VGforums COD Week #4 Feb. 3 - 9 2019

A reminder that our new point system takes effect this week. Refer to the COD information topic for more details.

Here is today’s challenge:
Sunday, February 3rd 2019

Keeping it simple yet still challenging in the hopes for our best participation yet! Please feel free to message me or or request to submit your own COD if you have fun ideas!

Win THREE ARAL matches in-a-row! PvP matches only, obviously.


First time completing this challenge. Sorry it is in Mandarin, but I assure you I won them lol.


Well done and thank you for participating!! I won’t likely complete this today. 2-8 in my last 10 games (all casual blitz/ARAL). Oof. Off to work and then watching the Superbowl. Go Patriots!!! I’ll try and sneak in a game or two, but it’ll be tough to get 3 in a row with limited time. Good luck to all others!

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Please don’t make more challenges like ‘win x matches in-a-row’. It’s annoying… :sad:

And there are some challenge ideas from me:

Win tree matches with tree different build types of same hero.
Win a game with 7+ KDA while using Petal.
Win 5 Blitz matches without using talent.
Win 3 Aral matches without using talent.
Win a game with 20+ kills.
Win a game without dying. (Blitz doesn’t count)
Win a game with 30+ assists.
Win a game for all game modes (expect Aral) with your most used hero.


You mean - it’s challenging? :sunglasses:

Thank you for those ideas! I like a few of them and will definitely use some!



I honestly got a little lucky in regards to team comps and the heroes I actually had good/leveled talents for


Yea, it’s challening but it’s all luck based challenge. Trying to win with random teammates (because there is no matchmaker expect for ranked) and random heroes. I mean it’s really annoying trying to win with 2 newbie and 3 melee heroes against 3 ranged heroes.

This is patently false. Please stop spreading misinformation.

Really is there a matchmaker for aral? I matched with T2 players.

Good morning. Here is today’s challenge!

Monday, February 4th 2019

Win a ranked 3v3 or 5v5 game with a combined score of at least 13 for kills and assists and a score of 3 or less in deaths.

One of our easier challenges, but those who know, know. I couldn’t resist those numbers…


Eh… Is VGPRO sometimes slow to start? I didn’t take a screenshot because it doesn’t prove if it’s ranked or not. Won a 3v3 about 30 minutes ago and went 6/2/7. Did 3 or less deaths and exactly 13 kill/assist combined. Woo! I’ll keep checking to see when it updates. I’ve done a Blitz, 3v3, and 5v5 today… None are showing on my profile yet. GO PATS!!!

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The api is down at the moment. Not sure why and SEMC has yet to say anything about it.


:point_up:It’s down all right.

They rarely comment on the API status – we used to have to beg them to send a tweet so people wouldn’t think our tools/sites/bots were broken. :roll_eyes:

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Completed today’s in a ranked 5v5 and happened to snipe @TheInterpreter. I’m including a SS of the post-match screen to show it was ranked, as the api is currently down as mentioned before.

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Darn you for thinking of snapping a picture of both

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You actually happened to snipe me as well, while on my alt earlier today - first forumer that I’ve had the benefit of playing with.

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Huh, I never really expected to snipe another forummer today, especially not in a ranked match, but certainly not two though

So you can imagine my surprise :joy: By the way, you play a great Yeets

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Wait that was in a ranked match too? Huh. Also thanks, Yates is honestly my favorite roam rn. It may help that he’s one of the best ones atm, but uh