What do you think about 5v5? is it successful? does it bring VG back fo life/ give you something fresh?

what should SEMC go after this? Does it bring many players as you expected?

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I find it extremely aggravating, even when winning. Few carries stick to their lane and protect their turret, few understand the importance of clearing minion waves, Captains don’t initiate dragon captures, jungles and roams screw up lane freezes, everyone over extends like crazy, people abandon the lanes that are poorly defended to support a lane with the strong carry.

5v5 is way too objective centric and players are way too PvP centric. The disconnect is way too large and it makes the game mode miserable…


5v5 is actually good, but what make me salty about 5v5 is the Jungler, there always a cancer Jungler that cry if carry take Jungle minion, cry when random player taking buff (they think both 4 buff is just for jungler) and the Jungler is just perma Jungle they really think every hero is CORE hero. And someone who good at 3v3 (PoA - VG guy) that they think they good in 5v5 but actually just rude pinger that perma Jungle even there’s a chance to gank. Or carry who only thinking CS but losing a lot of gold and they think they rich so they never farm just keep dying because joining 2vs5 teamfight or Player who don’t get it what should they do on unbalanced teamfight

Hope there’s tweak on next update like reducing Jungle gold and exp but not on ambient gold so it forced Jungle roaming and not just perma Jungle and blaming other teammates who die

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for me, the hype is big, but still cant bring my old friends back. game is good because I always play with guildie and never play outside team.

skin system and event wise, the new vg is nothing like the old one…

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I’ve begun to enjoy 5v5 it’s refreshing with lots of macro level play. I do wish they’d bring our rank matches, I find causal to be a little dull sometimes but I suspect it’ll be hard to play ranked as I just don’t think they’ve got the numbers to play it consistently.


There is still unclear something in VG, the roles. Many players I believe, they think VG will be just another 5v5 mobas. VG is actually excellent in 3v3. So all players (not all) are messed up in 5v5.
It has been weeks I dont play much 5v5 (of course, i dont care anymore about my tier), im kinda boring with everything in vg since i lost many friends in vg. So many my friends unwilling to come back to vg. This is so sad. Moreover that huge bad pings…
I think i need really something new in VG…

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I share those sentiments with you. VG 3vs3 is fine as the way it is. they just need to polish events, team, guild, ranking rewards… once they got a good grab on those. then they can think about new type of map

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Actually I agree on a few points:

  1. Pings and toxicity use of them. You actually need to block people all the time in soloq. Imagine new player who doesn’t know how to even mute. I had toxicity in 3vs3, but FAR less… because here one can get angry on 4 instead of 2 people and start to flame someone else, flooding you too. I rarely play a game without someone flaming someone.
  2. Clearly the heroes, especially captains are designed for 3vs3. This is bad as some doesn’t really work for 5vs5 and not as power, just as skills.
  3. I think it’s late and AOV will still be in the lead, especially with who is behind it. Joystick is easier for the most players and tbh, even confy sit I have problems to reach the upper centre side of the screen on my S7e. Now I am thinking to change it for S9+… how I will reach the middle with the even longer screen? this handicaps me and as 5vs5 is not horizontal, when I go top lane, I need to tap a lot on that area. :confused:

Most of the players want’s something casual, but with some depth and AOV is there. It’s casual as f, but can have some depth and learning curve + combos. GFX is a lot worse, gameplay won’t suit me for example, but I can clearly see why most of the gamers will prefer it for phone and leave the serious moba in home on the PC. I literally and most of us I am sure, play VG at home where I have a really good PC that will let me play anything I want. This is a problem, I will never fire up VG on the go or in break at work, just the games take too long + needs a lot of concentration to be effective.

Why one would prefer to sit at home playing 30m long games on mobile moba instead to play on the PC lol or dota 2 or w/e, if one has a comp that can run them that most have? Before VG was unique in it’s 3vs3 that was different experience than dota 2 or lol, but now the game enters their teritory + became harder on mobile, everything is from distance, the zoom camera is really bad, changing angle and zooming, really bad, map position forcing you to tap more on unconfy areas while before that was a less freq with the fold map possition that was basically mostly left/right.

Dunno, sharing some bad points, otherwise I enjoy somewhat the 5vs5, tho I think that defence nerf was BAD, captains needs buffs or items that maybe even empowers their skills and a lot of tweaking. It’s too early to judge, but for now I don’t feel the hype or huge new blood in the game. Even the matchmaker shows to me the game has a hard time to find 10 people of similar skill at the peak times like during the weekends evenings. One would say 3vs3 skill doesn’t transfer 100% to 5vs5 and it’s true, but 1VG player can destroy singlehand 3 t5 players just by pure mechanical skills and the MM do that matches all the time. The feel to see t5/t6 players on your team in the loading screen that locked super bad composition, even leaving lane without a player there… and enemy team composed of VG, POA players and 1t4 like it matters when you are vs 3-4 VG/POA.

I just don’t feel like playing unless I atleast have one other person to play with.
SoloQ is extremely aggravating, especially since no jungler wants to gank, so I always jungle (not that iam complaining about that, I enjoy it), but until 4-5 mins, I rarely get past 3 cs.

My gold treant gets taken, my cp and wp buffs (understandable, depends on carries), but even the heal treants are taken. This is before the lane minions even arrive, why do you need it you are practically full health SMH.
If I start from bot lane, the two creeps near cp buff are gone, if I start from CP buff, gold treant is gone.

Even after :grey_exclamation: pinging or blue pinging, people continue taking my treant and stuffs over and over, leaving me with barely 15 cs, no item powerspikes, and then expect me to gank their lane when they want.

And if I try counter jungling, most of the time their jungler is so ahead, I get destroyed.


Laners are exp starved they take those to hit lvl two so the enemy laner doesn’t smash them instantly.

They take your exp you gank and take some cs too. That’s okay

You can suggest an early invade for an early kill and farm steal the enemy with 3-4 people too.


the best solution is this (provided by another forumer, cant remember who atm):
jungler and laner take the buff, the gold and the heal together (two other team mates do the other jungle, roamer looks out for invades).
that way you might not get that much cs, but you get all the extra gold and 4 heroes on your team are level 2 or close to it and you are in the postition to gank either top or bot.


There are lots of ways 5v5 is successful and lots where it needs work. For me at this moment, for this thread, the only part of it’s success (which is absolutely huge in this regard) is that I am playing VG again, for the first time daily in over a year. So on that front, yes. it’s brought it back to life for me, it’s fresh, and it’s a success.


Iam all about giving my buffs to my laners, iam happy with the ambient.
Problem is, that doesn’t happen.
They take it when iam ganking some lane or just literally on my way down there.
It’s honestly quite irritating to see that happening, especially when they do it 5 more times and leave you with nothing.

This could work tbh, never really tried it in solo

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Only lives up to my expectations during a private 5v5. Other than that, I just rip my hair out because of idiots. Those super rare private games are soooooo fun though.

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5v5 is fun, even if the teammates are not, so i just play alot ofsplitpushing heroes like joule and bf since its fun taking objectives when no one else is.

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well if youre in SEA you can add me, I host private match often

I love 5v5 I’ve never played any other moba so I’m new to the whole 5v5 scene and I’m sure a lot of others are too be patient they’ll get the hang of it and once ranked comes out I feel like it’ll get a lot better once you get to a higher tier you’ll be playing with more experienced people who’ll know what they’re doing.

That sums up my issue with 5vs5, on a mechanical level. In my last match, I nearly died because I couldn’t target a scout cam. It’s seriously difficult to play on a 5 inch screen now.
But why would I try to play a mobile MOBA, if I can’t play it on mobile devices? Sitting at a table and putting the tablet down is no more “mobile” than using a Laptop to play LoL or Dota.

It’s a mess.


Cameras dont respond half the time when pressing the button. The hitbox for the icon seems off.

Even on a big tablet I sometimes have to try 3x…


Placing them is an issue, too, but I actually meant a hostile cam. When trying to destroy it, the target went on the ground and I moved towards it, rather than attacking.