VG Explained #1: Why Capacitator Plate is the only true Captain Item

With the 3.0 patch comes 3 new additions to the Captain/Defense Tree: Capacitator Plate, Rook’s Decree and the other one (=.=). Captains now started to realize that Capacitator Plate (CPL) is crucial to their kit and is highly beneficial to have early game.
With extra Health, 30 Armor/Shield, CD and Energy Regen, it’s an all around item to be bought by any hero. However, the passive of CPL reminds players that it’s strictly a support (protect/heal) Item instead of an utility piece. CPL is regarded as one of the most important item in a support build, but what made this item so unique?

  • CPL is the ONLY item in the Defence Tree right now that has the ability to add synergy to the hero or the build itself. In the Crystal Tree buying Alternating Current, can add another layer of damage to the already existing CP. Or in the Weapon Tree, Crit items can magnify the power of already existing raw WP. It’s not the same with the Defence Tree, as the effectiveness comes from Actives and Passives, which usually do not stack/synergize with other Defence items. Fountain of Renewal for instances, can be purchased by any hero playing any role, and can be used with the same effectiveness. Capacitator Plate requires an already existing layer of support effects to work, therefore amplify the effectiveness, tying other support items together- an item with the purchase power only Captains can have.
  • The item speak to actual support heroes. With situational/basis required passive, the item can only be purchased by Healers or Barrier givers. And it’s the only item in VG right now that have made this distinction. Capacitator Plate, to a healer, could be seem as more important than Fountain of Renewal even, as CPL give less of a burden on the support hero. While FoR pushes the Supporf hero into this narrow, heal only path with virtually no tankiness, CPL gives the hero broader development with medium tankiness and CD.

Last note:
CPL is already a go to in all support builds and it has increase the relevance and the significance of Supporr heroes, without the need of buffing them. I really hope SEMC would bring new items that has higher synergy overall, and I hope they would touch other items such as Dragon Blood contracts, or the Vision Items next.

Thanks for reading!
I’m going to put out more of these “VG Explained” titled out, as it’s really interesting to see some of the obviou but fascinating facts of the game. See you soon! :3

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Capacitator Plates also exist once real life, in the form of a component in a electric circuit. Plates like such can stores potential energy as magnetic fields. CPL can also be called Condensor Plate (which explain its passive in VG).

Here’s an image:
(A large size model for academic observation)

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capacitor plate also increase self healing so it can be effective on heroes like alpha and petal

Having some form of sustain doesn’t mean Plate would be effective on them. Especially not Petal, her sustain is not even a main part of her kit or frequently used.