VG Inktober 2019

Hello forums! Welcome to Inktober, VG-edition!! :kraken_happy_t2:

For those who don’t know, Inktober is a fun art challenge where you draw things each day in October based on the prompts. The goal is to use the daily drawings to get a bit more confident and comfortable with an art medium you might not be used to. We’ve taken the official Inktober™ prompts and given them a Vainglory spin (e.g., instead of ORNAMENT we have VAIN CRYSTAL)!

We’d love to see your drawings! You can post them here, or on twitter (link to twitter announcement). Please use the hashtag #VGINKTOBER so we can find them!

And don’t feel pressured to do them all! The more, the better, but the challenge is fun, and a way to improve, so don’t stress, just draw! :sunny_happy_1:



Also, some of the prompts are based on some more obscure parts of Vainglory, like the LORE or the HERO VOICELINES. If you have a question about what any of the prompts are, go ahead and ask, and we can clear it up for you. :spring_happy_1:


This certainly deserves a RT from the official VG account!!!

EDIT: Just noticed there’s no link to the forums in the first tweet … might be worth a delete/repost, as few people read threads …

Really? First day and ozo ozo ozo?

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First day’s official prompt is “ring” so Ozo makes perfect sense … smh :wink:

What if Im artistically challenged? Can I still post my drawings no matter how horrific it looks? :gwenrainbowbarf:


I’d say absolutely and I’m sure others would too. Inktober is to better yourself, no matter how your art is it’s good to try if you can and I and I’m sure others would like to see any creations from people here.


Thank you for putting this together. Some of the prompts are somewhat hard to think of something creative to draw for them… I haven’t been drawing much VG related material but looks like October will be VG month.


Reminder: if you’ve posted any VG fan art ANYWHERE (not just here on the forums), you’re entitled to join the Artists group here! (Benefit: cool Artist title and avatar flair!)

Participation in #VGINKTOBER will get you into the group and the sweet, sweet Artist title as well!

PM me if you think you should be a member and aren’t already!

@nekofury getting things off to an amazing start! :star_struck:


Afternoon coffee break! (I got a new pen, and found it bled a lot on this paper, so don’t judge me too harshly!)

(It looked a little sad, so I added some color:)


my art - day 1


Wow! So great! And welcome to the forums! :wave:

P.S. I’ve added you to the Artists group!


Can inktober be done on photoshop or must it be traditional ink or pencil


Digital inking is totally fine! I think the main point is to get daily, concentrated practice in a specific medium over the course of the whole month, so the medium itself isn’t the most important thing. I’ve seen folks do all kinds of stuff for Inktober - traditional drawings, oil paintings, poems based on the prompts, jewelry, you name it. Personally, I have more experience with charcoal and tone-based drawings, so I’m trying to do the month in a line-based medium that’s less forgiving, like pen on paper. But it’s up to you!

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Quick lunchtime cubist turret: