept having a really fun kit, but I thought the same thing about Sen Feng and he disappointed me quite a bit. I never really know if I’ll like a hero until a play them, I thought I’d hate Varya, and Caine, but they both turned out to be really high skill cap and fairly nuanced characters. Hyped to see this guys kit and see if he brings something really new to the sniper lineup.

Caine high skill cap? Excuse me? He is just a spam hero, how is he a skill requieres hero?

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