Speculation on SEMC's next game

This Reddit post by Excoundrel says that SEMC is currently developing another game.

Reviving regular communication is something that we are focused on improving here at SEMC; especially as we take our next step into becoming a multi-title game development company.

It sounds like it will take place in the Vainglory universe.

We aren’t sharing details yet, but what we can tell you is that you may see the Vainglory universe expanding in the future, in more places than one.

Let’s s p e c u l a t e .


My guess is a card game, hopefully using the old art from the skin crafting cards.
But it would also make sense for SEMC to put out another graphics intensive game to make use of their engine, so maybe an RPG set in the Vainglory universe.


Speculation: This won’t happen. There’s no one there who knows the first thing about communication. (Which is why they have to rely on people like Excoundrel to do it for them.)

I’d have to agree that a card game of some sort is likely.

This would only make sense if they had been working on it for years at this point. A good RPG takes a LONG time to develop because of the depth of story development required, to say nothing of fleshing out the existing characters’ histories, voice lines, etc. etc.

If they were going that route, I don’t think they’d have let Sarah go.


Excoundrel Post

Its nice to know that SEMC realized what happened to VG over time. They admit that they managed to split the player base (in a bad way) and along other things as well.

Again Its nice to know that they’re finally admitting to some hard problems and topics.

I have yet to fully read everything that they posted but ill write more once I fully look over stuff.

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They only have a handful of developers. How are they going to bring new IP to market without shifting resources away from Vainglory? It seems like the most we can expect as far as new content goes are skins and heroes from here on out. Actual events and Battle Pass-like content won’t be returning, and Vainglory development will be at the bare minimum above what would be considered maintenance.


You’ve pretty much summed up the current state of Vainglory, actually.

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If they made a Smash-like game with VG’s heroes, that’d be cool. Not gonna get my hopes up for that though. Them working on another game seems like an abort mission on VG.


The game feel boring to me they should back battle pass and events like ride or die

Reza vs Gwen teams

I don’t care about new heroes and skins I need more events and great level chest rewards

If they make new game they will less foucs about vainglory that not good coz they don’t hardwork in vainglory right now don’t expect new game be good

The new shiny thing for them to introduce then forget about later on now isn’t adding another cosmetic that no one really likes or other game modes left aside with not much care but a new game. I don’t see this going well since their current game has quite a few incomplete/buggy things, how would they possibly handle 2 games well with their current team?

I really only see something they can create and never have to update again being the only sort of game they could handle alongside vg


Well it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to communication. However, consistency is what’s gonna matter here. This won’t do SEMC much good if they cannot keep up with communication and go back to radio silence. Also, they probably already had different teams for the other projects, so I can assume VG’s development should not be hindered too much. Either way, if they bring story back to VG they BETTER bring back SugarVenom :pouting_cat:

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My first immediate thought is that it’s probably SHOULD be along the lines of

  1. Simple gameplay. Card games, turn based strategy, even an endless runner if they really feel like stretching their self respect to the breaking point.
  2. Easily portable to PC. SEMC seems to be going for the a multiplatform meme and their next game not having that would be out of place.

If it was a card game, they don’t really have much world to pull characters from I feel. Unlike WoW which has tons of random trash mobs of different varieties Vainglory has… Minions and Grumpjaws. A turn based strategy where there are less units might work (think Hero Academy or whatever that game was called) but I wouldn’t be hyped for it considering they can’t do the bare bone basics for balancing VG.

Personally I think they’re making a story based top down RPG except they’re not bringing sugarvenom back the CEO is a writer now guys. Also it’ll come out episodically. Just something that’s way too ambitious and fails on its fundamentals, if you catch my drift.


You need to let that dream go. She’s gone and not ever coming back.

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VG dating sim


I think because the CEO already worked on clash of clans before, then it could be clash royale thing , based on the same world , I think they worked on it since introducing talents because talents could be what heroes do in the card game .

I think working on another game is not bad especially if you did mistakes in your first game , atleast you can do good from the beginning and stay doing good , because doing bad could give bad impression and people walk away without coming back .

Excoundrel ? Is he working from England or in the lair ? I didn’t watch his videos .

Maybe an rpg continuing the lore of VG that sounds kinda fun…

Imma be honest. I doubt that the secret game they’re working on will expand on anything lore related.

SugarVenom had a whole plan for the world of VG and nobody knows it besides her. Having another Loreist isn’t going to capture that same feeling and SEMC probably knows it as well.

Whatever the game is about, it will probably expand upon other aspects such as new lands and stuff.

Just my 2 cents though.

Also they said that they plan on refining the Vg from bugs.
FINALLY :star_struck:


I miss sugarvenom and everyone else that left/got layed off :cry:

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I just wish Vainglory 5v5 was released as a new game and took their time to develop it rather than just rushing it.


Skaarf Glory: Dragon Collector, ala this:



Neko Atsume best game! :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: