WP Idris Rant

He is one of the most fun characters to play but god he’s so anti-friendly to play. It’s like the game is continually punishing you for playing him WP. EVERYTIME CP IS BROKEN THEY INCREASE BOTH THE WP PATH UNLOCK AND THE CP PATH UNLOCK. Does Nimvett not realize the value of being a fragile range carry than a fragile melee carry. There is a reason why people unlocked CP with 5 crystal bits, but how come people don’t unlock WP with 5 weapon blades eh? It’s because it doesn’t work. WP requires so much more effort to get online with.

I can’t even win a ranked match with him anymore because he takes an extra 30 seconds to get online. And my teammates despite being “high-tiered” play so badly. I know that Idris isn’t supposed to be a team fighter instead of a back line assassin/fake 1v1 god. HE CAN’T 1v1 A KENSEI. Kensei sure he’s new but like seriously how come a kit for a tank killer is easily able to kill him it just doesn’t make any sense. Oh yeah don’t forget how Grace lane manages to bully the other laner so easily.

Now lemme get on to the ult. This ult has a 100 second cooldown. OKAY. 100 second. The catch being that autoattacks decrease the CD. So fair enough. But you have to be so damn close and also make sure to throw a chakram right before doing it. Don’t forget that if you get stunned while your jumping you just stand there like a potato as your chakram flies back to you. How come he doesn’t get invulnerability while jumping??? It seems like the only QoL change you can provide for Idris and then he truly will feel much better and safer to play.

I like assassins a lot but the death of literally all of them is just saddening. WP Idris gets countered by everything and gets dragged down because of his strong CP side, Taka costs too much to actually make him effective so why even choose him when you can choose a tanky hero to provide protection for your hypercarry, and well Reza will probably get reverted to his release self next update because balancing team doesn’t understand that you can just revert a hero back to its original form and tune down numbers ASTHMATIC COUGH BLACKFEATHER


Idris is supposed to be Invulnerable during his jump, the skill states that he removes all movement impairing effects after jumping out which means that even if he is stunned mid jump he will jump out without any stun on him. It is probably bugged and doesn’t work the way it should right now

This tilts me. When I die during ult as Reza or Idris. Especially Idris because of the CD. Like isn’t it supposed to avoid that not be stunned out of ult. It’s like using Atlas to increase enemies’ attack speed lol.

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I dont see how he is ever going to be viable as a WP carry, out simply there are better options available which do the whole melee lane thing better.

Before you continue ask yourself does CP Rona work? An argument can bbe made tha idris isn’t alone in having only one viable path.

As for Kensei, he’s just broken, if you understand how to use his kit (I don’t) he’s ridiculously OP, laying down huge amounts of burst DMG.

Except Reza is fixed now…


Nope still gets stunned out of ult or dies while not actually on screen sometimes. It isn’t as often though.

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No. That is such a close minded statement. WP Idris has a high skillcap but it doesn’t make him weak compared to others. It doesn’t actually take that long to get online as long as you aren’t versing something that thrives on harassing the enemy laner like Grace. But that applies to everyone. A Vox can’t get online in time if the enemy Grace keeps dealing that stupid AoE perk. That’s mostly the reason why Rona got nerfed.

You shouldn’t be assassinating the enemy tank or trying to damage the tank when there are carries left to be killed. WP Idris is able to dominate a 3v1 against squishy carries, yes 3 of them, at once, and able to get out with around 40% health which is not bad.

The most important thing about him is his mobility able to time basic attacks.

The real problem with Idris (WP only because you aren’t supposed to go in deep with CP) is that his Ult is not smooth at all. It’s super choppy, not the animations, but the stages of its effectiveness. Why is Idris not invulnerable when jumping in? I can understand getting stunned and stuff when jumping out, but why when jumping in. He needs something similar to Taka in a sense but not exactly. When Taka activates his A he has a small delay and during that said delay he has invulnerability. Or just make the animation so quick that he can’t be detected (preferred by me but maybe too strong).

You make CP Rona sound terrible when in reality she can theoretically be a dominant top laner. Picking up a SC AS SS def items and boots makes her a sustain tank. After all which squishy would stay in that A anyways? And CP Rona is such a bad example because I’m sure many players already are aware that WP Rona outclasses it in every way. So why not compare it to someone like Taka eh? He’s not in a good position right now due to his build costing too much but historically when his WP and CP paths were both viable at the same time they player completely different but still revolved around the assassin niche. WP Idris just can’t be pushed aside because you suck at playing him or beat him every time when playing against him.

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If timed right koshka’s ult and idris’ ult can both activate at the same time as each other idris disapears but koska still damages him

Enemy Cap is just god tier then I don’t see how captain can stun a Reza when he’s flying up fast af.

It isn’t skill it is random. This is even worse. If it took a god tier player to do it it would be okay. But now it’s purely luck and it’s not fun one bit. This goes 10x for Shimmer strike.

Lol this sounds funny. If he jumps out early does he avoid the CC or is he stunned?

Idk when i saw it he was barely alive and died the body laged behind the death a few seconds

Recently I’m having more and more problems with my hero lagging and teleporting. Not only from movement anymore. For example there’s the Varya Lyra glitch. If she hits bulwark with her B she can’t move for about 5 sec. Some dashes just glitch me and now I just lost a game because of similar stuff. I was Alpha. Last fight and I stacked A and used it into their full team. My hero glitched soooo hard and started moving along the laser line very fast from one end to the other and I couldn’t move at all besides that. I hope such things are fixed soon as it is really annoying and game-breaking.

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Yeah i experienced the lyra one the best variation is when bulwalk doesn’t appear until you die. I got stuck in a bad postion got down half health used it the animation for it ended i died than it popped up

And then you have malene’s B which activates instantly, granting invulnerability while Reza and Idris can both get stunned out of their ults, talk about game balancing.

IMO The saddest part is WP Idris is one of the better ones, yet there’s so much to criticise.

Reza is the only really functional assassin right now. Koshka works too I guess, but she doesn’t really assassinate, she just kind of grinds her face into your stomachs till late game.

Taka is just toxic. CP Taka is the character with the least counterplay in the game. I don’t care what you say, it’s true. You can’t keep vision up 24/7, especially when your cams have a long ass cooldown, which means it’s impossible to have a 100% uptime. Whenever he’s strong, people blindly ban him (including me) because I just don’t want to play with or against him.

WP Idris has the problem of getting dunked on by every melee laner without much reward. I haven’t experienced it much since every time I pick WP Idris the matchmaking gives me and my team t5 players, but I have been on the dunking end. He’s so campable literally 24/7. As long as the jungler has a CC ability, Idris can’t really step out of their tower and try to farm. At least CP gets a ranged AA 5 minutes into the match.

Blackfeather is AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They mutilated BFs kit to make him one of the most complicated characters in the game to literally the most basic guy.
Plus, he’s not even a late game character anymore. He’s just kind of… there.
IDK, it feels like they’re saying ‘Hey, this BF guy sucks, play this Kensei guy instead!!! Remember old BF with his mental maths and hyperscaling melee goodness? Now you can play SAMURAI ROBO MAN instead.’
And like, I can appreciate a cyber Kenshin lookin ass weeb swordsman, but god damn. He has so little personality compared to BF a that it hurts.

TL;DR - The only real assassin is SB TM TM TM Grace.
God, why do I even still play this game.

In 5v5 there is a total of 13 cams usually available plus flares ypu only need strategicall placed ones

13 cams to
Protect you from ganks
Keep vision on dragons
Take out other cams
Protect your jungle from being stolen
Counter invisibility
To teleport to

Plus they can get taken out.

If you can do all of these with 13 cams at a time (Which is an extraordinary high number considering how crippled it will leave your vision once those cams eventually fade and your cams are still on CD), I will be very impressed.

13 cams plus flares which flares are great tool while pushing

Their ults have the problem of not actually dodging sometimes which is very annoying but still much better overall. I think you should compare Malene’s B with Kaiten not Idris or Reza ult. They aren’t as instant as they should be but have great effects besides the initial hits. Idris ult can dodge the chakram twice, can gap close and jump in another direction to cut off the way, wall jump and you decide when to jump out unlike Malene’s predictable B. Reza can aim wherever he wants, wall jump, hit massive AoE ult and reset the perk, it gives fortified HP and the new AAs with every 2nd applying perk. Besides the clunkiness (especially Idris) of their ults, the abilities themselves are very strong and much more impactful than a simple dodge.