Which hero needs the most skill to be played?

Imo it would be either skye who needs good mechanics, or malenne cause using the good capacity at the good time takes skill


Petal, Skye, SAW, Lorelai, Malene, churnwalker maybe

Lorelai easily.

Post must be 30 character, post must be 30 characters.

Kestral, Lorelai, Skye, Lance need some skill to be effectively played.

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Cp saw needs a lot of skill to play as and with

If talking casual only:

If talking high level ranked (T7-T10):

If talking specific builds that arent meta (that arent troll builds):
CP Ardan
WP Fortress
CP Glaive
Captain Joule
WP Reim
CP Saw
WP Skye
WP Taka

IMO the hero that needs the MOST skill to become good enough to become a main (in high tier ranked) is actually going to be Cath. Anyone can stun and shield but its important to know when to time the stun who to hit, when to pop the shield to deflect whos damage getting the most counter damage when to silence the other team and how to not completely get baited into an ambush just to get a stun stack.

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I don’t agree with SAW and Petal. Lorelai, yeah


Lorelul is not that hard tbh. CW is the hardest cause his A is like the thinnest skillshot ever

To this day, I have yet to master OZO. The rest I’ve got a firm grasp of the Mechanics. Malene only after 3 battle Royale’s.

Skills wise I would say Adagio. Not many can make use of his perk and never run out of energy.


Skye has and still is one of the hardest hero’s to play, her CP side relies solely on abilities and landing skill shots without killing yourself is notoriously difficult. She’s all about angles and repositioning, so you need to plan ahead when your using her.

Her WP side relies on basic attacks and movement which is both a blessing and a curse.

In short she’s hard to master but tremendous fun once you have.


Are we talking about skill floor or skill cap? I mean that kinda varies quite a bit. WP SAW used to have very high skill cap and floor, not sure about now and in 5v5. Churnwalker is another high skill floor hero as well as Skye. Bf has a pretty high skill cap. Celeste also has quite high skill floor. Lance is also one of the most mechanically demanding heroes.

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CP Skye is, without a doubt, the hardest hero in the game to play to a very high level, but she is absolutely monstrous when that is achieved.

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In terms of skill in landing skillshots, Celeste needs the most experience to have near perfect accuracy(for example I have been playing her for more than a year now and I still miss about 30% of my skillshots). Most other skill shot heroes are pretty easy(Sam, Skaarf, Kestrel, etc.)

In skill CP Skye is definitely the most difficult to play.


Skye is the first hero that hard carried me when i was just beginning and I was so impressed i bought her straight up, not knowing how hard she was.

So, I spent endless hours researching and practicing to get good. As @Setbackss would’ve said, CP Skye has no counters, only play Skye, all the time.

Although, she has been nerfed and buffed quite abit since he made that statement…

I completely ignored Skye because I found her kit incredible difficult to master. However I devoted the winter season to learning her (played over 100 matches) and I’m now boasting a spring win rate of 70%

She has counters, hero’s like Reza, BF and Taka are capable of kiting around her abilites and even petal can block her skill shots with minions. However assuming you have a roam capable of peeling you can counter these hero’s.

However I share the sentiment that skye is a monster, especially in 3v3 (find her more of a liability in 5v5).

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I don’t agree, CP Skye has counters.

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This is the order I would put some of the top heroes into:

  • Skye (probably always will be the top for difficulty),
  • Lance (less so after the recent miss penalty reduction),
  • Malene (once her numbers come down, people will feel it),
  • Kestrel (skill shots and mist take skill),
  • Lorelai (pool management and positioning for max damage/stun/barrier)
  • Reza (perk management for max damage and Ult),
  • Churnwalker (skillshot chains and position management)
  • Ozo (Acrobounce takes forethought and A damage maximization takes timing),
  • Joule (skillshots and positioning critical)
  • Idris ( Chakram management and barrier/ult timing)

The top 4 are probably in a different tier than the bottom 6.


SAW has an extremely high ceiling due to how easy he is to punish and how hard he is to play well, but a really low floor because he can be super easy to win with against lower tier players


Yeah, he used to be the hardest one imo in 3v3 and some time ago. But I also think he has very high skill floor at very high level gameplay and competitive level.

Considering user-side skill mechanically, without going into major specifics, and from an entirely personal standpoint, I would say (and in no particular order):

  • Samuel
  • Lorelai
  • Saw
  • Kestrel
  • Phinn
  • Skye
  • Celeste
  • Varya
  • Petal

I’m thinking about how often I see these heroes played undeniably skillfully, as if whoever is behind the screen is truly a master of said hero. I rarely do not see these heroes played to their full potential, and I think understanding a hero of course differs from using them with good form and tact.