VGforums Week #13 Apr 7 - 13


Yeah, as a counter could work, but she can’t counter many heroes, and she needs to abuse her early, otherwise you fall hard in lategame, which is not always easy. Against Ylva could work, but depend on the roam and laner. Most laners have an easy time fighting Alpha, and her tank potential is not good, whereas Ylva is. However I don’t see as much Ylvas as you do (mainly because I don’t usually play 3v3 thanks to the long queues)


Friday, April 12th 2019

Win three blitz matches with the same hero using all 3 talents; one for each victory. Your average KDA must be 3 or greater.


I tried the Alpha challenge, but couldn’t win one, with either build. This one worked out a bit better for me. :kraken_happy_t1:


I don’t have Kensei legendary talent rip :confused:


Alright, sir. Can’t let you get this April’s Champion title. What good is my title as overlord then!?


Saturday, Saturday April 13th 2019

No official statement has been released, but the rumor mill tells us that Rumble will be replaced by ARAL as a permanent mode. Let’s show how popular Rumble is!

Win two Rumble matches. Your average KDA must be 4 or higher. A bonus point for partying up with a fellow forumer!

EDIT: you have until 5:00am US CDT on Sunday, April 14th to complete this challenge.


The second one I’m the baron, it’s just that I forgot to take a screenshot so @VaKTaBi sent me it. Both with him.


Both with @Guest_78 :slight_smile:

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Had a feeling you two would be all over this. @Guest_78 @VaKTaBi


And, obviously, with Kensei XD


Did it on my first two matches. Honestly gonna miss the permanent availability of the mode a little because it’s warmed up to me more than ARAL post-talents.