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VGforums COD Week #4 Feb. 3 - 9 2019


I did it three times this morning. VGPRO is up and running again. I want to take myself out of this. @hazeleyes and @Moose - what do you think? 1st place points to @DIMTI or myself? I’m leaning towards him as he provided proof before I did.


In the future, we can make a rule that says whoever posts proof first will get it, despite how quickly they may have accomplished it. Personally, I would add an exception for today - given that the API was down - and give it to @Veritas


As an update, what I ended up deciding to do for this specific case was to award a 1st place tie to both @DIMTI and myself. This means that we were rewarded both 1st and 2nd place points (7 combined), split evenly at 3.5 each. Moving forward, the standings for a s specifc day’s challenge is based on the order of proof provided. I’ll add this to the information page.


Good morning. Here is today’s challenge:

Tuesday, February 5th 2019:
This community member inspired challenge comes from @SeRAPHiM1:
Win a game with 0 deaths. Blitz does not count. Completing this in a ranked 3v3, 5v5 or an ARAL match will grant you bonus points.

Good luck to all!


You should really give bonus points for doing it in ARAL, because you can’t shop if you don’t die! Lol


True. We’ve just done that challenge already. I can edit that if you’d like? No one has completed it yet…


I’d be surprised if anyone could do it in ARAL – even when my team is steamrolling the enemy, it’s pretty much a necessity to die at least once in order to be able to close out the match.


I completed that challenge a few weeks back, remember? :sunglasses::patriots:
I’ve allowed ARAL to qualify for bonus points.


That was easy, first try :sunglasses:


Good morning and happy hump day! Here is today’s challenge:

Wednesday, February 6th 2019
Play an ARAL match (you don’t have to win it). Use the hero you were given for your first ARAL match of the day (or after reading this post) and win both a blitz match and a 3v3/5v5 match with that hero.

Good luck to all!


Oh how I love Lyra’s versatility

Sorry for the two screenshots - VGPro shows my casual match if I go to casual but not in All Modes ?


Completed today’s in back-to-back matches. I’m putting a vgpro SS today just so it can be verified that I got Glaive on the first ARAL match of the day.


Well - I’m officially giving up on this challenge haha. Got Alpha. I’m just awful with her. Talents are too low and I’m 2300+ elo in Blitz. Got stomped twice. The (bad) luck of the draw for me today. Good luck to all others! I’ll try again tomorrow!


I got Petal the first match but someone dodged. Lucky me - I haven’t played her since I tried to one-trick her almost a year ago. :joy: That would have been rough


Done! :thumbs3:


Congrats to our top 3 finishers today! Remember folks, with the new scoring rules, you can still get the challenge done and receive one point!


Good afternoon and apologies for the late submission for today’s challenge. As this has been submitted at 12:00pm CDT, the challenge is extended until 4:00am CDT.

Thursday, February 7th 2019
Another challenge based off a suggestion from @SeRAPHiM1:
Win three games with your most used hero (blitz, 3v3, and 5v5. ARAL for bonus… More on that later).

Each game must utilize a different build. Support/utility would require two items of that build (such as fountain, crucible, capacitor plate, and rook’s decree. Sorry, treads won’t count). WP and CP also require two items to qualify as that build.

Other items to note:
-A blitz match may only be used for ONE of the three victories. You can then do two 3v3, or two 5v5, or one of each.
-If utilizing a different build, let’s say for Skaarf as an example, has any chance of being seen as toxic/trolling by your team, please do so in a casual match and avoid a ranked match.
-Because this may put some heroes at a disadvantage for completing this task in a ranked match, no bonus points will be given for doing this ranked 3v3 or 5v5.
-ONE bonus point will be given if you achieve a 4th victory and the 4th is in an ARAL match (you either got lucky, or you spent ice, or you spent a LOT of time playing until you got that draw lol).
-display your VG profile showing the most used hero. Screen shots of scoreboards should suffice for the victories.

Good luck to all!




Did this one on my alt - my main’s most used hero is Lyra and I would’ve essentially completed the same challenge two days in a row - to make it more interesting. There’s a six hour gap because my internet dropped and I couldn’t go 30 seconds without reloading the app.

And for those interested - I made my alt with the intention of learning how to play Vox :joy: I rarely use the account for much else but Vox one-tricking


Good morning. Here is today’s challenge:

Friday, February 8th 2019
Win three games (blitz does not count) playing all three roles. Win as a jungler, carry, and captain. 50% bonus points for doing them all ranked. Good luck to all and happy Friday!