Why the nerfs to Blackfeather?

Firstly, I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, so if I’m wrong please lemme know.

Now to the main point. Why is Blackfeather constantly being nerfed with no buffs? I don’t mind if SEMC reduced his damage or scaling, but outright removing parts of his kit? I find that unjustifiable. It was bad enough when the rose trail was removed which made him more kite-able. Then when the slow on On Point was removed without a proper explanation it just made him suck outright. All 3 of his skills used to make him a great chaser or escapee. A to engage or execute, B to slow, C to gap close or escape. Now, A to engage, B to do nothing, C to gap close or escape. What is SEMC doing?

I don’t understand the point behind these drastic changes to Blackfeather? Was it to make him less of an assassin and more of a bruiser? In which case, he’s in a bad spot now. Most other bruisers can take him on now no problem. Krul has a slow, stun, reduce damage taken, overall duelist king. Glaive has a stun, innate life steal, high critical rate. Rona has a slow, mortal wounds, and an ultimate that is difficult to fight with. How is Blackfeather supposed to stand against them? He can’t fight them straight on, neither can he escape properly.

On a side note, SEMC keeps getting the broken part of Taka wrong. It’s not his A or C but his B. Kaku should reveal his location every 1 second if it’s gonna heal him.

Let me know your thoughts or opinion guys! Appreciate them.


Are you talking about patch 3.1 ? because I don’t see a nerf to BF on patch 3.2

Why? simple. They love to nerf BF. It gives them the giggles. At night, before bedtime, dreaming of ways to nerf BF gives them intense orgasms.

That’s my explaination anyway. As for a logical explaination, don’t ask me.

I still enjoy playing him though :joy:


It really doesn’t heal him much and can be discovered by vision or cc

Yeah 3.1 and pretty much most patches before that. SEMC did nerf BP and AS in 3.2 though, so both WP and CP Blackfeather took a hit. Of course, he’s not the only one affected but considering the damage that’s been done to him, still a big effect.

Buy enough CP and it does. To be honest, for a skill with such a low cooldown it should give an indication of where he is every 1 second or so. Or just increase its cooldown idk.


BF still feels like an assassin to me. His A still can delete people :frowning:
I played as Vox, and went to my jungle shop oknly for BF to hit into me, deleting a fourth of my health, and then execute for the rest of my health. I literally couldn’t even react. :frowning: admittedly I didnt have any armor, but still, to be deleted like that was the quickest death I’ve ever had.

And yeah, CP BF is still amazing, like CP Idris amazing… actually they’re almost the same hero. A is a movement ability, allowing them to do more damage. B is a long ranged poke. C is an escape or chase tool that negates all effects… and both can do CP damage on their basic attacks (BF with his stacks) :thinking: strange…


If it was a Krul, Glaive, Rona, or Koshka, you’d be dead as well. No question there. Of course he can delete a sniper. The issue here is that Blackfeather cannot hold his own against other assassins or bruisers.

The kit stripping is not only making him weaker, but also less fun to play. Really, from a hero with all that perks that make you think about different combos to engage, fight, disengage… now he is a little bit flat to play. They should have work with numbers istead of removing parts of his identity.


Bring back rose trail~! just make it an individual speed boost instead of team wide. Make it activate at full stacks and make the duration 3 seconds to fall off.

And to quote SEMC, this would be a NERF to BF… so just bring it back, so it makes him harder to use, increase the skill cap, which is what they want right?


Yes to both of these! I never played Blackfeather and hated playing against him because he was so complex and fun! I want that Blackfeather back, not this gross weakling. Give me a Blackfeather Malene would be proud of! I don’t care that I’ll be back to ‘dead as soon as I step out of base’. I just want SEMC to stop this habit of ruining kits to make them easier to play/defend against, if that’s even the reason they do this. It’s not a solution to get people to stop crying “OP” at this point, it’s flat out sabotaging their own heroes smh. There’s so many things they could have done before resorting to ripping apart his kit and taking out everything unique.


Yeah let’s buff Blackfeather just so he can be nerfed the patch after!!!


Completely agree. Bf has always been one of my favorite heroes. He has been in every part of the meta. I remember him being pretty much the worst hero in the game for a long time before the Love bites skin was released. I admit he has had his OP days as well and he needed hard nerfs. But what they’re doing is destroying him. Now Bf is really strong in 5v5 and pretty decent in 3v3, but I honestly prefer the almost useless version as it was still the same hero. Now it doesn’t even feel like Bf. They changed so much about him. From visuals with the rose trail to gameplay. He went from the best chasing hero to someone who gets kited by Ringo and Vox.
I’ve always wondered what is SEMC actually doing. They buff his HP to be pretty much as high as Lance, Ardan, Krul etc while nerfing his CDs and damage. This is literally the opposite of going for assassin. Actual parts that fit an assassin get removed. He was so unique, being the only hero who is unslowable, constantly having speed boost towards target. He had a slow to help him catch up when it expires. Now with both removed and his ult having what 40 sec CD? He feels so different. I honestly do not understand the decisions.


BF can still hit like a brick; sure he has taknenwefs but his kit was so loaded as was his DMG that they had to do something about it, he ouid easily 3v1 teams late game.

This is what I meant. He still does damage and is even tankier. But they changed his kit. For me, but I think for most people who play Bf as well, it matters more that they change the hero basics not that he’s bad. As I said I enjoyed Bf back when he was one of the worst if not the worst hero in the game because he was still the good old hero we loved.

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But his kit was loaded, he had slows, gap closures, speed boosts, two reflex blocks and could kite for days… he was also broken, being able to 1v3 in matches was too much.

I really should spellcheck lol

I don’t know how long you’ve been around but he was completely useless with that same kit and lower cooldowns than his current ones. Also that made him more of an assassin. Right now how is he different from warriors? He beats most of them and gets kited by snipers. It shouldn’t be the case for an assassin. Especially Blackfeather as he was the stickiest hero in the game. Even if his kit was broken which has been proven to not be true you can’t change the best chaser (is that even a word?) the game to a warrior who gets kited. It’s a bit too drastic.


no it wasn’t. he needs to be able to 1 vs 5. Bring back good old BlackFeather. i want my bloodbath. I want to litter the floor with bloodpetals. None shall survive my wrath~!!!


his kit was loaded. ok. How about malene? lol

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Which warrior do you think he beats? Genuinely curious.

Also blackfeather never used to be able to 3v1 unless he got very, very fed - but that’s true for most melee heroes tbh. Reim could 3v1, Rona still can, Alpha can too.

I think people like to exaggerate about how broken he was. He was OP, not broken; broken is things like WP Varya. The two reflex blocks in his ult argument is pretty weak also - you need to tap twice to activate which means unless you’re a gabevizzle you can’t block any but the most obvious of cc. It also doesn’t give you invulnerability like Taka’s A which has a way shorter CD.

I’ve said this so many times but bring back his utility, Nerf his ratios. BF was so fun to play, now he’s a generic bruiser who loses 1v1 to pretty much every melee non-captain hero.


Straight 1v1 Glaive as he has always been able to, Alpha, Ozo, Rona depending on how the game goes but usually he can beat her with a small advantage and if they are equal or Bf behind he can beat her in team fight, Krul of course doesn’t lose 1v1 but again he has no damage to kill Bf and in team fights Bf can destroy him (that is if he’s not behind, early Krul has an advantage). Grumpjaw and Baptiste lose a 1v1 as well. I am not sure about Tony as I’ve had no chance to play vs him as Bf regularly but I don’t see why Bf would lose to him. The hardest warrior for Bf is WP Joule. In 1v1 unless he’s snowballing very hard he usually doesn’t stand a chance. Joules passive is a bit too good for Bf and she melts him very easily.