When everything feels Overpowered

Back in my day when I played a lot of Starcraft 2 there was a saying.

"Everything feels overpowered!"
When there are a lot of seemingly overpowered heroes they can balance eachother out.

We as captain mains loved our broken Lyra and other broken heroes.

We requested that all other captains would be buffed to their level but she got nerfed.

Now in 5v5 we have several heroes who feel broken and yet there is balance because after bans there are still very strong heroes available.


Can all feel brokenly powerful. There are however counters in most cases. The feel of handling a powerful hero is much better than that of a hero who is scratching instead of clawing at the enemy.

Will we usher into a new age where everything is brokenly powerful while balance remains?

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In 3v3 broken hero’s and major counters were banned in draft. Since 5v5 lacks draft you’ll get mismatches and you’ll find the broken OP hero’s often get selected on both teams.

I listed 13 OP heroes… Good luck banning them

You listed 13 heroes but there are even more op heroes rn like grumpjaw and you can play almost every single hero without feeling too weak. It feels good for once finding balance in this imbalance but some heroes need to be tuned a bit like koshka and krul


Guess my point is you can counter draft. At the moment your blind so you get huge mismatches.

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Counters are going to be a bit diminished now I think. You pick taka, I pick petal to counter taka, your ally picks up cp vox to counter petal and so on

Against Krul just get a bunch of peel captains like Lance, Grace, etc with heroes with good dashes or stuns as well as caps like Ardan and Krul becomes useless as he cannot stick very well at all and gets bursted by thw captains :^)

Still think you’ll be able to counter draft, you pick Taka I’ll choose Baptiste who also counters a Vox mobility.

Draft will have its place, though I accept it’ll be slightly different and will require more team wide coordination.

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I was thinking about a nerf to his passive movt speed. It allows him to gank lanes and be everywhere quickly but with shiversteel buffs I don’t find sticking to targets that tough though krul can be kited easily

Late game he falls off, he needs to stick to targets which usually result in three laners blowing him up… must be frustrating to play him at the moment.

Counters will definitely have their place but relying on counter picks to shut down heroes(like how a good Lance can slap around ozo) is bad

Why? Counter drafting and building is a key skill in VG.

Is there a jungler who doesn’t fall off late game. I agree with your point that he gets blown up late game by carries but who stops him early game? He doesn’t need much items to deal damage and can pick off carries in each lane one by one before 10 mins and just snowball from there

Try playing Krul against WP Grace, WP Lance, Ardan, Reza and Celeste. Stupid hard to get any kills at all

Grace Lance and ardan are tanky heroes, why would I want to duel with them when I can kill a squishy plus two of them have cc to stop a krul easily. Reza is very slippery and krul just cannot keep up with so it’s not even a match.

Almost every jungler can do that up till 10 minutes… gimme a Koshka and I’ll secure 5/6 kills in that time.

Certain junglers have the ability to dash in and dash out, or they have ranged attacks or team utility. As melee hero Krul is great 1v1 but he lacks ranged attacks and the ability to disengage (think Koshka speed buff etc).

PS - Baptiste for example, has a ranged attack, has mobility lock down via B and a team wide AEO ult, he scales wells and becomes a menace.

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Not in a offensive manner but what are we trying to speak about? I know kruls weakness pretty well and so do you. I thought a slight movt speed nerf would be nice, what are your thoughts about that? Ya,Baptiste scales very well late game with DE+CW+BM+SF and is very versatile with his cc and damage plus he heals as much as krul or ozo

You asked for a jungler who doesn’t fall of late game, I giave you Baptiste. Also threw out Koshka who can dive in and escape late game fights. Krul can’t, he becomes a huge target for the laners to collapse on.

In my opinion most junglers can secure numerous kills early game; Krul isn’t unique from that perspective. Sure he is great 1v1 but the jungle isn’t as easy to invade on your own anymore, you’ll overextend etc.

Mmmm perhaps but I think they’re are a few hero’s who get great move speed early game.

Krul is is a nuisance especially with the WP buff; but I’d expect my laners to be aware of that.

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Bruh jungle shop is the best jungler. They just choose not to play. They have all the items equipped in multiples. Super op

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