Why no Taka nerf?

His overloaded kit is ridiculously…

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Lets wait a little longer for ranked as I think the t7+ players will have a lot more of a success to shutdown taka. Right now there are too many not careful players in casual that are picket individually.

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Any aoe skillshot will knock him out of stealth.
Get two superscouts vs enemy stealth team and whack him.

Too many players without any form of defense.

Stormcrown and aftershock are bigger problems than taka to be honest.


He could almost one shot you as a squishy through Aegis before the defence nerfs.
To say that I will ban him every game in draft is an understatement.


Inclined to agree SC & AS are OP, no surprise the string junglers all have AS in thier builds last patch (Koshka,Alpha,Taka,Fortress). It’s

You are forgetting grumpjaw.

I am even seeing tank Ardan with aegis MJ SC AS JB just because of AS…

Wp Ardan got buffed quite a bit.

As wp taka, I don’t use stealth to hide, only for the healing. Come and get me, if you dare. . .

Why SC? I don’t use it much or heroes who use it usually so I don’t get why you consider it strong

And that is why you get SF against taka. It does DoT and applies MW on that pesky fox

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Because several heroes with just SC and AS can and will murder you and there is no defense against it.
SC deals true damage. AS % of max life…

I don’t think it is specifically strong but I see many heroes flourish on just these two items.

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Ya, seen that a lot and I used to wonder where these Forts and takas get their damage from with just an AS. I get husk now , aegis does absolutely nothing to prevent a squishy from being bursted like a balloon by these assassins

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What I thought taka’s nerf was brutal. Whenever I see a taka on the enemy team I’m happy because I know we have already won the game.
Taka is just really annoying, especially during early game. But definitely one of the weakest assassins in late games.

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Taka’s health regen needs a nerf. That’s all.

I agree that Aftershock & Stormcrown are still must picks for almost every hero build. WP, CP, Captain, Jungler, Carry: there’s almost no situation where an AS doesn’t benefit you. Same with Stormcrown, but the main thing about these items is that you can specialize with better items. Problem is, this game doesn’t really reward specializing as much, as once a specialist dies, the whole team crumbles.

The only reason you don’t pick AS is if you’re almost never basic attacking, like CP Kestrel, Celeste, and the like. Almost everyone else has a reason to basic attack built in their kit. Only reason you don’t pick stormcrown is if it’s taking up space for a better damage dealing or piercing item or cooldown or whatever. These items have massive utility built in.

I would remove the healing aspect of aftershock and give eve of harvest & serpents mask a higher percentage of healing with a faster point regen time, and boost the % of health dmg back up for aftershock, as well as increase the proc time to 3 seconds. That would make the item more manageable, while increasing the reward, and still make auto attacks viable for CP heroes, as there’s no downside to having an AS right now. As for Stormcrown, I would reduce the health it gives some and reduce the cooldown, stabilize how much true dmg it does a bit more, and put it on a timer system similar to tension bow, like 3 seconds as well. Another way of taking away from the fact that these items have literally no downsides, while keeping them useful & still having killing power.

I would like for stormcrown to have negative bonus wp and negative bonus cp and scalable damage off bonus hp.

All junglers and carries would drop the item immediately and it would really benefit true captains who build full support.

-50 bonus wp/cp should do.

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Probably cause of draft tbh. He can be built around same way for CP Baron who is also very good in cas

lmfao, that would be brutal. Definitely no one but captains would ever use SC again. Idk if SEMC would actually do that lol, so many people would be mad.

Sgb used to be build out of igc which was captain only.

Old warhorn and old Contraption were support only items!

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You made me realize that part of the issue with item balancing nowadays is the build how you want philosophy, instead of locking in roles. It also affects hero balance. I can only imagine how difficult it really must be for developers of the game in light of that.

Maybe one day it might be better for some of the strategic aspects of Vainglory to be simplified, and the focus to be more about timing, team unity, and outplaying based around that. I don’t think it’s a lost cause, but there’s so much that can go wrong with one little balance change that it really has to be done right, and tested so extensively it, might not be worth it, Especially for professional play to be a long-term aspect of the game.

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Takas kit is way too loaded. His basic attack gives him a speed boost and mortal wounds. His Kaku makes him indestructible and CC immune. His stealth gives him a speed boost and healing. And his ult is a low cool down gap closer and give mortal wounds.

I agree, it’s not bad until he stacks after shock, storm crown, and clockwork. After which he can spam his stealth to heal and fly all over the place.

But whatever, I’m just going to insta lock him and play cancer af till he gets nerfed…

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I think they need to reduce the immune time on his Kaku. It seems like he can get hit seconds after the ability is done and still be immune to a ton of stuff. Also, he seems to not take damage from certain things even if he gets hit right before the stealth, which might just be because he heals all that, but it definitely sucks to know you just hit him with a highly damaging attack, but he comes out of stealth with almost full health like nothing happened 3-5 seconds later.