VGforums Week #13 Apr 7 - 13

Sunday, April 7th 2019
Sunday, Fun-Day. Brawl modes only!

Win a ARAM, Rumble, and Blitz match with the same hero. All must be PvP matches. One of these victories must result in you having zero deaths.

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How ARAM? It’s random, you can’t control which hero you want to use

You just have to get lucky … or play a bunch of ARAM matches :wink:

Play 1 ARAM, then a rumble and blizt with that hero.


Ding-ding! We have a winner. I have half a mind to give you a point for that post alone, good sir.

Monday, April 8th 2019

A weekend do-over. Complete either Saturday or Sunday’s challenge from the weekend. Sunday’s challenge was the first post in this thread. Saturday’s was the last from week 12’s. 150% points if you complete both.

Dangit, I started Sunday’s and won my first ARAM with Lance … then I forgot to go back and do the rest of it. :roll_eyes:

Apologies for not making a COD yesterday. I am currently in the process of potentially reworking our COD system in the hopes for more participation.

Wednesday, April 10th 2019
Win a PvP game (any mode) with 0 deaths playing the carry/lane role.
EDIT: Bonus point for ranked match play.

Deleted because I didn’t read it has to be playing as carry :laughing:

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Now it’s done, in Rumble with, obviously, Kensei.

Edit: I am Loco3


Done with Magnus in rumble.


Are you two buddies or something? @Guest_78 @VaKTaBi - so much :heart:

Brothers :slight_smile:
303030303030 again, 30 words

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You mean characters, I think. :wink:


Wait, for real!? That’s awesome. My brother and I played games all the time together. He was always Aequitas, and I was Veritas. Heh. He’s always been a strategy or FPS player. He played DotA with me way back, and tried this game. Never took to MOBAs, so Veritas goes it alone now. :cry:


We’ve been playing together ever since the release of Ardan, so we’ve built a very strong synergy, reason why in most screenshots you will see both of us.


Yup, we play always together hehehee

Thursday, April 11th 2019

Win two games as Alpha with your average KDA between the two games being 3.0. Blitz matches do not count. One game must utilize a CP build path and the other WP path.

Bonus point for doing so in a ranked 3v3 match.

3v3 ranked has queues over 8 minutes, so it’s nearly impossible to play, and in case you find a match, alpha gets counter really easy, and how strong is Skye right now I don’t see viable using Alpha there, at least not in VG I guess :frowning:

Well, 3v3 ranked is for bonus. Not required. Also, I find her to be a great counter to someone like Ylva who seems to be popular in 3v3. I think there’s still a place for Alpha,: granted it’s a small niche.