What is Your 5v5 Rank

Over the past few days I’ve read a lot about 5v5 rank issues, such as lag, poor matchmaking, etc. However, I assume most continue to play it in hopes of getting out of the unbearable lower tiers. What rank are you all at? I started at Bronze 4 (was out of it by the time SEMC raised some out of it) and am now at Bronze 6 through mostly solo queue. I still have decent ELO gains but I forgot how long it takes to get out of 5-7.

How are you all doing?

I got screwed. Seeded T4B as part of the “known issue”. I am 9-2 and T5B. Maybe I need to play more matches, but by starting my seeding so low my 30-match accelerated elo will be eaten up just getting to T6G. T7 is going to slow to a crawl.

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Started at t5 gold had some issues with massive ELO loss but retained t5 gold. Now trying to move upwards.

If I lose I lose like 30, but only win 15 or so. Think my bonus for the first 30 is working backwards lmao

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Same for me man it is why I am struggling to get out of t5.

Just won 2 in a row for 30 points total. One bad loss and you lose 40+…

1 win away from promotion.

SEMC just reduced the possible skill tier movement in the early matches.

So climbing out of tiers is going to be even more of a grind.

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The already long grind just got longer. Wonderful.

I hit silver 6. Going for 7 tonight. Wish me luck

Update - Am at gold 8, almost to 9

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̶I̶’̶v̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶r̶a̶n̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶5̶v̶5̶, the draft is too hard to properly do with strangers. I couldn’t find a thumbs up button. I’m currently at 4s but I should be at like 5s. In the ranked I did, we lost due to bad lane rotation of my team. I was playing samuel center lane and cleaning people untill they started to target me. ;-(
Fyi I started off at 4 bronze for some reason.

Edit: Found the chat a while ago. Climbing OK right now.

Update: Reached 6 Silver

Im still T4 Bronze and I just let it decay…no spirit to play for this season. Lol

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I only came back to the game like a week ago. I started out in hottness gold, so I guess your starting tier is based on your elo in 3vs3. Currently I’m in SA bronze, after maybe five ranked matches.

T9 gold cause I can’t earn anymore elo with this matchmaker ._.
The last 4 wins I had gave me 0 elo for 3 of em and 15 for one of em.
My last 3 losses made me lose around 75-90 elo in total.
I’m just going to stay away from 5v5 ranked until they fix the matchmaker.

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Almost im t8

Great, just had a nightmare that I had lost 90 elo for one match .-.

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Started at T4B due to 2.12 bug. 45 games later, I am T7S with a 73% win rate. I’ve had recent losses where I drop 2.5 wins worth of elo. That makes things go pretty slow.

Started at silver 7, currently tier 8 gold, haven’t ranked in weeks mostly cause I don’t want to wait for five minutes to find a game

Guess that AC kestrel ain’t working put ehh??

I was t4b from the known reason and i played one game and won and recieved approximately 70 elo points putting me in t4s just from one game. Normally in 3v3 thats about 2-3 games won. I was a little confused. i even checked the game stats and most of the players were all t4 in that game.

A very steady, consistent, unchanging T6 Bronze. :man_shrugging:

POA Gold, I’ve been playing quite a bit, also started off at Tier 7 Silver.

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Wow seems like you should take a look at yourself. I’m not perfect but jeez man

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