Which hero has Most Aoe (Mage)

What hero has most Aoe (Mage) can controll a large area and dangerous for uhh Bruisers

straight up. Samuel. Hands down the best for AoE.

Control on the other hand, is Celeste. not to mention the CC and global ULT.


He need a winter Samuel skin^^

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We need churnLord Samuel skin.

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I disagree. Samuel requires Drifting Dark to have aoe. celeste always has aoe available in all 3 skills…

A notable mention would be Varya who has chained damage which works like aoe too.

CP Vox has the largest aoe damage range.


Heeeeeeeeeeeellll naaah we already got a green skin samuel

The problem is what is considered as the “most AoE”: range, damage, availability, reliability…


I guess if you take all that in mind it would be Celeste.

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skaarf has lots of aoe with low cooldowns

He only has Goop and it’s usually used for burst not AoE. He’s got the ult too but his main damage is A+B combo. Skaarfs I see don’t even max ult, it’s just for when you need the extra fortified HP or non-skillshot damage.

Actually, she doesnt have the longest range or the most reliable AoE damage, so its difficult to give an asnwer without specifying.

well, the A in AoE is AREA. so i would still consider Samuel’s Drifting Dark coverage the biggest AoE in the Game
Factor in the Malice and Verdicts… well… Case closed.

Celeste’s AoE is dependant on a second detonation of the Heliogenesis. and the AREA is considerably smaller. But wins hands down for consistency and control.

Varya and Vox Chains are somewhat dependant on having a group of targets, so it’s not really classified as AoE.

Reim abilities all AOE and he can snowball bruisers except krul
Second hero is cp baron , his weakness is mobility heroes (assassins) he eats bruisers easy .

Lyra was good but they killed her A damage and made her basic attack stronger , baptiste with his empowered attack can deal very strong damage to the enemies .

Samuel has the potential to 1v3 and 1v5 , so he could easily be the best Mage AOE and survivability .


What do you mean? Who else has more reliable AoE? Samuel needs his B and needs to stay in it. Also has lower range without it. Skaarf barely has AoE. Varya is mostly single target. Malene is mostly single target. Maybe I’m missing someone but can’t see heroes roster right now.

U pretty much right…Hugs

Then we are talking about availability, not reliability, his empowered M&V are harder to dodge than celeste’s novas. And he has longer range than Celeste even when he is not empowered.

But has AoE that can’t be dodged, so in terms of reliability it’s the most reliable though not the strongest in terms of damage.
That why I said that we need to know what does the OP consider a good AoE: range, the area it affects, damage, difficulty in dodging it…

If we are talking aoe heros, lets talk about the queen.


Her A has the same aoe size as Samuels empowered A and her B is the same size of his B

hmmmmm :thinking:This text will be blurred

As a damage dealer, Samuel is better than Lyra in almost every scenario.

Not when i play her :sleeping:This text will be blurred