Why you should draft at least 2 captain heroes in Draft

People sometimes find it dumb when you see people drafting in so many captain heroes in your team and they call you noob and stupid(happens to me at least). What many players who don’t watch pro play don’t realize that drafting in multiple captains gives your team an extremely powerful advantage.

  1. Drafting in at least 2 captain heroes takes away 2 meta picks from the other team, leaving them with less desirable choices( For example you can take both Lyra and Grace and they can flex into many roles and you can even take Lorelai for her amazing barrier). This is extremely important as a good combination paired with a bad captain will still make the comp fail. Captains are more important than many people think.

  2. Many Captains can flex. Ardan, Grace, Lyra, Adagio and Lorelai are all amazing captains who can flex into many roles. Lyra can flex into Top, Mid and Cap, Lorelai can go top, Ardan can go top, jungle(WP), Adagio can go into all roles except mid and jungle! This leads the enemy team to be extremely confused who is going who and is is a powerful advantage especially in the early stages of draft.

  3. Many of the captain’s alternate paths are actually top of the meta. This in inculdes WP Grace, CP Lyra, CP/WP Adagio, and CP Lorelai. Grabbing those captains guarantee you top meta picks no matter what role you get!

  4. It is safer
    The thing is, having two captains means you can decide in the end who becomes the actual captain and who becomes the flex pick depending on what the enemy drafts, which makes it much safer as it guarantees safer matchups against those which 1 captain is weak against or not the best against. In an example between Grace and Lorelai vs a Churnwalker, Lorelai is the better pick for captain simply because she counters churnwalker very hard.

  5. To sum it up it is simply effective. It guarantees you top of the meta picks while bot having to sacrifce the strength of an actual carry, it is much safer to do so, and it takes away captains from the enemy tea, giving you a supreme advantage.


this is what I have been explaining to my noob friends in SEA region in their shitty tier


guess what? today the vg silvers played top phinn and it was fkn OP. keep building health simple. low af cd+barrier op

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Adagio is actually a great mid when you build him full CP instead of defensive top…

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I made a very long post predicting exactly this on the old forums.

Glad to see it come true.


Let me guess. They call you noob for that and then proceed picking bot Skaarf top Gwen mid Baron/Ringo and jungle Kestrel


In the mid ranks, Lorelai is working well in mid-lane too (as well as top and captain). Since her A is powerful enough to clear a wave by itself and she now gets the river boost both directions, she can often drop her A to clear her own lane, zip to top or bottom and poke the enemy laner, and then come right back to her own lane and drop another A to catch the next minion wave as it comes. She doesn’t have quite the late-game damage of other mid-laners, but when you are in rank 6 or 7 matches no one is building defenses anyway so there are sure to be at least 3 glass cannons on the team.

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Someone move this to 5v5 discussion, thanks

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Agreed and done lol. Good to be able to #regular

As a Bonus Here are really good compositions for what captain heroes you can pick TOGETHER in draft…

(Healers OP. They work well together despite what ever role they flex into)
(Look above)
(Look above)
(Look Above)
Phinn and Lyra
(The ultimate combo when paired with Capacitor Plate. Delirious. All the CC, Heals, Stuns, Fortified health and pulls will give peeps a hard time)
(An extremely effective combo for Protect the carry comp and Dive Comp Especially, though it can work extremely well in other kinds of compositions too. The Damage Reduction, Speed Boosts, Stuns, and a Huge Barrier are everything you want with a Dive Comp and a Protect the carry comp)
(The ultimate combo for a FULL ON Dive Comp, absolutely terrifying. The Moment you see them, be warned. You are going to have a hard time.)
(A FUll protect the carry comp combo. Very effective)
(Very good lockdown combo. Just think for a sec and you’ll know why)
(The technique for this comp is to put in one powerful dive hero suck as blackfeather and use Fortress’ movement speed boost to get him in. After wards, use ardan’s guantlet to trap the enemies inside, and Lorelai will give the diver a Barrier to ensure he’ll survive incoming damage. The Stun’s from this comp help too.
Lance, Phinn, Catherine
(The Ultimate Lockdown comp. Pair with 2 hyper carries such as Malene, Celeste, Varya, Joule, Kestrel, etc and watch the pain)

I’ll think of more later…
Tell me what you guys think!!! :smiley:


is it really possible to secure both lyra and grace in one team? the opponent must be ignorant…

If the opponent has first pick and you leave a strong hero open you get pick two and three.

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plenty of times… we have lyra and grace in one team…

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I thought this was common knowledge. People will often Draft an Ardan, Grace or Lorelai to go top because of how insanely OP they are, alongside their flexibility. Capacitor Plate has really opened up the defensive capabilities of 1 damage item captains, and even with its crazy passive it still has good stats, so there’s almost no downside to having a top lane captain with just AS.

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I totally agree. As a player who has no main role, some of my favourite picks are Adagio, Grace and Baptiste, just because their flex potential is so great. If I’m first or 2nd pick in draft, I’ll often pick one of these and see how the draft goes before deciding on my role.

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If you draft Lyra than play her a mage, you aren’t picking two captains, you’re picking a mage.

You’re basically saying “some captains are viable in other positions” which is true, but something like wp grace isn’t picking a second captains. It’s playing a weapon melee dive hero.

I love it how vgpro defines Grace as a A CARRY

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Bot lane or top lane carry lol haha

no… your team has two captains…
if lyra goes as cp mage, she still provide heals while her team fights on her sigil, or use her bulwark to stop dash effects.

same as wp grace, add a capacitor plate… she does decent healing for herself or her team

No she’s not another roam. On top of that if she uses A to heal she’s both useless as a roam and a terrible carry for wasting her best damage ability. For example the Tony and Lance have viable carry and roam paths. When either of them uses a stun does that make them another roam?