Voice chat and text chat are confirmed upcoming feature

I personally think voice chat is going to be unused or kind of useless because i play in the sea server and there is a huge language barrier and mostly noone is going to type during gameplay specifically in a “mobile” device. Because its inconvenient. I think that the use of prewritten messages is better and if these messages could be delivered by the announcer through voice just like in arena of valor it could be a way better experience. Also there are alot of improvements needed in the prewritten communication system in vainglory. This is the only thing that i like about arena of valor . What do you guys think?

For better understanding of what im saying you can check this video. A similar form of communication system would be nice imo. Thank you

Voice chat only gonna be used in NA where there are only a few languages to compete with each other, all the other regions are goosed.


If draft chat is any indication, voice chat in EU will be a disaster.


Same issue in the EU… even if language wasn’t a barrier I’m really not interested in hearing a bunch of kids screeching at each other and would want to block it’s use. One only has to look at global chat in other mobile games to see how pathetic / toxic the whole experience is.

Honestly I think it’ll ruin my in game experience… it’s a feature I’d turn off immediately.

However, I know this would be difficult but I’d like the functionality to create short cut messages, pre prepared… things like:

1 - Stop over extending saw
2 - Great draft guys, Taka first pick was smart
3 - Didnt fancy roamin huh?
4 - nice build bro, double TT and a TB Krul huh?
5 - Adagio roam, emmm this is going to be fun.

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finally now i can verbally question my teammates’ actions

Voice chat in SEA…



i’ll finally be able to get trashtalked in 4 different languages


Can’t be trashtalked if you don’t know what they’re talking about.


Voicechat in NA call of duty all over

Can i assume this is a toxic mess?


What’s wrong with adagio roam? :thinking:


That list of upcoming features Kristian posted earlier this year seems to me more like wishful thinking than a list of improvements that they’ll actually be able to deliver in 2018.

I mean, this is the team that hasn’t been bothered to fix the in-game chat, the top guilds list, the guild info screen, etc. for more than 2 years …

Also, VG’s networking code is so robust … no connection issues at all … so let’s add VOICE CHAT! What could go wrong?



Tbh I experience almost no connection issues, but all of the horror stories of SEA makes me feel bad form the players in those regions .-.


Nothing, just wouldn’t recommend him into fortres and Koshka or any heavy dive comps as he a - isn’t tanky and b - can’t peel… but like choosing saw after the enemy jus drafted Skarf!

A 12 year old playing a game rated m toxic mess

I will just voice mute everyone from draft load.

I worry about the amount of data being transfered. But maybe it will be fine. Fates Forever had ingame chat four years ago so maybe SEMC has caught up.


Nothing can be perfect. There are some shortcomings in vainglory but it is the best moba on touch and thats an undeniable fact. Good things do take alot of time !..even without all those “improvements” its still number 1. They had to do the 5v5 project first which is understandable and they had to do it with extreme quality.These people work thier asses off to bring us the best moba experience unlike tencent who just copied some heroes from dc to gain attention. So i would suggest you to calm down and be patient as they slowly improve the game.

The problem i see is things feel so ehh good enough in this game with little improvements to existing feature before implementing advanced features. 5v5 was released way before their network was ready. Hell i have been getting lag spikes in 3v3 now inatead of improving they made things worse

Your post reads like one of SEMC’s many “statements” on Reddit. A few quick points that hurt your argument:

Very incorrect. Vainglory may be #3 currently, possibly even lower. It’s certainly far smaller and less profitable than either Arena of Valor/Honor of Kings or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Building 5v5 without fixing the issues with the basic game client (some of which I mentioned above) was not a particularly good move, in my opinion. I submit that “extreme quality” and Vainglory don’t currently belong in the same sentence.

Not sure of the point you’re trying to make here. They’ve licensed some DC heroes to increase interest in their game. I’ve no doubt that if SEMC could afford to do so, they’d do the same thing. What’s wrong with that?

Do you even know my background with Vainglory? :rofl:


Whyyy. Just kill me now.