Your main and tips on playing them

Thought it’d be a great idea to have people post their main or a hero they play well with at least one tip they have for said hero, so community tips and tricks (which I don’t know is done or not already). Any tips are welcome but tips on something you don’t see people do often or good things you’ve found out that make playing that hero better like maybe how to better land kruls ult boomerang range or good combo for varyas abilities or just how to deal with certain pesky heroes as your chosen hero for examples would be great.

I don’t really have any tips to add since I don’t really consider myself great with anyone, pretty much decent level player so these tips and tricks would help others like me at least understand these heroes better if not help out in actual play



Get Dragon Eye for Damage. Eve for health.
Metal Jacket and Aegis for defense.
Hayclon Boots

Frostburn. WIth his B area damage you will cleave through heros, and it is really good in 5v5 when they are grouped up. You can easily kite and gank, and the slow lets your teammates catch up to them, Really good.

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Blackfeather: Don’t

Baron (WP): Go bot. Cash in your god given right to red buff whenever possible. Level A first, but don’t max it. As soon as the opposing player tries to last hit, use the classic combo of AA -> A -> AA -> A. If this doesn’t half health them with the insane amount of early game hybrid damage, you either don’t have red buff, you don’t have enough levels in your A or you’ve been engaged on and you’ve probably lost lane already. If you’re against an opponent who can engage onto you, accept defeat and farm under tower. Build SB Salvo into crit, with a BP mixed in there as either a 3rd or 4th item. Once you have SB TT BP TM TM, 2 shot fools who think they’re allowed to play the game.

Baron (CP): Go mid. Cash in your god given right to blue buff. Max A, why would you max B. Spam A on your opponent as they try to last hit.
Once you have SG/DE CW, run around the map defending lanes with your stupidly high levels of waveclear. Act as the rubber that will keep the opponents out of your base. Get that $$$. Ult to help out in teamfights, you’ll get a few kills doing that.
Once you have SG DE CW BM SF Heels, literally siege all game and two shot fools who think they’re allowed to play the game.
Oh, and buzz the turrets.

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But why?

Pewpew random stuff…

Because there are other characters that do his job but easier and safer.

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Ok so everyone knows my main main so I won’t repeat.
Here is a guide to Lord Tachanka…SAW I mean. (his guide is the longest, trust me, I’ve been playing this game for more than a year now)
*Role: Sniper.
*Position: Top (CP) or Bot (WP).
*Builds first: (I’ll mention the build I mostly use. I’ll use abbreviation for the items here. Insert yours if you like):
+SM 3 TMs 1 Def JB.
+SB TM TT TM 1 Def JB.
+SM TM SB TT 1 Def JB.
+SM 2 TMs TB/BS 1 Def JB.
+2 SGs CW BM 1 Def JB.
+SG BM CW AS 1 Def JB.
Ok here are my guide how to get good with SAW the British MG Commando. His kit is quite easy to pick up. Attack. Attack speed slowly increases. Skill 1 shank deal damage. Skill 2 shoot deal damage. Ult Cannon deal damage. But no one in T4-5-6 actually knows how to really get good with him when coming out of those tiers and no one knows how to counter him. Here are my tips and tricks to first how to use him effectively then how to counter him.
*How to use him first of course:

  1. Positioning is key. Due to Smurf’s Evil Megacorp’s nerf to SAW, SAW has become slower than a snail. With his short range, slow movement speed and squishiness (WTF are you thinking while balancing him SEMC, out of 4 categories that make a carry good which are Damage, Range, Mobility and Durability, SAW only checks the box for Damage, the other 3 are blank), you have to position him correctly to deal damage with him. Don’t use your Suppressing Fire in a location and at a moment that you know you’ll be ganked and killed afterwards e.g got 1 shot by Ion Cannon, Spitfire-Goop combo, another Roadie Run or a lot of other high-damaging skills. Find a place near your turret to fire and/or dodge the Heliogenesis or Spitfire then fire. You’ll be safer while dealing damage to the enemies.
  2. Knowing when to pop your Journey Boots. Yes this is a skill that you must know. JB gives you a 2s boost of speed which is enough to burst down another mage/sniper if you time it and measure the distance right. When you use SAW CP, use your SF then pop Mad Cannon and boot to your opponent. Remember to stutterstep to do damage. For SAW WP it’s the same but DO NOT use your Mad Cannon while your target’s at full HP. Also, here’s a small trick. If you want to assasinate a target with Roadie Run, pop your boots first then Roadie Run. Although the speed boost does stack, the duration of the boots and Roadie Run is the same at 2s which means you may not be able to shank the target since Roadie Run has become inactive.
  3. Roadie Run and Mad Cannon, your lifelines. Roadie Run is one of the most versatile damage dealing ability in-game. It can deal a large, sudden amount of damage to a weakened target which sometimes can get you a victory. Swing the odds into your favor with this ability. Calculate the target’s HP and distance to shank. Remember the damage based on the % of the target’s missing HP to know when to shank. It took me 2 months to get this skill. For Mad Cannon, this is mostly for the WP path since you can use it freely on enemy heroes with the CP path. These attacks shoot slower but deal extra damage based on the target’s missing HP. Wait for the enemy to have less than 50% then pop this thing.
    *How to counter him:
  4. Gapcloser+Atlas. Use a gapclosing skill then immediately activate Atlas Pauldron. The SAW will definately shoot a whole lot slower and that’s when you deal damage
  5. Coordinated dive with stuns. Can be done in conjunction with the first one.
  6. Long ranged harass with Celeste and Skaarf.

Can i get some tips with Alpha? Ive been playing her a lot recently and i wanna know how to work around her nerf since the update.

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Here is some good info here.

I’ll leave this comment as a placeholder - I’m at work.


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Celeste! The girl who commands the stars is one of the strongest mages this patch. If you manage to make it past her early game, one of the weakest on the Rise, she becomes a terrifying late game hypercarry with the potential to wipe out entire teams with her massive AoE abilities and crowd control abilities.

DE CW BM Eve/FB Aegis/MJ JB/HC, pretty much in that order. You almost never want to max defense before all 4 damage items unless the enemy has no shielding beyond T1, in which case leave a piercing shard and complete defense if you must.


You almost always want to go four offensive items on her, as on most other mages. 3 severely cuts down her damage potential. Because playing with a single defense item is significantly harder, it naturally makes her a very high skill cap hero (as does the fact that all her abilities need to land for her to be effective).

Early game
Either start off with a crystal bit and energy battery, double crystal bit or, if against a laner who can out-trade you very effectively like Skaarf, crystal bit and light shield. Wait the mind-numbingly long 55 seconds, then start crystal buff with your top laner. If the enemy attempts to contest, dissuade them with well placed Heliogeneses. Make sure you get the crystal buff. If your top laner tries to secure it make sure you use your supernova to last-hit. Clear the double minion camps with your top, then either clear the healer with them or head to mid. On first back buy boots, shield if you need it, heavy/eclipse prism to begin building into DE.

Mid game
Finish DE, go into CW. Buy T2 boots if you need the mobility, shielding if you haven’t already. Note that you can buy shielding against the biggest threat on the enemy team, even if you don’t plan to complete it if they fall off late - for example, against a Krul, early armor might be beneficial but you almost always want to sell it and replace it with a block to prevent nasty ganks later.
Celeste’s first power spike is getting DE. Make sure to utilize it. Always use her A to set up a perimeter, making life very difficult for the enemy laner - supernova Helios when they try to last hit. If you don’t have a cam in the lane brush, try and place your A there frequently - Celeste is easily ganked.

Late game
This is where Celeste comes into her own. Finish building BM, then choose situationally between Eve and FB. If you’re against at least one hero who sticks on you, like a Krul or Reim or BF, get FB. Eve is generally preferred for the massive lifesteal on big DE-stacked ults.

General tips

  1. Make your Heliogeneses a wall. Even if you can’t always land them, place them on strategic locations so you can supernova them for massive burst damage. The Rise doesn’t have as many choke points as the Fold, but you should still keep an eye out.
  2. The key to mastering Celeste is learning how to land her B. In teamfights, you generally want to save it for heroes who dive you - heroes like Fortress, Blackfeather, Grace, and if for some reason you haven’t banned him, Taka. You typically want to place your core collapse on top of yourself when dived - slightly behind if Taka ults you. It’s very hard to stun a good Taka though.
  3. Use your ult wisely. It’s not that great of a snipe tool unlike Kestrel’s ult - its travel speed, while faster than it used to be, is still not great so cross-map snipes on fleeing targets may be difficult. I like to use it after accumulating at least a few DE stacks - the more the better. Landing a fully stacked ult on the entire team is almost guaranteed to wipe them out if you can last that long.
  4. Having said that, if you know or suspect the enemy team is taking an objective (even if you don’t have vision, some abilities show up on the map, like Taka’s ult, Baptiste’s A, etc.) then don’t be afraid to throw a Hail Mary ult. Maybe you’ll secure it, in which case, starry eyes imminent! If you don’t, not to worry, 30s or so later and it’ll be back up.
  5. Don’t underestimate Celeste’s objective take. While not as fast as crit carries like SAW, Joule etc., she has fantastically fast objective clear. Utilize this to your advantage. If you see your enemies focusing other lanes, take your mid turret even if you have to die for it. You also take blackclaw and ghosting very fast as Celeste.
  6. CS matters! Even if you aren’t aiming for perfect cs, try and get the most in the game or at least more than your enemy mid laner.
  7. Celeste is best played mid, though she can be flexed top. If the enemy has a SAW, GO TOP. DON’T THINK, JUST DO IT.
  8. Weave in auto attacks in between your abilities. They do lots of damage and keep up DE stacks. Also stutterstep.
  9. An OP combo is A-B-A. If you manage to land all of these, the enemy should be below half hp.

That’s all I can think of, sorry if it’s a bit long!

i think he mean skill tips… build tips are litterally everywhere and each person has a opinion on builds… which hero does what is also a mundane opinionated tip.

for example - WP bf… always do the shuffle. B… run A run Auto run ult run. A again…Hold your A as long as you can against Rona or Krul, if you can get off more Pokes, the better. Make sure you have at least 1 rose offensive when you dive.

Yea was going more for skill tips like dealing with counters as your main or just general combos people don’t seem to know like playing varya and using her skills together. Wasn’t looking for full on guides and builds, just tips/tricks/short advice, but still good none the less

general tip on countering: Always. always. always check enemy builds. and levels. If you have a decent understanding of all heroes and items… you can do a quick calculation if your build will beat their build.

So either farm up, or team up if you know the enemy is too strong.

Also I cannot stress enough how important map awareness is. especially if you play any hero with a global ult. Baron, Kestrel, Varya, Celeste.

Especially Celeste Solar storm, even if you don’t get kills… that damage can swing the fight in your favor. She’s the only ULT that’s a silent killer… the rest have a very obvious animation and sound effect.

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something I did was linked :heart_eyes: I’m happy

I don’t really have a main anymore since but I’ll just leave a few tips for heroes I played with often before:

Celeste: (to add on to what a Alhunt said)
-if you’re up against Taka, it’s espeically important to keep auto attacking. Lately I’ve found that I’m able to reveal take this way.

-don’t run away from Taka! Unless you’re good at kiting and placing stars in the perfect position while running away, you’re just gonna get burst down. I’ve seen so many players just turn around and run but they all die because Celeste has paper thin defence and health. This is where eve and your stun are important. You have to place a star near yourself so you can supernova it, most likely it will hit Taka that way(if you’re standing still) but you have to time it so it’s not when Taka is using his A. Most normal taka’s do an CA or AC combo followed up with autoattack or his B. Know this! You may be better off waiting for him to finish those. If you can stun Taka then you’ll kill him 90% of the time. Keep auto attacking throughout.
-Celeste’s stars grant vision, sometimes I stick them in bushes that already have mines/scout cams to get gankers to back off or stop them from realizing there’s a cam there.

-always aim to supernova your stars, that’s where all your damage comes from

-if you use your A on an ally the second Taka boxes himself then it might reveal Taka because he’s still nearby. Then you can kill him :slight_smile:

-you can use your abilities to be like a pinball. Not really sure if it’s a good or bad thing but I have have a lot of fun doing it

-Ardan has decent early game autoattack damage. Against captain Catherine’s you might be able to put damage them. Also realize that if it’s a fight between you and another captain(unless they built damage), no one is gonna win. Just go do other stuff.

For captains in general:
-With some heroes, early game you can definitely harass and even kill squishies so don’t hold back.
-I don’t believe in kill stealing. It’s better that the enemy is dead then leaving them with the slim chance of escaping while waiting for your ally to deal the killling blow.

-You can cancel your ult! Just tap it again or use another ability. And do it if you’re not hitting anything. I always see players keep spinning like a giant target when they’re not hitting anyone.

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1)start with 2 CBs
2)Buy boots only after 3 offensive items and one defensive t3 item
3)Get items in this order- AS>DE>BM
Complete your first def item after you get BM.
If your jungle is getting taken, learn how to counter jungle
Against ability based heroes like skaarf, kestrel etc, run circles around them while using your abilities.
Use your ult as soon as you see that your opp used his RB
Try using ult after an A instead of using it when your opp is far away cos people will expect you to use your B after A.

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And that SAW completely bamboozles you by going Top CP and shreds you to pieces.

Can someone give me tips on Kestrel?

You fearlessly go in and destroy people, no skill needed


Why can’t people spell Ardan’s name right

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aim true. tap fast. Take your TIME with the ULT. it’s global and easily dodged. So AIM true.