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Compilation of all Patch Notes


Content Archived from the Original Vainglory forums - originally posted by @zeogau on the “13th of October 2015” archived by @thace

1.0.3: New: Add friends and balance

1.0.4: New: Unique player names and progress records

1.0.5: Streamlining and balance

1.0.6: A new game name and visual updates

1.0.7: Maintenance and more

1.0.8: Matchmaking updates and balance

1.0.9: New: Parties, matchmaking improvements, and balance

1.0.10: Tweaks and party improvements

1.0.11: New: Surrender

1.0.12: Introducing Krul

1.0.13: New: The Academy

1.1.0: Introducing Joule, Glory, Karma, and background music

1.1.1: New: Assists and balancing

1.1.2: Introducing Taka and premium currency: Ice

1.1.3: Europe joins the Fold

1.1.4: Infrastructure update and worldwide release

1.1.5: Introducing Skaarf

1.1.6: Quality of life and expansion

1.1.7: Introducing Ardan and balancing

1.2: Introducing Celeste; New: Pings

1.3: Introducing Vox

1.4: New: Skins and skin tiers

1.5: Introducing Fortress; New: Bots game mod and account level progression

1.6: Introducing Rona; New: casual/ranked and card packs

1.7: Card crafting, ping muting, and misc QoL changes

1.8: Introducing Skye and seasons

1.9: Introducing Phinn and Autumn seasons, New: Guilds and teams, seasonal map and skins

1.10: Guild Rewards, Celeste Skin, and More.

1.11: Blackfeather Update. Who’s Got Next!

1.12: Kestrel Update. Gift-Wrapped Just For You
HotFix 1.12: Petal’s Perk and Skye’s Suri Strike.

1.13: Reim Update. Winter Chills.
Undisclosed 1.13 Patch Notes by

Pre 1.14 Draft Mode Coming
Pre 1.14 Winter Jungle Changes
Pre 1.14 Ozo abilities reveal
1.14: Lunar New Year Update. Year of the Monkey.

Draft Phases explained.

1.15: Shadows Empower Me.

1.16: Spring Update / Alpha Update

1.17: Battle Royale Update

1.18: Lance Update. Quests Introduced.

Pre 1.19 Summer Party Preview.
Pre 1.19 Summer Preview.
1.19: Lyra Update. Summer Beach Party. Sunlight Rewards.
HotFix 1.19: Lyra, Ambient Gold, Bugs.

1.20: Enter The Bots
HotFix 1.20: Lance Changes Reverted.

Pre 1.21: Samuel Ability Reveal.
1.21: Samuel, a dark mage hero arrives.

1.22: Baron, Opals, and Autumn season arrive.

Pre 1.23: Gwen: Ability Reveal.
Pre 1.23: Turrets Explained.
1.23: Gwen blasts her way into autumn.
HotFix 1.23: Nerfing Kestrel.

Pre 1.24: Flicker Ability Reveal.
Pre 1.24: Record, Stream, and Replay.
1.24: Flicker Notes

Pre 2.0: Introducing Mystery Chest and Season revamp
Pre 2.0: Guild Revamp
Pre 2.0: Four updates on 2.0 and 2017
Pre 2.0: New: Roles - The Captain, Carry, and Jungler
Pre 2.0: Milestones and upcoming updates
Pre 2.0: Introducing Idris
2.0: New: Mystery chest and winter map

Pre 2.1: Brawl mode ‘Blitz’ beta
Pre 2.1: Update preview video
2.1: Play Blitz beta

Pre 2.2: GrumpJaw Reveal
2.2: Introducing Grumpjaw

2.3: New: charms and passes

2.4: Introducing Baptiste and double glory weekends

2.5: Introducing TALENTS

2.6: Introducing Grace and communication improvements

2.7: Introducing Reza and Glory refund

2.8: Autumn season; New items: Spellsword and Healing Flask

2.9: Introducing Churnwalker, SpellFire, Dragon’s Eye, and Crystal Item Rework.

2.10: Introducing Lorelai.

2.11: Introducing Varya and onslaught - Spotlights: Varya, Onslaught

Pre 2.12: Looking ahead to 2.12 and beyond
Pre 2.12: UI revamp
Pre 2.12: Skin System Revamp - Blueprints
2.12: Early 5v5 access

Pre 3.0: (Sovereign’s Rise): Hero & item balance
3.0: 5v5 public release

Pre 3.1: 5v5 balancing - hero and item changes
3.1: Introducing Tony, ranked 5v5 release

Pre 3.2: Hero and item balance changes
3.2: Introducing Malene

Pre 3.3: Hero and Item balance changes
3.3: Introducing Kensei

Pre 3.4: Hero and item balance changes - New items: Capacitor Plate, Pulseweave, Rook’s Decree
3.4: Introducing Kinetic, Summer season starts

Pre 3.5: Hero and item balance changes
3.5: Introducing Anka, Ping packs

Pre 3.6: Hero and item balance changes
3.6: Introducing Silvernail, in-game browser, VG on PC, Charms, and voice chat for parties

Pre 3.7: Hero and item balance changes
3.7: Introducing Yates, hats, auto-buy, and 100 levels of sunlight

Pre 3.8: Hero and Item balance changes
3.8: Introducing Inara, unified game lobbies in Brawl modes

Pre 3.9: Hero and Item balance changes
3.9: Introducing Magnus, New weekend events (ARAM, Rumble, One For All), instant resume, and Hero Mastery


3.10 | Ylva the Northern Wolf
3.10 | Hero & Item Balance Changes

When did u join Vainglory (read patch list if u dont know)
When did u join Vainglory (read patch list if u dont know)
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