Ylva: CP or WP?

I had a lot of fun completing the COD using Ylva. I went CP because I wanted her C to dish out quite a bit of damage and I feel like her CP scales well. Obviously, it doesn’t aid the attack speed boost post-B.

For those who play Ylva more, or even those who haven’t but from watching videos or reading her kit, what are your thoughts? Which path is better? Is it situational?

I naturally gravitated toward a hit (hard) and run playstyle. Stun with A, B, then use boosted move speed to scatter after finishing the hero or if it was a team fight, after getting the health to drop significantly and then run before they can switch focus to me.

Thanks for any input. I plan on trying her a few more games and seeing if I can put her into my rotation of mains!

I personally feel that WP is the better choice overall. In lane for obvious reasons (CP there is kinda really hard) and in JG it’s still mostly the more “stable” choice, clear speed and DPS. Ofc CP is also viable and good for sudden burst.

Ylva is good at both paths its just that her WP side is much more stable than her CP which is either you do well or you lose.

There’s a fairly extensive discussion of builds for her and tips on playing her here:

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