Why Each Hero is On the Fold

In remembrance of 3v3, I will make a list of why each hero is on the Halcyon Fold. Feel free to correct if there are mistakes.

Adagio: Following Idris/is bored
Alpha: Hunting down Cath, Kestrel, and another 4th Stormguard
Ardan: Helping Celeste defeat the Stormqueen
Baptiste: Forming his own rebellion against the Stormqueen
Baron: Searching for a Halcyon Well
Blackfeather: Finding a feather from Adagio to wake Malene up
Catherine: Trying to find Celeste to join forces
Celeste: Leading the battle against the Stormqueen
Churnwalker: Roams around, happened to be on Fold
Flicker: Is researching info to defeat the Meekos
Fortress: With Rona finding a Well
Glaive: Searching for a worthy creature to defeat
Grace: Helping Reza find Sam
Grumpjaw: Escaped with Frankie from jail
Gwen: Fighting criminals
Idris: Trying to save his city and himself from the Churn
Joule: Traveling around
Kestrel: WIth Cath trying to find Celeste
Koshka: Randomly running around
Krul: Trying to find someone who can kill him
Lance: With Grace and Reza trying to find Sam
Lorelai: Salty that she helped Adagio slaughter the human race every 1000 years
Lyra: Helping Reza find Sam
Ozo: Monkeying around
Petal: Potatoing around
Phinn: Accompanying BF on his quest
Reim: Helping Sam
Reza: Trying to find Sam
Ringo: Drunk af
Rona: Trying to find a Well
Samuel: Trying to find Celeste, unclear whether he wants to help or not
SAW: Mercenary, most likely on a job
Skaarf: Baby dragon roaming around setting things on fire
Skye: Finding a Well with Baron
Taka: Traveling with Gwen most likely
Varya: Helping the Stormqueen
Vox: Helping Celeste fight the Stormqueen


I thought SAW was hired to assassinate koshka for some reason.
Also, why does it take so many people to find a well

My favorite is still probably BF. Poor dude

With so many people there to help Reza find his son, you would feel he’s a pretty great dad.

“Help me restrain this son of a… Oh he’s mine”

Celeste has Kestrel, Catherine, Alpha (following Catherine and Kestrel) Frankie and Grumpjaw (likely following Alpha), Samuel, Reim, Grace, Lyra, Reza, Lance (the previous five going after Samuel) following her in addition to traveling with Vox, Ardan and a dozen gythians.

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Is grumpjaw in the fold though? The lore says, or rather Dr. says something like “this is where it all went wrong” , which according to me is most likely the 1st fight between Cath and alpha or on the inception of alpha, both if which I don’t think are on the fold.

@D4rkHydr4 I think you have GJ’s wrong, he’s just on the fold for cheesecake

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Energy source enough to kill a lot of things, just imagine it is like a nuclear bomb.

It can be used to gathered crystal energy for CP items in shop or polluted to become Churn monster, featuring Churnwalker.

In 3v3, Storm Queen wants Celeste to be the next Queen because she must be (I think it is because of the prophecy the ravens told Storm Queen) and leads the people. However, Julia disaproves and Cath kills her so now Celeste seeks for revenge. Storm Queen uses this opportunity to make Celeste the real queen. In the nutshell, those raven know da wen and da wae as well!

There are some misunderstood here:
Baptise: Kill BOTH QUEENS, FEATURING MS. SIX FINGER CELESTE. He is the pure hatred and fear from the citizen so he knows who is the queen and the next queen.

Baron and Skye: in 3v3 they run away from their family to stay with each other, even have to use force (Halcyon Well’s power).

Idris: finding away to cure his people from Churn infection, and him as well.

Gwen: on a journey with Taka for his redemption.

Varya: this belongs in 5v5 help Storm Queen in her tyrant’s job to exploit talent people and recruit them to fight agaisnt the Churn. She declares that something about morals and righteousness will no longer exist if you are dead (which clarify Storm Queen’s action)

Adagio: helps Idris find Ardan so he wont bacome another Churnwalker.

Joule: with her gang trying to make some dirty works around while searching for the Doctor Von Haydes who making her robot suit.

Grumpjaw: Creating a time travel paradox with Frankie.

Glaive’s race has been forced to mine crystal for a long time. IMO, Glaive is a merc who oppose the crystal mining activity which leads to cutting Ringo’s arm. Koshka is adopted by people from Glaive’s clan, and her friend is Ozo. So Ringo is likely to be recruited by Storm Queen (Sorry, I have to edit, my memory has been a mess since the lore is too complex)

SAW is likely a merc to fight against monster. I doubt that is Churn monster since they are a bit similer in churnwalker’s description.

idris is finding Ardan?
I didn’t know that.
btw, We need more heroes allied to the Stormqueen in the game, there’s Varya but just her.
Celeste has basically every hero in the game in her side, but Stormqueen is fighting against a force stronger than her and that’s the Churn.
I hope Adagio and Idris become allies of the Stormqueen in the future.
I misunderstood the Baptiste part, I though he was an ally of Stormqueen. Now I know he’s not.

Well, in here we just discuss about 3v3, which is things happen when Storm Queen fight against Celeste. That’s why there are not so many heroes allied to Storm Queen because she has been kidnapping all talented people and killing everybody who opposed her actions. Of course there are still people follows Storm Queen, such as Kestrel, but not like Kestrel because since they have been trained all days for fighting against the Churn (which they even didn’t know about them) they won’t have such an interesting history.

Adagio gives Idris the blueprint for a device to solve his problem, and now Idris has to find the most famous and greates mechanist in this world to build it (that person is Ardan).

In my opinion, Storm Queen has planned from the start that she uses her own tyranny to force all talented people to appear so that she could use them to fight against Churn (You know technology will always have greatest breakthrough when there is war, especially World War). Besides, she also cheated a lot by asking helps from divine people such as Lorelai, the god who makes Varya (I forgot his name, 2 faces or something like that).

Never happned, Adagio asked Lorelai for Skaarf to destroy all humanity. I doubted Idris would dare to annoy Adagio since Adagio must be angry that the Queen has came early than him 5 years to steal a dragon eggs (Blackclaw)

More updates:
Flicker: going to Halcyon Fold to collect the Crystal to make machine to kill Petal (sorry, the Meekos - I laugh everytime I see this word), which shoot Fairy to them (weird and abusive af).
Petal: she finds out that the crystal can help her kind multiple themselves and creating munions, so she went there.
Lorelai: this is the hero for 5v5 the lore just stated that in the end she realized that she helped Adagio killed all humans on earth, we don’t know what she is going to do next.

The core story of Vainglory is Celeste. She is the central hero. I think maybe one day some heroes will stand with her to dethrone her aunt Louisa.

As i remember that Ringo goes to Halcyon because he suspects that Glaive hides his slaughtered arm on there.

No…Ringo lost his arm because he was defeated by Glaive playing poker. Ringo actually bullied and insulted him about being big blind cat. So Glaive upset and chalanged him playing poker. And in the end Ringo lost his arm.

  1. Ringo was not calling him a blind cat, he was calling their race beast, indicating race discrimination, so Glaive taught him a lesson.
  2. Not poker, dice game, which I believe its name is Queen’s War, since he played with his old friend Pavel a lot. (A hint about the fight between Storm Queen and Celeste).
  3. I don’t think Glaive hides his arm there, that’s totally creepy af!
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Oh you remind me something… is Ringo still looking for his best friend Pavel? Rumour said that Pavel is SAW. Pavel gone missing and Ringo looks for him. Is there a next lore about Pavel?

I don’t think so. In SAW"s lore, he stated that there is one mission that he need to completed is killing a creature destroying some mayor’s treehouse. which turns out to be Koshka, and by her skin lore we know that she works with Ozo at Carnie Wheel, where Ringo works and where Celeste’s family starts their revenge. Judging from SAW’s view I can assure that Carnie Wheel is not where Saw had belonged to so properly he is not Pavel.

Also, I was looking for silver but I found gold in his skin lore, a connection to Grumpjaw lore:

Also, now I am sure that he is familiar with the Churn now, I bet he works for Storm Queen.

So basically finding Celeste, finding well or roaming around

No, they all have purposes, not just roaming around. If you try to dig through all lore including skin T1-T3 lore, you will find the fractured but whole there.
Can you update your first post, @D4rkHydr4?

Dude I have read most of the lores including the alternat ones. I was just being sarcastic

Sorry. I missed the joke.