What is Your favorite game mode?

Just for science and curiosity
Pick based on your favorite to less favorite , or if you play one mode choose the only choices .

  • 5v5 - 3v3 - brawl
  • 5v5 - brawl - 3v3
  • 3v3 - 5v5 - brawl
  • 3v3 - brawl - 5v5
  • Brawl- 5v5 - 3v3
  • Brawl - 3v3 - 5v5
  • 5v5 only
  • 3v3 only
  • Brawl only

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My answer would be “none of the above” or “3v3 before 2.12” or “brawls before Talents” … but they’re not options in the poll :rbgwen:


Same, reason why I picked the least bad option: 3v3 only.


I guess for me it is 5v5 to 3v3 to brawl. But I don’t like brawls because of talents and I barely play 3v3 because it takes forever to get into a match.


Not my favorite because it has talents… But I’d say Battle Royale is the only gamemode left that is still somewhat a bit funny.

I used to play 3v3 but then 5v5 came out and well… It is undeniable that balance there has gone to shit; for ranked 3v3 the whole uhh matchmaking and overall elo system is flawed so I don’t even bother with 3v3 rank, casual used to be at least an option but then chaos queue (or should I say lack of players queue) is now a thing.

5v5 casual is the same as 3v3 casual. Yuck, no thanks.
5v5 ranked I can tolerate but only on very rare occassions when I get to go trio q. Solo Q is not worth your time.

Blitz used to be very good, funny and everything but then talents and blitz elo arrived in 2.5 and now it turned into a shitfest of overleveled talents with the same 5 heroes every match. Stale, annoying, and boring.
Recently I made it to 2200 elo there while I was duoing with MilkAndToast and now I regret it. I want to go back to 1600 elo.

Semc’s ability to ruin their own game surprises me every patch.


I am voting 5vs5 only, but if I had the choice, I would revert to the 3vs3 2.8… the last and perfect patch before the HP changes. In it all the heroes was viable and the matches were fun + all kind of team compositions.


3v3 only. Brawl modes suck now thanks to talents and the introduction of an elo ranking system to it; I hate 5v5 because it just isn’t appealing in any capacity whatsoever.

But in all honesty, whole game sucks nowadays.

Roll this shit back to 2.8.


brawl b4 talents… glorious era of blitz…

maybe they should add one lane in halcyon fold to make it 4v4 so it’s easier to balance with 5v5

Old 3v3 or BR without talents.
Nothing beats the rush of running into the enemy jungle to get a cheeky minion mine steal while the enemy team is up by their choke point in the lane.


My answer is 3v3+5v5 which isn’t an option.
My real answer is I only play ranked…

Casual modes should be deleted…

If talents were to be removed brawls would easily be my second choice. I almost exclusively play 5v5 ranked now especially since I am blessed with a consistent party to play with, so I climb relatively well.


Sanhock first person perspective solo

Hahaha , I didn’t put that because it doesn’t make sense
Anyone in the forum reading vg content should be interested in one game mode atleast or quit the game and stick to off topic , I don’t think “none of the above” should be an option , but I respect your opinion .

A lot of people leave the game but still participate in the forums because they enjoy the community.


I thought about adding just 2 game modes as an option , but I think making a game mode in the third place means it’s your least favorite , which could mean you are not interested in it , so you could pick one of the option were brawl mode in 3rd place , casuals are included in the game mode type , it doesn’t matter casual or ranked .

Yeah I know that , but still doesn’t make sense to add the option , because the poll is for the people who interested in the game , for example me , I hate hats idea , and I didn’t try 3.7 update just downloaded it , but I’ll play soon and going to play 3v3 , even if I hate the balance but still I play 3v3 , so I have a favorite game mode .

As @Guest_78 already said above, that’s not at all our feeling here generally. Anyone is welcome to participate in any topic and any discussion on these forums, whether they actively play the game or not.


I feel like I’m being summoned every time I see that emoji :smile:

OT, I guess 5v5 because that’s the only one being actively maintained lol

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Bring back onslaught~!

and bring out any other super fun brawls. Capture the flag?


Back when Blitz was new, before Talents were a thing and way before 5v5 was a twinkle in SEMC’s eye, I thought that SEMC was going to continue to bring us new game modes (and new maps) to keep the game fresh. Among other ideas, I envisioned:

  • capture the flag
  • attack / defend an area of the map (e.g., control maps in Overwatch)
  • cooperative PvE modes (e.g., survive hordes of progressively stronger jungle monsters, etc.)

Unfortunately, nothing like that happened (other than Onslaught, and we’ll not mention that again), and instead we got Talents and 5v5.

AoV has several really fun brawl-type modes: Hook Wars and Deathmatch are creative and fun and nothing like the regular game. Abyssal Clash and Valley Skirmish are closer to VG’s brawls, but they’re more fun because they’re not marred by talents (plus they have their own separate maps).

I really wish SEMC had gone down that route instead of the 5v5 one.