What I would want in a patch notes. (Unbelievable changes and intriguing choices)

Thats a joke :confused:
Ofc not, that would kill her, but she needs a nerf. Not a big one though, I would give her a slight nerf and buff other mages, otherwise we will end with a potato role. Maybe that way petal can find a role.

I know it is joke. :joy:

Petal… anyways. I rather her dark A gets nerf.
Her source of damage. Thus making team fight a little harder

I honestly forgot her nor I do I not know what to nerf on her.

Probably a slight increase of her Dark B and Light A CD. Dark A is her main damage so I wouldnt touch that.

Maybe even increase Energy Costs (On L/D A) since late game its barely a problem.

You accidentally broke CP Silvernail, and for some reason made Adagio intentionally OP (you should never try and create S tier heroes).

You killed Taka for some reason, which sucks because he has just because viable but balanced and will just make the game less diverse.

You made Yates pointless. I can guarantee he would not be played with these changes, still if the goal was biased hero removal and not balance you did a good job I guess.

The Ylva nerf is baffling as she is perfectly balanced rn, again you seem to be balancing towards personal annoyance and not overall game balance.

Alpha is just now becoming viable, these small tweaks are a huge cut to her DPS. Why are you nerfing balanced heroes that are just spicing up the meta? Guess i will go back to the same old boring junglers since taka and alpha are dead…

Why gut Caine’s ult, that hurts the flavor of the hero so much. Executing people is as core to his identity as stealth is to taka’s. Find another way to nerf him if you wan’t. This just makes Caine bland.

edit: Also, that Ozo change removes so much counterplay. Find another way to buff him.

I think mages have been too strong for a while. I don’t mind the mass tone town of both mages and snipers recently. With the range buffs when 5v5 was released they simply outclassed most melee or midrange mages like Baptiste.

Only with the overall lowered power levels are other kinds of picks creeping in. A while back, it was not uncommon to see two mages per team. Nerf malene, nerf Vox a little, leave most other mages alone (some need small buffs like Varya) and you should be fine. Maybe even see something besides mages in mid.

I also think roams have been too strong, completely outclassing other heroes in the captain role, I think that they should nerf them in general so we may see other heroes in that captain role.

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I did say “Unbelievable Changes and Intriguing Choices”.

Im no where close to being a balance dev so of course some of my changes are questionable and biased. I made this on a whim and for fun.

And i will admit that some of the changes are crazy buffs but as I said I wanted to shake up the meta. And thats what I did.

Also some changes such as the Alpha nerf, I did that because in lower tiers, she’s dominating. Maybe not in high but as the devs stated, they balance for all tiers so I did as well. Triple TM Taka is strong despite being a expensive build in lower tiers . :potoo:

He killed TM Taka. Not normal Taka. TM Taka can die

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Hm? Bap is not super good in mid, but he is really good in other roles like top, sometimes bot, and even jungle. (Tbh Bap is one of the best examples of great balance in this game)

… right. After mages have been reliably toned down for months. Mages/Sniper’s have across the board far lower power level than they did even a couple months ago.

You absolute madlad TM Taka got the nerf!!!

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I will admit that I was kinda salty that you disagreed with half of my changes but I understand why you said what you said. Half of the nerfs were kinda harsh even though I said they would be light touches.

Though Im proud that I got one thing exact as the patch notes. :hugs: Still love you as a fellow forumer :spring_happy_2:

My issue with both your change, and the real patch, is that TM taka was killed without anything replacing it. Taka will just disappear from the meta.

Literally viable for one patch and now he will be erelevent again.

Honestly I doubt anything will change.

Ever since his B rework, his standard SB TB whatever was already a solid build. His Crit build had no weaknesses unlike his other builds and it required a team effort to take him down if he wasn’t already running amok in the backlines.

But I guess we will have to see when the patch drops. :potoo:

One big issue I have is the move speed nerf. That will hurt Taka beyond just the the removal crit potential. His laning potential, jungle rotation speed, fight maneuvering. Maybe he will still work in some respect, but I kind of doubt will see any play in tier 9 silver +.

Maybe I’m wrong though.

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Oomf is now running prediction account. Oomf mind! We stan!

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Didnt @DIMTI make a hero balance magic 8-ball a couple of months back?

Maybe I used that for my list :eyes:

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I did, yeah. Haven’t updated it since San Feng though.

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