Volume 7 Discussion


Chapter 1 - The Greatest Kingdom

Air date: 2019-11-02T15:00:00Z

Major spoiler

Volume 7 New Character Concept Art

Major Spoiler

Lyrics for the opening for Volume 7, as provided directly by Jeff Williams:

He hasn’t given the song a title yet, but he asked fans whether they preferred “Trust Love,” “Open Up Our Eyes,” or something else. (“Trust Love” is well ahead in the Twitter poll.)

REMINDER: If you haven’t seen the first episode, DO NOT WATCH THE OPENING, as it contains a major spoiler!

I will be completely honest, I actually cried.

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It sounds like Arryn is going to do another stream on Unlocked so everyone can watch Ch 1 with her on Saturday night (tentatively @ 9pm CST) – she’s planning on watching Ch 2 immediately afterwards with FIRST members. More details when she announces them!

Here’s the link to add her to your Unlocked app: https://unlock.app.link/ArrynZech

How is she going to restrict ep 2 to first members only? Unlocked has a way for her to do that?

No, unfortunately. She said she’s just going to tell people without FIRST that she’s moving on to the second episode so they can sign out. She doesn’t actually show the video, but you can hear it when she’s playing it.

Ah then I guess that is a decent middle ground then? Listening to an audio only version of the episode does sound ineffectual if someone w/o first is trying to watch early, and since it is later in the night then first members probably would have watched. (If they’re not busy at least.)

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Chapter 2 - A New Approach

Air date: 2019-11-09T16:00:00Z


Lots to speculate about!!! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Mantle architecture from Chapter 1 by Weston T. Jones

Mantle lookdev/concept art by Weston T. Jones

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V7C2 Spoilers This episode was oddly wholesome and that brings me nothing but worry. Loved all the hugging, but I really think Ironwood might have bugged Qrow in secret.

V7E2 Spoilers

Yeah, Ruby doesn’t completely trust him – she held back the ENTIRE truth about Salem and lied to him about the wishes remaining from the Relic of Knowledge. That makes me worry quite a lot, because Ruby’s instincts are usually spot-on.

He has clearly wandered quite far off the path that Oz intended.

More thoughts (and spoilers)

Loved the soft looks between B & Y, loved the Weiss/Winter interaction, and Ruby’s beautiful little smile at Blake’s whispered “We’ll follow your lead” melted me.

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RE: V7E2 Spoilers

Yeah, once I realized what she was up to I immediately started to worry. That information will be revealed somehow or another, either from the possible mole ironwood could have planted or Weiss revealing things to Winter. (Don’t think that is highly probable though.) James did not seem paranoid at all which means he probably still is.

RE: More thoughts (and spoilers)

Those soft looks were too sweet, add that to the fact that Winter just gave in to that hug and I was almost unable to handle the sweetness. I really hope Ruby can keep her team’s trust, she hasn’t let them down yet and I’m not ready to see a team breakdown like that…

Also that little moment with the spinning Ruby and Weiss was everything!

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Finally got to watch the first new episode, qrows voice actor is different right, it isn’t the same guy that was doing it before? Cuz man his voice is still great and very much the same almost


Yep, Vic Mignogna has been replaced as the voice of Qrow by Jason Liebrecht:

The fan reaction has been almost uniformly positive, as far as I can tell!

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Oh cool this voice actor does the voice of mordecai from the borderlands series, great character. He sounds great as qrow, great pick

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@hazeleyes I think I can probably guess what your favourite moment of this episode was. ^^

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Chapter 3 - Ace Operatives

Air date: 2019-11-16T16:00:00Z