Would badges/titles for OG forums users be possible?


With the old forums’ end coming soon, I was thinking about how everyone’s hard work and dedication on there is going away forever. The user ranks there are a near perfect representation of everyone’s dedication and accomplishments, especially the Stormguard+ ranks.
So, I was wondering if it’s possible to make badges/titles based upon the old forum ranks that are exclusive to those that achieved the rank there, as the “Early Adopter” badge/title doesn’t really show how a lot of us were part of the OG forums master race. However, as stated before, I was just wondering if it’s possible to do something like this, as I know how hard it might be to give badges to a specific group of people, especially post-closure, as it would be much harder to verify that users were part of the OG forums.

@hazeleyes @idmonfish @HipsterSkaarf you’re the only ones that can answer this


Where is my Gythian title D:<
Also because I’m a Patron where is my Patron title D:<


that would be cool i guess but i think the whole forum title hierarchy thing is stupid anyway since some people turn into bigots and suddenly think they’re superior internet gods.


dont worry, as soon as some people reach trust level 3, you will see this again.
a holes are a holes, regardless of the forum.
i think they could do that, if they wanted, but its not really needed for me. i know who i am and thats all i care about.


You can change the title you want displayed next to your name by editing your preferences in your user profile.


it’s not there though


Oops. Fixed that. It is now. :gwenrainbowbarf:


I contemplated this a fair bit. I was originally going to do groups/badges for each forum title.

But I have some concerns:
Firstly I didn’t like that people used their forum rank the same way they use their in game rank - as a weapon to shut down discussion (note we could have set it up some people could display their in game rank - but intentionally didn’t to reduce this kind of thing).
Secondly those ranks actually were a big problem in the OG forums - they encouraged shit posting and rating farming because they measured quantity rather than quality.
Thirdly I ultimately don’t want OG forumers to have a special status - I want good helpful forumers who contribute to the forums to have a special status.
Finally of course - its a huge piece of work - it would have to be done manually per person and what happens to the forumer who joins after the original forum is dead - I’d have no way to verify their status which seems unfair.

Still happy to listen to feedback about it - its one of the many things I contemplated but didn’t do in part because of time.


always possible for it to be og forumers who joined the new forums before the forums shut down excluding old forum rank but they must be above the meekos rank to get that badge or smthing like the early adpotor but a bit different.


why not make an “old entity” kinda rank for all the old forumers.


But, what’s the point? To show new comers to the forums that you’ve been a forumer for a longer time than them? It’ll just cause a bit of the same toxicity that the old forum ranks caused imo.


well, this Forum basically offers the same.
the early adopter bage is EXACTLY about that.

and even without any bage, you will see this Happening.


This is really exactly the point @idmonfish was making above, and one with which I very much agree. We want to acknowledge users who contribute in meaningful ways to the forums.


Eh. Considering the fact that this forum seems to want to focus more on quality of threads over quantity, it might not happen the way you describe it.


just wait and see.
we are talking about People who managed to turn a thumbs up into a toxic Thing…

in the end its up to the mods and us to not encourage this behaviour.


I’m actually glad there is not a special badge or title for previous forumers. The OG forums were toxic and thankfully we can restart without toxic rating systems or ranks. Take the restart as a clean slate - be appeciative of the OG forums, but enjoy being essentially a new person


This isn’t gonna happen for the simple fact that there would be SO many users and take up so much time and not to mention that once the forums shut down we have no way of verifying users to see if it’s really them.


I feel like the thumbs up in vg was toxicified solely because of the sounds. Like, to be fair, they wouldn’t be all that toxic if that ping didn’t have sound.


Honestly, I believe letting it die - ranks and all. I think this will be a breath of fresh air. We can create our own community and let it happen naturally.

If the powers that be see someone contributing often and in a positive way, it should be their decision. In the end, this is all about us now. We can separate the toxic from the non toxic and actually decide how WE want to rule.

Giving OG forummers special titles is like taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes. I don’t mean that offensively, and I don’t want to be offensive. I just want this community to give everyone a fair chance at rising up on their own.


I don’t think so. Have you seen the trust requirements? It’s pretty well structured to only promote those who really deserve it.