When to dodge

I find myself wanting to dodge matches but for some reason I don’t. Like if some guy in a 5v5 game decides to use Rona(Which to me seems pretty bad in 5v5, the match went to s*t) should I dodge? Especially in ranked matches, if I end up with a bad team lineup because people are stupid I am seriously booking it. I’m sure many other people agree with me…

Couldn’t find where this fits into any fourm section. RIP

Personally I’d try to limit it to one or two a week to avoid lpqing yourself

I sometimes convince the last guy to dodge if the team comps are obviously trolling (i mean someone pickingRona doesn’t justify that but that’s just me)

Skip the dreadful match, don’t get LPQ, and have a new match in under 30 seconds

why exactly is rona a bad pick?

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I dont agree with dodging for any reason, and personally think punishments should be harsher in doing it. Its wasting 9 other peoples time in queue, and draft.

I think if a match is dodged you should get LPQ and lose the ELO you would have lost from the game automatically.


I would agree with you except I keep a list of never play with again and if they pop up I refuse to play that’s how bad with trolling or Idiocracy they were I’ve gotten matched with some for a second time

So for 1 player, you feel it is justifiable to waste the time of 8 others?

That’s just not right.


These players on the list are at the level where it would waste everyone’s time to play least and have a poor game experience

Most people suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect. Most players also refuse to change their playstyle no matter how far ahead or behind they are. So what epically fails for them one game might get them a win on another. Especially when they swap between heroes and roles they suck at to ones they actually know something about.

Likewise, most trolls are normal, frustrated players. And most noobs are people playing less than ideal positions. Keep that list going long enough and the que timers will murder your love of the game.

Also, @PlazaLord umm, Rona is a good pick. In reasonably competent hands, if her team doesn’t abandon her. So yeah, stop trying to dodge decent picks. Roam Ozo or Ringo? Sure. If its a WP Rona that has any idea what they are doing, well…


I have done this in every Moba I have played and I save it for those special breeds like the ones that spend the first 5 minutes running from spawn point to first turret and back. Adagio’s that never use their heal on a teammate but use it on the minion on the other side of the screen get it too.

The ones that try never make it on the list because they don’t deserve it least they give an effort, but the ones that go out their way to screw up a game get it.


I never dodge on purpose and I don’t think you should do it either. An occasional maybe once a week I can forgive. Just remember that sometimes people don’t just choose heroes based on the meta, people choose because it’s a hero they’re good at. And it’s better than playing a meta hero they don’t know how to use well or at all. I recommended just rolling with it, try to make things work, and try not to take things too seriously…it’s better for your own health anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that Rona can be good, but the guy using her was pretty bad. I see her ult is pretty good vs 5 people I just never thought about it that much.

I didn’t dodge that match I’m just blaming the guy who was playing Rona. That’s the thing: If you do dodge you either waste nine other people’s time or save a match that would have gone sour. You can’t really tell at first glance, which is usually my reason to not dodge. I don’t do it a lot but sometimes I feel like I should.

If every one locks in a squishy they should get punished.

I once had a guy who refused to ban alpha and then firstpicked saw to feed the entire match…

Should have instadodged that

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What? Rona is very good in 5v5… lmao


In a 5v5 game, If one plays badly, it doesnt even affect that much unless youre in really high tiers. And looking at your post, it seemed as if you were put off from the fact that "he picked rona in 5v5"
If i see a rona ill be happy lol cos shes really strong. And even if the player sucks i can just use her as a meatshield and do a lot of work. If you give away alpha and taka to opponents and you have 5 ranged carry team, it is then you should dodge.


Never Dodge. Period.

its not even a thought. Just don’t. Ever.

“what if”… all picked jungle and nobody lanes?.. “what if” there’s 4 captains? “what if”… Just DOn’t do it… E.V.e.R…

You just never know in 5v5… you might just get a 3 minute surrender like what Pilebuster had.


When you get ozo 4 times in a row in BR


nah … not even if i get him 100 times in a row. never dodge. ever.

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One time my teammates picked all ranged carry, I was about to dodge but then decided to pick Grace. They thought I was going captain but I went full crit glass cannon Grace and showed them noobs how to carry the game (we lost tho cause I got overconfident but I went like 23-5)

I dodge on occasion, for instance in 3v3 I keep encountering a player who only plays saw. If he is third pick he’ll choose saw with no regard for the rest of the team, I’d rather not play with him and I won’t support for someone who refuses to reciprocate.

I tend to save my dodges for 3v3 when players clearly couldn’t care less for team compositions. I’ll attempt to muscle through in 5v5 adobe player has less influence on the ultimate outcome. (Having said that the midlane Adagio I encountered last night and who I knew wouldn’t be able to hold mid because Adagio lol cost us the game