Why doesn't SEMC improve Vainglory?

Isn’t it obvious that Vainglory needs to be work on and improve? Like advertising for sure and new content. Why they kill important features such as the API? Is SEMC making another game?

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Yes, that’s exactly what they are doing.
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Can you give me the link to the article said this? Or any source is helpful. Thanks!

There’s a link in this thread from May …


When I see how “stats” still stays in the player profile months and X updates after the API was killed + even showcasing the vgpro last post… well, I think it goes to show what we can expect in the future. It’s not serious to expect something, when the company care so little to not remove that tab (that can be seen from anyone, including new starting players and it goes without saying what they would think seeing this).

Also something that rarely comes up, but servers quality degraded by a lot(atleast in EU), I suspect due to shrinking of resources. The lags and desync severity slowly, but surely increased in the last year.


It’s sad that such a quality game, better in term of graphics and gameplay than its competitors like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, etc, falls so far behind and doesn’t get enough treatment.


SEMC had a huge opportunity and blew it by failing to understand the market, failing to understand their player base, and becoming distracted by shiny baubles like esports and cross-platform.

Someday I’ll do a long post-mortem on why they failed with VG, but that day is not today.


Thanks for fixing my grammar lol! Good thing is that this community is still active and devoted people are still around.