What I would want in a patch notes. (Unbelievable changes and intriguing choices)

Honestly the current meta is stale in my opinion and some heros need to leave the limelight. So I want to attempt to make a mock balance notes of some changes I would want and I WILL BE SHAKING UP THE META with these changes. :spring_happy_2:

Also Im not a fan of the way of how semc loves to smack broken heros with heavy nerfs to the point where they become questionable if they’re viable…

So my nerfs will be small nerfs which over time, if they are still strong, they can get hit again with a small nerf until they reach a desired place. Caine is a exception to this blurb :bapcloud:


  • Gift of Fire (A):
    • Health Ratio increased from 9% to 11%
  • Agent of Wrath (B):
    • (New) Overdrive: Ally cast now has a 10% Damage Amp for the duration.

Ive decided to boost his health ratios because it was lacking compared to the other healers along with other problems and a damage amp will MAJORLY help his roam path. Maybe even pushing S tier :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Prime Directive (A):
    • Damage per Stack ratios down from (CP) 30% to 25% and (WP) 40% to 30%
  • Core Charge (B):
    • Health Cost increased from 2% per stack to 3% per stack.

While Alpha isn’t smashing in high tiers, she is in the lower. And its worse than before. All because of her buff to her Core Overload, her A deals a crazy amount and people are easily spamming her B. Don’t even get me started on lane Alpha :weary:. The B nerf is to prevent the spam of Bs non stop and her A should deal a slightly lower amount of damage due to the buffs she received last patch.


• Blood for Blood (B):

  • Overdrive: Additional damage is is increased from 15% to 25%

I absolutely hate that they killed his carry viable and because his A or Vainguard no longer gives off any self cast vengeance, he can at most only B twice in a 1v1 with mediocre (lets be honest, I mean low) damage. This will atleast give him some of that removed power back.


  • Fearsome Shades (C ):
    • Cooldown from 80/65/50 to 80/70/60

Baptiste is most definitely balanced and seeing alot of high tier plays in comps NA. But he isn’t used for his damage but instead his utility (B+Ult). In a long fight, he can get off two ults and I’m trying to put a light hamper on that since it is a REALLY strong ability.


  • Porcupine Mortar (A):
    • CP Range Cap is raised from 11 meters to 13.
    • Damage CP ratio is 130% to 120%

Yep. It might look crazy but who said because WP Baron is weak that CP Baron had to be weak too. If you want his original damage back, you would have to get more cp and less armor. And his A CP range compared to any other aoe mage was lacking. #BringBackCPBaron


  • Triple Tap (A):
    • Ratios are from (CP) 60% to 90% and (WP) 115% to 75%
  • Last Rites (C ):
    • Execute Threshold is 15/20/25 to 10/15/20
    • Execution no longer is a insta-kill but now deals bonus True Damage equal to the execute threshold. (You can now block it :star_struck:)

Yep. Harsh isn’t it. But theres a reason why Riot doesn’t like to deal with true damage or STRAIGHT UP EXECUTIONS and more so on a RANGED HERO!!!

Now you can ATLEAST block it but since I respect VG devs, I left it where he refresh it and ult again. This keeps his 1v1 power but reduces it heavily in a teamfight


Some sort of nerf.

Her B buff was needed since she wasn’t seeing alot of captain play but her top tank build is a little crazy.


  • Afterburn (A):
    • CP ratio increased from 130% to 150%
  • Twisted Stroke (B):
    • CP ratio increased from 120% to 135%

Just want to see the return of CP Glaive. So a smol buff.


  • Benediction (A):
    • CP ratio on Bonus Damage is up from 100% to 120%
  • Divine Intervention (C ):
    • (New) Now has a Health Ratio.

A little push for some more Grace play whether its CP or Roam.


  • Kensho (B):
    • (New) Holding Kensho for 3 seconds, allows Kensei to keep all the Fortified Health gained for 6 seconds after the stance is broken.

As of right now, when you hold Kensho, all the fortified health gained, is lost when you move or attack. This is a waste of a added code of line since NOT ONE PERSON uses Kensho for this aspect.

I gave it a reason to keep now. As of rn in 5v5, Kensei is weak early game and bad at trades too, so this would allow the player to gain some FH and trade back at the foe. This wouldn’t affect late game in team fights since there is so much CC. I would love to use Guest_78’s aspect of adding a reflex block, but I doubt they would do such a thing sadly.


  • Glimmershot (A):
    • CP ratio increased from 100% to 125%
  • One Shot One Kill (C ):
    • In-game tool tip: Removed 0% armor piercing from text.

Weapon Kestrel is already pretty balanced but her CP was lacking. WP has a 125 basic attack damage conversion so I used 125 for her CP ratio. Might be broken but can get nerfed easily.


Same deal with Catherine. A buff pls. I want to use my CyberKrul skin but I cant when hes a potato :potato: Plus it kinda complicated to find a solution for krul to be good but now broken :expressionless:


  • Carnies Luck (Perk):
    • Additional healing, barrier, and regen from 15-25 to 10-35 (Level 1-12)
  • Acrobounce (B):
    • (New) Overdrive: CC Immunity during bounce.
  • Bangarang (C );
    • While tumbling, all other foes (not the target) hit are knocked back and damaged IS NOW stunned and knocked back.

Perk change is just simply to see how it plays out, if its too strong, it can be reverted. The change to Acrobounce is to give his CP more viability and his ult change was to give a bigger impact in a team fight like a Tony ult would have given.


REMOVED from game


  • Twirling Silver (B):
    • Duration increased from 4/4/4/4/4 to 4/4/4/4/5
    • CP ratio increased from 80% to 90%

I cant believe my eyes but I was watching a stream for high elo EU and I saw CP Ringo being played. I guess the hard smack from his nerfs started to get people exploring his other path for fun. I think Ringo should get the switcharoo and be a CP DPS for a quick moment.

San Feng

REMOVED from game


  • Caustic Blessing (B):
    • (New) Initial damage has 50% WP ratio since CP has 100%
    • CP Ratio on DoT is increased from 20% to 80% since the base dot is 30

A little love for both paths.


-Spitfire (A):
• CP ratio increased from 90% to 110%

A smol boost for a smol dragon.


  • House of Kamuha (Perk):
    • Mortal Strike cannot be affected by critical damage or chance.

Death to triple monocle Taka.


Bring back her ability skill shot path. Im done dealing with three aoe team hitting heros. Magnus and Vox is more than enough for hero that can deal team wide damage.

Bring back the moments where her A dealt 400 damage with a 200% cp ratio and a range of 16 meters :sneezing_face:


  • Fixed bug on his B with his taunt not affecting heros that were hit.
  • Fixed bug with ult.


  • Wolf’s Maw (A):
    • Cooldown increased from 18/17/16/15/12 to 18/17/16/15/13
  • Overwhelm (B):
    • (REMOVED) Bonus Movement speed during duration.
  • Iron Mandate (C ):
    • (New) Health ratio added to barrier.

So lets talk. His A is a core part of his kit, so I decided not hit that hard since… its a core aspect.

His B is a TOTALLY different story. I could you not that his in game tip says " Take advantage of the speed boost from Devastation Flail’s combo attacks to position for Wolf’s Maw and Overwhelm."

It says that but it literally takes no skill to just use his B along with a movement speed boost that it provides to run into the enemy team and team stun them.

I said no more and removed it. :triumph: If you want that boost so bad, you better use your brain/ skill and and get the MS boost from the perk and B into the enemy team.

Ult buff is a little love for that fat nerf that I gave him.


  • Binding Mine (C ):
    • Detention radius is slightly reduced.

Its a nice ult but it shouldn’t take up almost the whole lane for when it detonates. The amount of times, Im running back to base and my team mate runs into the enemy and activates the bomb while im still running back :nauseated_face::face_with_head_bandage:.


Also no hate towards the balance team. Making changes is nothing light or to make joke of.

Just wanted to make something that would be fun for me to make :yum: Since VG is getting a little boring with the meta

Also I forgot to add Vox in but pretty much I would destroy his CP path and tape together something to bring back his WP path.

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Also dont drag me if you dont like something :grimacing:
^ Tier 10 forumers to me

I would love to know why you disagree, agree or have something else you would change on a hero


Maybe one day you can have a actual sensible kit rather than a janky hard to balance kit.

Needless to say, I cared enough for you to be removed so u can get reworked into something better. :kissyface:

Absolute heresy :lanceheresy::lanceheresy::lanceheresy::lanceheresy::lanceheresy::lanceheresy::lanceheresy:

Ye who blasphemes, thou art no better than joule leaps.

But these are some pretty reasonable changes I think (not having played much)
I was just reading some of Laocamvu’s old stuff yesterday for some nostalgia

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I absolutely agree with everything you said except for the Caine execute thing. I know giving a ranged hero the ability to constantly poke the ever living hell out of you and execute you literally at any time doesn’t sound fun. But remove his execute and by the time late game comes he just will be a worse, sniper-like Samuel. Just my opinion though, maybe giving ranged heroes executes IS indeed a bad idea but i think it’s fun anyway :slight_smile:


My turn I guess.


I pretty much agree honestly, specially with the damage buff.


Alpha is actually very good in high tiers, she was even used in the MPL and won consistently.


He would also need the range back to the B. I would honestly like if he was also buffed in the roam path, yes I know he isn’t weak, but doesn’t compare to the others. The A last for way too little time.


This won’t make him viable, at all. The nerf that killed him was doubling the energy cost on A, 40% less crystal power on A and 75% less on C. Even with that range he won’t be worth picking. His A is unreliable, reason why it had such a high ratio so that when it hits its impactful. Currently it isn’t. He doesn’t need the range, he needs the damage. He simply has no damage compared to the other mages.


About Cain, I would make only one change: his C isn’t refreshed by the B, only upon executing a target and cooldown up. What would it change? It can no longer be used as free poke, but a good Cain will still pull off the exciting moments multiple executes bring.


I would nerf the B. The duration from 4s to 3s. That’s reverting part of the buff.
The thing is that they not only reduced to half the duration reduction when receiving damage, but also increased the duration. Right now it’s stupid how much it lasts.


For him to be good he needs the A cooldown reduced.


Grace doesn’t need any kind of buffs… she is already very strong, top tier in top lane…


Just make it so he instantly gains all its FH, that way that ability can be used to block big attacks, increasing the multiple options his kit offers and making the ability what it was designed to be.


CP kestrel was just toxic, would like her to come back honestly.


No, no CC inmunity, thanks. That’s just cheap and lazy. Removing counterplay instead of giving him a “job” to do is not the way to go.
BTW, he is strong, in the right comp and against the right comp. Aparently he has been used a lot in high elo scrims and has dominated.


Wp ringo… he just lacks a lot of things in his kit. I would like a perk rework. Also, it was just 1 player that used him as cp, you don’t see him usually.

San Feng

I actually like him ;_;


Or give him back damage in basic attacks. It’s whats stopping him from being meta. Also, I don’t think having CP Silvernail in the meta is a good thing.


Remove him, send him to hell, burn him, I don’t want to see him ever again.


Her charged A should last for that long.


Are you talking about someone else? Yates?

I agree with most of your changes especially Catherine change from what I have played against the b ability is far too lengthy


Honestly I was trying to look at the patch notes for the patch before he was meta and bring it back what they buffed to make him meta but it seems that SEMC is removing all old patchnote pages and in the process destroying the glorious holy grail called the “Compilation of Patch Notes”.

I cant remember what exactly made him so good but I remember they nerfed the CD now that you brought it up.

I ran into this a while back while researching some Skaarf changes - I think they might have changed their website’s hosting structure sometime in the past, and didn’t port some older pages properly. If you see any in particular let me know, and we’ll get screenshots through internet archive or something.

The records must be preserved!!


Yep, it was supposed to be Yates. @Varya dont worry, i like you.

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No malene nerfs? We decided to stan harder

Malene should be nerfed, yes. Less damage on the A (dark) would be good.

That’s her only source of damage. Her empowerment damage isn’t that much either

But that ability deals way too much damage. Either that or we start nerfing cooldowns, like always.

I rather have cooldown nerfs. She still can work around with her new cooldown as long as her damage is high enough since she is squishy

+30s on the ult, deal with it!

That’s not happening :joy:

That’s just unrealistic.