What are your hopes for balance changes next patch?


What I want to see in the next patch in terms of balance and adjustments:

A) Heroes

  • Buff: Fortress, Koshka, Reim.

  • Nerf: Anka, Ardan, Idris, Lorelai, Phinn, Yates.

  • Rework: Petal.

B) Items:

  • Buff: Reflex Block (the active effect), Nullwave Gauntlet, Crystal Infusion.

  • Rework: all Contract items.

That’s all I have for now I think.


I think I agree with most of what you’ve listed (though you forgot Magnus). Also they definitely need to reduce the cooldown of all blocks (reflex, crucible and aegis) because right now it’s incredibly easy to get cc chained to oblivion. Also I have no idea why they made it so you can’t use block while stunned, that’s pretty ridiculous. As they keep adding more heroes with more cc, buffs to blocks become all the more vital.


Nerf: lorelai, ardan, yates, magnus, spellfire, weapon infusion

Nerf a little: adagio, anka, flicker, churnwalker, kinetic, silvernail, phinn, skaarf, celeste, hybrid idris

Buff: alpha, kensei, krul, weapon blade, crystal infusion and cooldown cap

Buff a little: Baron, inara, joule, reim, rona, koshka, kestrel, tony

Rework: taka, fortress, petal, ozo, saw, contracts, stormcrown and jungler items


Revert Baron back to what he was last patch and I will be happy


What? Why? His Captain path isnt top tier.

I can see a Ult nerf but nothing else


Yeh nerf his ult damage. His top and roam is good, ult does way too much damage for building no damage items. Hes a second priority pick after all the op heroes are already banned and taken.


Nerf (heavily): lorelai, kinetic.

Nerf: yates, Flicker, phin, Churnwalker, Anka, Hybrid Idris.

Nerf a little: skaarf.

Buff: kensei, baron, fortress, Kestrel, reim.

Rework: Taka, pateto.

Change: Magnus.


@Alhunt Woops, I did forget Magnus. I’d say nerf him.

I agree that Reflex Block and its associated items need a bit of a buff.

The reversion to being unable to be used it while stunned is fine in my opinion because of what they introduced - Celestial Shroud. This is a weak argument though.

Honestly, I think the mistake was introducing too many ‘easy’ stuns across the years. They should have kept that to a minimum and work on probably harder to get off stuns that require more skill and/or commitment such as stack base stuns, delayed stuns etc.

We’ll see how this is addressed in the coming future (hopefully).


@Gatorrex I agree with most of your hopes.


@EdAWACSdenyY A little buff maybe, but not a full reversion. Players hated how oppressive he was before this patch. I agree that they went a little bit too ham on nerfing him though.


@Guest_78 I understand your hopes except ‘change Magnus.’ May I ask what you mean by that?


That ult it’s the only thing he has, outside of it his damage is underwhelming and worse in every aspect compared to the rest of the mages. That ult is broken because it has to compensate for that and maintain him relevant. By the change I mean nerf the ult, but buff the other parts of his kit so he actually does something other than just waiting 60s for his all powerful ult. right now he is like the ild cp joule: only has his ult.


Not from what I’ve seen, the range on his A is massive and its CD is very short. His kit is pretty solid outside his ult, which is flat out broken. You can literally one hit an entire team if you apply your mark correctly, as demonstrated in so many videos. Nerf his ult, perhaps lower his A cd slightly to compensate and he should be balanced imo.


Range does nothing if he doesn’t deal damage. The A CD is actually too high, it has the same cooldown as the mark duration, which forces him to use his B first to extend the mark. That ult is broken for what I’ve said. In fact, at the highest elo (VG silver and gold) people doesn’t actually pick it that much as once you dodge his ult he is near to useless compared to other carries.


Nerf: Magnus.
Buff: Rona
Rework: Fortress
Fire: Sonata and Zekent
Hire: Nivmett


Nerf: Spellfire
Buff: WP Taka
Rework: Petal
Fire: Everyone
Hire: Tencent



Adiagio and Lorelai need nerfs badly. So does skaarf in the defense department. Adagio’s range and dps as wp is brutal. His ult is brokenly powerful. Lorelai just needs a ratio nerf. Nobody else is that pressing to me.


Adagio is balanced though.


Have you seen Magnus gameplay in 5v5? Because I haven’t played or seen 3v3 to know if there’s difference. But he deals a lot of damage not only by ult. His A has same CD as his passive only early game. Later on it gets to 2 seconds. I really like his kit because you need to think if you want that burst from the passive or if you want to keep it for utility/AoE. But yeah he can’t dive and nuke everyone. So maybe it’s different in 3v3. In 5v5 though he’s able to poke/kite backwards and keep using his AoE.


I think magnus just has too strong of an ult right now. Like it’s literally just a snap of a finger and poof people die. It’s sad when you see a good magnus because there’s barely any warning for his destructive capabilities. It’s like if joule just did all her ult dmg in 1 second so yeah magnus needs to be nerfed too. At least just his ult.


Hit A has 6s cooldown, 4 in overdrive, the mark last for 4s. What I mean is that there is no reason to actually use him when you have Celeste or skaarf other than his ult. his AoE damage isn’t specially good.


Actually, if you consider the damage per second, joule’s ult has more damage per second than Magnus. In fact Magnus ult, which takes 1s of channeling, delas the same damage as joule -150 in the same time.


True but Magnus does ridiculous damage with his ult with no dot to even give you a chance, not to mention if you do get a kill the whole enemy team is getting a hurting if they try to teamfight. I mean they could at least give him longer channelling or something because his ult really does feel busted when you get it off.