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Zion’s Opinions on Monetization 2: Electric Boogaloo!


I just claimed and wasted 10000 sunlight :slight_smile:
gg laifu


Can we get a excess SUNLIGHT to GLORY conversion since like… I cant participate in the event.

We get essence from having the maximum hat material and same skin blue print. Cant we get some glory for getting more sunlight?

I need glory to lvl up my lyra talent >_>


Please dont remind me of these materials oof
500 opals chest , if you have the materials, get 50 essence.
same 500 opals can get you an SE skin which apparently is 5000 essence.
They’ll probably convert 1000 essence to 1 glory or something.


For the record if anyone wanted to see the original topic (either to see the state of the game months ago or just cause they like seeing me piss and moan about things I can’t control) this is it right here: I am going to start calling this game Vaingreedy

So my point with this topic was just to provide my thoughts. I feel like the game started out with beautiful intentions (I purchased a lot of stuff back then, including my LE Fortress skin that I love to flaunt even if he’s not the best at what he does) and it’s just slowly losing track of what it used to care about. Which hurts to say as I love VG (when I’m not about to throw my phone through the wall over teammates not knowing when to do anything. That’s probably a rank effect but I’m scared to try and solo rank as a Captain main who wasn’t much for 5v5 and still doesn’t enjoy it like 3v3. I quit LoL for a reason.) and wish it was moving in a positive direction.

My hope is that someone sees these messages and sends a wake up call to the team. You’re losing my money by trying way too hard to get my money.


Honestly, the best bet for who has the greatest chance of seeing any messages and applying them is whoever SEMC sells to