Which hero has Most Aoe (Mage)

But Celeste is the best overall AoE hero. I don’t think Samuel outranges overdriven Helio when not empowered, but I am 100% sure she is the only AoE then. When he’s empowered he still needs to stay in range of the target and Celeste is much safer in that regard. Also I don’t agree it’s easier to dodge Celeste. A good Celeste barely misses. While Samuel can be juked if you know how the angles work. Samuel can also be body blocked. I don’t think Celeste is a better hero and personally like Samuel much more but I do think Celeste is the better AoE hero. Samuel outperforms her sometimes though. Usually when being chased like 3v1 and kiting.
Varya though isn’t even in the competition. She might be “reliable” but she’s still single target hero. If she could be best AoE hero then so is Vox, Lyra even Phinn. I think when thinking about this you need to take every important aspect into account.

You guys just don’t understand best AoE isnt about mages or range it’s just about AoE…Lance best AoE because all he does is AoE
His basic attacks? AoE in a line
His A? AoE in a big line
His B? AoE in a cone
His C? Empowered AoE line.


Edit: iv been notified that I blew it and didn’t read properly, this is actually only about mages…

Best mage for AoE imo is going to be Reim. He is all AoE and used properly in 3v3 is an absolute monster in controlling with the AoE attacks

It has 10 range, 1 more than Celeste.

What I mean is that better AoE in terms of what? Damage? Range? All this changes depending on what do you want to do with them.

He asked about mages.


And that’s my selective reading kicking in, well time to edit my comment to at least add something to the convo without being a troll

CP Baron or WP Baron is basically all about AOE.

Mortars are AOE,

Autoattacks are AOE splash

Ultimate? you get the idea.

Now he’s not the best and he’s not a mage, and probably not the best duelist, but Baron is designed to be all about that AOE.

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Overall. Celeste has basically no CD, very long range, high damage, can’t be body blocked, barely misses if the player is skilled.