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VGforums COD Week #4 Feb. 3 - 9 2019


Did it. All ranked, too!

EDIT: I finally posted pictures the right way. Big day for this old man.


I feel like some (but not most to keep variety ofc) of the upcoming challenges should revolve around 3v3 cas and ARAL, seeing as they’ll be going away soon.


Good morning and happy weekend!

Here is today’s challenge:

Saturday, February 9th 2019

Win 4 games with an average KDA of 4.0 in celebration of concluding our 4th week. There are requirements for these 4 games:

  • one win must be in ARAM
  • one win must be in ARAL
  • one win must be in 3v3
  • one win must be in 5v5

I perhaps could say Blitz does not count, but I wanted to make it clear that you need to do one of each game mode. While not specific to casual 3v3, as @DIMTI suggested, there will be no bonus points for completing them as ranked matches - so go for it and have fun playing 3v3 casual!

Good luck to all.



Feel like through CASUAL I am getting the hang of Samuel! Was a fun ARAM!


Completed half of today’s while playing with @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0