VGforums COD Week #14 Apr 14-20 2019

Thank you all for helping us get to week FOURTEEN!!

Here’s our first COD for the week:

Sunday, April 14th 2019
Win a ranked match playing the role of jungler and have a 60/65% kill participation or greater (60 for 5v5 and 65 for 3v3… 3v3 naturally lends itself to higher kill participation due to a single lane).

Too often, especially in 5v5, junglers get caught up in “farming” their jungle. This is mostly unhelpful to your team. You must provide pressure to the enemy laners early and often throughout your jungle spawn time rotations to be the most effective. I hope this challenge helps you become a more involved jungler!

Ranked, not Rumble rip hahaaa, would try it in ranked XD

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Helpful Hazel Shows How to Calculate Kill Participation:

\mathsf{Kill\ Participation} = \frac{\mathsf {your\ kills} + \mathsf {your\ assists}}{\mathsf {team}\ \mathsf {kills}}

Now it is right, 3v3 ranked as Kensei jungle with @Guest_78

Participation: ~80%


Done! With @VaKTaBi.
Kill participation: 91.66%


Both matches in 14 minutes, with a 9k gold lead and killing proportion of 1/6 O.o (astonished face)

They took Kensei from you, @VaKTaBi. :open_mouth:

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And they got destroyed for that :sunglasses:

I may spam Kensei, but I know how to play more heroes :wink:

And we took revenge. It was a good attempt, but they failed nonetheless. Not protecting the Celeste wasn’t a good idea from lorelai.

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Alas, I went (what I believe to be the harder route) 5v5 and had a solid game as Ylva. 8/3/13. 21/34. We lost. Ringo decided to leave a team fight for an unnecessary split to top. Took a tower. Great. We lost team fight, they pushed and won (split may have been kind of okay if not for the fact we had no mid towers left…).

When in doubt, people, read @idmonfish article and stick together!

Monday, April 15th 2019

Win a rumble match with 0 deaths.

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I did one with Cp Ringo… but I didn’t do the screenshot :sad:

It’s impossible to play a rumble match, I don’t know what’s happening:

This is just an example, but queues never end, at least in EU

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Win two PvP games as the hero Lance. One utilizing a WP build (yes, I know, not as strong as it was before) and one utilizing a captain/support build. Blitz matches do not count. A bonus point for doing so in ranked matches.

WP was super easy. Captain was very hard. Doesn’t seem as oppressive or game changing as it once was. Was tougher to carry my random rumble teams.

Win a game as Anka playing the role of carry/lane with less than 5 deaths. A bonus point for doing so in a ranked match.

Deadline extension: Thursday, April 18th 3:00am US CDT

It doesn’t count, but rip AFK losers. I carried so hard. Just wasn’t enough.

Thursday, April 18th 2019

Win a ranked 3v3 game with with 4 or fewer deaths and in 20 minutes 59 seconds or less (4, 20, get it?).

Keep 3v3 relevant. Go!

Deadline extension: Friday, April 19th 3:00am US CDT

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Okay. I had a short week, as a friend is in town and we’re showing her around. The short week made me think yesterday was Saturday (4/20) which is why my challenge had some of those numbers. I edited it to be the right date… But yeah, my internal clock is all messed up … as it should be on a mini vacation though :sunglasses:

Friday, April 19th 2019
With the return of ARAL, let’s get it cycled back into the CODs. Win an ARAL without selecting a talent.

Deadline extension: Saturday, April 20th 4:00am US CDT

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Not too hard when your allies carry you lol

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