What are your hopes for balance changes next patch?


You’re forgetting CW + infusion. He can keep using only his A. No need for B. I had some games when I couldn’t even land ult kills for the bounces and even then my damage was some Varya level. I had 107k damage in a game where others weren’t even close to 100. He really does have damage. It’s not instant though.


1s is enough to dodge it unless you are cced. Right now that ult is broken, i agree, that’s why I want them to nerf it and buff the other parts of his kit.

@Bobmax that’s when full build.


That’s when Magnus really becomes a nightmare, late game. I’ve also had games where I find it really hard to land ults for some reason but still do a lot of damage.


Yeah, he’s not exactly early game hero.


@Bobmax @Alhunt I know he is a late game hero, in fact I’m not complaining about the cooldown for that reason, I’m complaining about the damage he does outside of his ult. it’s mediocre at best.


this I gotta agree with. He needs that damage switched over to his A or B somehow. I hope they don’t over nerf him though because his ult still needs to be strong just not as bad as it is now.


Nerf WP Infusion. It only lasts for 150 seconds, but it’s power at level 12 far supersedes that of its CP counterpart when you take into consideration what sorts of heroes (namely S-class ones) abuse WP infusion the most—namely Kinetic, Idris, and Silvernail. 35% bonus attack speed at level 12, 40 WP at level 12, and a T1 shield and armor for a mere 500 gold (which is easy-as-piss to regain off of late game minion waves and funneled jungle farm) is insane and has been for several patches now.

Buff Aftershock to 12% max health damage and increase life steal from 25% to 30% (or least buff this item to a state where it isn’t so potato).

Nerf Spellfire. Seriously. Currently it is the strongest 1st item in the CP item tree due to how it works. A hero like Celeste for example gets 80 CP from it, yet the bonus DoT damage from SF is 98 when she is at level 5. And it deals mortal wounds.

Meanwhile, SG is 3000 gold (SF is 2900) yet only gives out 130 CP, no mortal wounds (which hurts enemy lane sustain since mages are now building BoE instead of a second crystal bit or battery nowadays), and no heavy DoT debuff to enemies hit with skills.

Nerf SC in 3s. If you’ve played against a duel-SC composition in higher elo you’d know why it’s needed.

Buff Taka.

Buff Koshka. Her damage is fine, but give her a small bump in her speed boost and make her perk last longer. Seriously, why is Anka of all heroes faster and more mobile than a hero whose entire core identity is founded upon being the fastest thing in the game?

Nerf Idris, or at least make it so all three of his build paths have good cons and pros if picked. Hybrid should be viable, but it shouldn’t automatically be the go-to Idris build. I’d like to see more CP and WP Idris played in ranked.

Buff RB. Make it so you can block stuff while stunned. Reduce its CD.

Nerf jungle camp tankiness.

Nerf ambient gold in lane.

Fix top. I don’t know how to. Just do it.

Do something with 3s. It’s hideously broken right now.

Nerf Lorelai.

Nerf Skaarf.

Nerf Flicker’s damage.

Nerf Magnus.

As a matter of fact, nerf the damage on all captain heroes. This meta sucks.

EDIT: How could I have possibly forgotten one of the most OP bot picks in 5s right now?



Why everyone hates Magnus so much? i get it, his ult is broken, but you have 1s to dodge it, SH makes wonders. If you just nerf his ult he will be back to the low win rate he had (43%), you cant just nerf it, you have to change it, nerf the ult and buff other parts of the kit, otherwise he may be nerfed this update, but next one will be buffed, and we will have a hero that will be constantly being nerfed/buffed.


Agree with all except Phinn, Reim, and SAW.

Phinn is only OP because Cruc is currently under-powered. Rebuff Crucible back to where it was and people will stop banning Phinn (and then they will draft him into Yates who he hard counters). I will say that Phinn’s A damage needs to be reduced however, but that just goes with nerfing the damage on most of the captain heroes.

Reim is in a weird spot. He is on the very cusp of being viable imo with just a tweak or two to his base stats and maybe his perk. His WR is currently above 52% in both main modes.

SAW might need a rework to his B. Make it so he can cancel it. Also make it so he gains stacks over time while his B is channeling and if he cancels it early, he keeps the stacks he has accumulated.


Just make him a WP assassin instead of a CP one for him to have some counter play.

Just change his perk to where when he hits the threshold for both paths, which ever path (CP or WP) has the most power is the the dominant path he will get.

Eliminate side lane ambient gold share.

Honestly before they even touched her on 3.8 she was fine. Im not surprised that they did something so unnecessary like usual🙂

Kinetic has always been so suppressive when it comes to Early, Mid, and Late game so why not switch it up.

At lvl 1, she starts off with a limit of one stack of her tracer shots and it increases to 2 at lvl 2, 3 at lvl 4, and 4 at lvl 6 (Like what we have now).

Less oppressive at early game and normal at late. Her A will remain the same since its a good poke on WP and Cp

If you nerf her Perk, its going to affect her drastically since its a core part of her kit and I saw someone talking about nerfing her A but that would limit her build design since it force her to buy SSW


That would kill the only viable hybrid hero.

I would make it so it scales with the level of her ult, she starts with 1 stack, gaining stacks per level of ult: 1/2/3, leaving her the same if the ult is maxed. Right now she is op in early, mid and late game, this would change that.

Honestly, I don’t care how, just kill Kinetic, like c’mon, she doesn’t even have AA animation and her ult one is the same as kestrel’s.

My Hero Ideas on how to make Kinetic and Silvernail less oppresive

Kekek thats the point.

I always hated him so :skaarf:


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Lmao I love your attitude in this post. So needed at this point. Also I gotta say I disagree with captain nerfs. This is the only update where off meta captains are so freaking viable it’s beautiful. You’re not stuck just being a capt if you don’t want to be, HOWEVER I do think almost all captains need a ratio OR base damage nerf, wp or cp. They get too powerful too early for a capt. Captains need killing potential but just about every captain only needs one or two key items to play as a carry while some carries need 4 minimum. That’s not okay. And let me say it: churnwalker didn’t need THAT much of a buff jeez.


Stop trying to foce a META. Let MOBA be MOBA and let individual players, parties, and teams determine the “META”. To buff an entire group of heroes (captains) was an interesting move and it has proven a bit annoying.

I think 5v5 should be re-worked in general. I wonder how interesting the game would be if the map was not mirrored. If you played from the right or the left, and it was random. Thoughts on this?

Nerf Lorelai significantly. Nerf Kinetic significantly or at least make it harder to land her skill shot, perhaps A travels slower? Nerf Magnus’s ult significantly, touch up his basic, A, and B.

This ma y be an unpopular opinion, but: nerf Vox’s resonance bounce damage or it’s range.

Rework: Ambient gold in lane, jungle monster health/toughness


If you nerf it’s range he becomes useless as he was before update 3.0


For those wondering:

Joule’s ult at the third level deals 1200 damage over 1.5 seconds.
Since it deals 150 points of damage multiple times when used against a naked Vain Crystal, it deals its damage in 8 ticks over that period of 1.5 seconds.

In comparison, Magnus’s ult at the third level deals 700 damage in one hit and 1050 damage in one hit when the target has Arcane Mark on it.

If a target has 100 shields and assuming that all of Joule’s damage ticks lands…

{Damage formula -> Damage deal = (damage an ability or basic attack will deal) divided by [1 + (armour or shield of target over 100)]}

Joule will deal 75 damage to a 100 shield target 8 times if all her ticks lands, totaling up to 600 damage at the end.

Magnus will deal 350 damage on a non-Arcane marked target with 100 shields and 525 damage on an Arcane marked target.

Although Joule overall deals more damage with her ult compared to Magnus (and her ult has a much higher CP ratio too)…

…Magnus’s advantage with his ult is that it will never have a disparity in its damage when it lands, unlike Joule who could potential loose several of the damage ticks from her ult if the opponent is quick to dodge.

Plus, Magnus’s ult lands quicker and has a much greater range. Even then, Magnus can make up for the lesser damage his ult has over Joule with his finger snap and relatively quick projectiles from his A and B.


@RSerperior How can Rona be buffed further? I think she’s fine now, just that the meta doesn’t really favor her right now.


@RiseChu I know you were joking, but what if another company takes over SEMC? What do you think will happen to VG then?


@TheInterpreter I agree that Lorelai needs a nerf, but why Adagio and Skaarf though?

A weapon Adagio, while a meme and ok, is barely a threat compared to some other heroes.

Not sure why Skaarf needs a defense nerf. His base defenses are already the lower range that mages have.


@NerfElfPls Nice points I say.

Especially the point about Infusions.

I’m not sure how it could be fixed, but I feel it is time that they break up the Infusions into more Infusions but give players the option to hold on onto more than one Infusion at a time (I say two Infusions would be fine).

Something like a set of Infusions that looks like this.

  • An energy regen infusion.
  • An armor infusion.
  • A shield boost infusion.
  • An attack speed infusion.
  • A flat weapon boost infusion.
  • A flat crystal boost infusion.

Maybe they can also introduce movement speed infusion too. No health regen infusion unless it is very short cause that will bust some heroes.

Spellfire I think should be nerfed. I believe it is what made Skaarf a high pick this patch. Nerf this item and Skaarf should be ok if they just tame down his damage just a little bit.

As for Stormcrown, I think a nerf isn’t enough. The true damage item sets have always been an issue ever since they messed with it and unintentionally created the bum rush Warhorn tactic that occurred two years ago I think. It’s time I think for them to seriously consider making Jungle items and removing the true damage items.

As for your other points, I think they are valid and does not really need much clarification.


@Guest_78 I fear for Magnus’s balance. He was buffed because people complained. Now his broken because of that and now people are complaining he is too strong.

This could cause a vicious cycle until the devs get tired and just double down on nerfing and putting aside for later (or forever as with some of our heroes - poor Petal and Taka).



In response to your response to Gatorrex, I think Phinn only needs a nerf to his Heroic Perk and the damage on his B.

The perk never got adjusted when defense items got buffed and the damage on the B is what makes Phinn so obnoxious to fight early on. His A is fine cause it’s generally easy to dodge it and it doesn’t stun until he maxes it out.

SAW I think should just get his movement speed slowing based on his stacks either reworked or removed. To me, SAW died a long time ago after they introduced mages (starting with Skaarf). He just stayed relevant pass that stage cause he’s a good early game bully and players are terrible at dealing with him at the lower tiers. He needs a slight overhaul compared to Petal I say.


@Guest_78 @RiseChu Kinetic, in my opinion, was a hero they should have released much much earlier into the game’s life. Probably in place of SAW. Her simplistic design is just a pain to balance. Any simple and straightforward hero historically have their viability dictated by their numbers.

Design wise, I feel Kinetic’s design is ok but just too plain for my taste.

As for Idris… I’m ok with his overall design, but he has too much going for him in the current state of the game and his decent to generous numbers. Personally, I hate him because his Rare Talent was busted for so long and was a pain in the ass to deal with in Blitz for over a year. It’s still a pain but less so nowadays. I just want that Talent reworked or get a good bug fix already.


@Veritas Forcing a meta, in my opinion, will lead VG down the path Overwatch took. The kept forcing certain things by changing certain heroes significantly such as Mercy.

I have long thought of how 5v5 map could be interesting, but I feel the ideas I have simply calls for a new map to be build from the ground up.

5v5 map to me is beautiful but the overall design mechanics wise is a bit stale cause it mimics the classic map design MOBAs always seem to follow. I no one even bothering to try a new style of 3 lanes 5v5 maps nowadays? :v:


@Veritas @Guest_78

Personally, I think Vox’s crystal damage on his basic attack and resonance should be toned down slightly.

He has too high of a pick and win rate right now after all.

I think the best way to tone him down is to make him kite more and somehow force him to pick up Eve of Harvest more often so he has to rely on it as he ramps up with Dragon’s Eye.

Other than that, they could just take away his crystal basic attack component and kick him back to being a weapon sniper with bounces, but that will be too cruel to players and Vox himself, heh.


If the opponent is quick enough to dodge most of joule’s ult they are quick enough to dodge all Magnus ult, negating 100% of damage.

It doesn’t land quicker though, it takes a full second to hit.

The problem with Rona is that she depends mostly on her ult for survavility, making her very vulnerable to CC, and now with the roams being op we are in a heavy cc meta.

Me too, that’s the problem. The buff was made IMO too early, they just needed to fix the A bug (and still need). The last thing I would have buffed was the ult, it’s like an AoE ranged team execute. I would have buffed maybe his A and passive.
In fact, that’s what happened with kensei, he is being changed in every update, either buffing or nerfing him. As soon as they nerf him they buff him, and as soon as they buff him they nerf him.

In early heroes doesn’t have the mobility to dodge it. That damage is destroying heroes like they were minions. Agree about the passive, it makes him way too tanky.

Funny thing is that they’ve been nerfing his kiting time and time again.

Honestly, I would like that, I prefer WP Vox, problem is, that he is weak as WP, so killing CP Vox would just kill the hero.


There are some pros and cons to having a company like Tencent being left in charge of the game but overall the current dev team we have now today is much better than the alternative.

Saw HAD a nice place in the VG roster (back around 2014) until after the increase of playable heros. Saws problem now is that there is so much heros and items that restrict his WP build in my opinion.


Now this is a post. For my part I just find wp adiago so annoying when the player is good. Early game is a PAIN against him. As for skaarf, late game he can be a bit too ruthless to entire teams with little effort other than popping your ult from some random place and zooming in with boots. I would like his damage on his ult to fall off if bodyblocked like his fireball pass through at least because late game he feels like a one trick: just shoot your balls until they’re weak enough and your de stacks are high enough, find a safe spot to pop the ult, and run in full speed and everyone dies lol.