When did u join Vainglory (read patch list if u dont know)

Started in 1.16 saw it in the play store under recently updated, also krul was the first hero I picked up

My first hero was koshka, her perk back then made her unkillable which was awesome

Phinn was early acess I think it was 1.10?

Remember when koshka was 800 glory?



I started back around 1.17, but I got really overwhelmed and salty and left after a week or two. I remember T2 Fury Rona was just announced as I left, so around 1.19. I forgot about it until somewhere between 1.24 and 2.2 when amazon recommended it to me.

I still would say I joined for REAL in 3.3 though. Until then I had just been messing around, on the fence about staying really.

also handy thread for this here

I joined mid late 2014, around 1.1.1. Heroes like petal and koshka was extremely cheap, and during the winter taka came out. Was my favorite back then, especially wp taka. I loved how you could question mark teammates, but getting skins without paying money (especially epic and above) was near impossible for me. I also really never touched rank until early 2015. I found vain because In the summer I started league but I wanted a mobile version. Taichi Panda was my first game after but it got boring.

Oh cool opinion. Yeah I’d imagine the Gameloft heads would decide to fire some of the devs of HOC considering it wasn’t making as much money very similar to SEMC’s case of constantly losing team members too.

I started playing Vainglory when there were only the OG heroes.
Here’s a screenshot of the Hero-picking phase back then.


oh I miss this homescreen.



I joined in update 1.1.7 with Ardan.

I joined this same patch and weirdly enough I feel the exact same way about heroes from then on.

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Right in the middle of the night shadow taka event

My first game in VG was when Vox was released, I did quit after that for some reason I don’t remember ( could be house shifting) and rejoined when Black feather was released, stayed after that.

Although. I didn’t delete VG from phone when I first left. Surprisingly considering it was my first MOBA and I was too chicken to play against other players.

If anyone’s interested in the exact day you downloaded Vainglory, and you’re on iOS, go into Settings, then click into your Apple ID, then iTunes & App Store, then your Apple ID again, then “View Apple ID”… then check your Purchase History, tap “Last 90 Days” and then estimate the month and year when you think you downloaded the app.

This was the loading screen when I first started - hard to believe how long ago that was! I kind of wish I’d kept screenshots of each update.

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I need to look back through my device photos – I know I have a ton of VG screenshots. It’d be an interesting community project to assemble a visual history of VG!


I was hoping someone would catch my hint! :wink: I’ve got a bunch of old screenshots too - I’ll try to collect them when I get a chance.

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I joined vainglory in the end of 2016, i think when flicker was realesed

Somewhere around 1.1.7 too first day of the android beta and Ardan wasn’t there yet Ardan was the next hero arriving for me.

I’m sure if you looked through old YouTube videos you could find videos from every update.

oof, i started in the middle of the summer party so that was like 3 skins i didnt get :^(

December 2015. Kestrel was just released I think