When did u join Vainglory (read patch list if u dont know)

Just curious on what patches did most of the Forumers joined.

I joined back on 1.15 and that is when the Night Shadow Taka was released

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I downloaded VG on June 15, 2015 (patch 1.5 - Attack of the Pack!) … actually started seriously playing in September, during patch 1.8 - Skye Arrives!

(My memory isn’t that good, btw – I looked the info up in my App Store purchase history.) :sunglasses:


I saw the game and downloaded but I was a joystick fanatic at that time because I played Heroes of Order and Chaos. So it was either 2014 or 2015 but have no clue what patch it was except that I was able to use Ardan n thats all I remember from that.

Re-downloaded the game and played it with dedication in the patch when Baptiste was released forgot what number but maybe it was 2.3 or 2.4.

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I joined when Vox was added. I use to play HOC but they got greedy and VG came in with better controls and none of that BS. Now they’re becoming more like HOC and the next serious moba that comes out will destroy VG for me.


December 2015 (1.12).
Kestrel had just come out and Reim was in the next update.
The Christmas Fortress and baby Rona pic was the menu background.

It’s funny because I still see all the heroes before Reim as the “original” and everything from Reim and after as new.

Hero list with the update they came out in sorted by date for reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d2Abrv_c6D76FIPH2M0_crvhcclasElRlnO3YM_reIA/edit#gid=0&fvid=298144667


Day 1 :man_shrugging: Not sure how to access the archive of patch notes or if there’s a parent list I can use.

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That’s funny cause I also started playing at that time. I remember cause Fort was early access when I first started, and my friends that initially taught me are actually the ones that recommended that I play Fort as my first hero (He was my first 8k purchase too) which contributed to me being a Fort main. Those were the days…


I’m curious why do you think SEMC is anything like Gameloft? The company started removing devs from HOC until there were 19 of them left. And Gameloft is one of the company’s that runs on stuff like Minion Rush and all those car games. HOC was a great game but its content was mostly locked behind bars because they also had restrictions on how much of the currency you can get per day. I don’t see SEMC being anywhere close to the evil that Gameloft was.


i joined on 1.20, enter the bots, i was so amazed when samuel’s abilities were released!

When reza was released without spotlight lol

Day 1 NA release for iOS so Nov 2014. That should be 1.1.4.

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I started playing July 15 of last year. (Almost my anniversary! Lol)

Funny enough before that I was playing a lot of Clash of Clans, and found VG because I saw an old PowerBang video where he was playing it.

Havent stopped playing since I started. CoC quickly was uninstalled. Lol

I’m only just learning the original Cast of heroes was only 7. How the heck could 3v3 even function properly when the last pick was whatever was left over from the final 2… lol. Honestly want to hear the opinion of a day 1 forumer, congrats on still being active all these years.

i joined patch 2.6 Grace

I joined before the good summer update but there were always quest when I was playing, so 1.18.

Reminds me that Summer Party Krul was supposed to be LE, which was the only reason I got to sunlight 50. Then opals rest(I mean save) my soul.

draft was released when there was about 19 total heroes out

I also started playing when it was released in NA, so 1.1.4. It was November, 2014. I remember the first time I saw Taka use Kaku. I thought he instantly teleported back. I think I mostly played Petal at first.

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I’m curious for other folks who were here since before there were seasons (in game), what is your Season Zero trophy? Mine was Hotness Gold.

Mine was unranked – I was too chicken to play a ranked match, as VG was actually my first online multiplayer game … I just figured I’d embarrass myself. My daughter (who was 9 at the time) finally convinced me to dive in. (She was already playing and wanted me to play with her. Lol.)


Honestly at the time I had no knowledge of MOBAs, and to me Vainglory still appeared very much as a mobile game, so that’s an interesting question you bring up as I don’t think I’ve ever really given it thought.

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