Vg chest must be change

Its time to change vg chest into a wheel of furtune were every week there is change on prizes… vg chest kinda boring… it is good to spend gold were u can see the prize and it maybe u can lucky u can get the jockpot…what u think??

What chests? Free ones? Wood, silver, gold and dragon ones? Their key versions? The mystery ones?
I dont think we need more RNG though. If anything, chests but the Epic mystery one and the golden key one need to be better, specially the rare mystery one (this one is a complete joke).

I think there is some kind of regulation in EU for that, so this might creat some legal problems


or maybe it’s time to change the game for LOL as right now vainglory is it’s direct competitor (lol (pun intended)) and the mobile version is a total mess.

Yeah, the same regulator that thinks because the wheel is masked/drawn as a chest - it’s totally not the same thing.

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AoV has a daily wheel of fortune soOoOoOoO

I know, I’m not very interested in laws, so I don’t know the regulation.

To be frank, the rewards in ALL of the chests are terrible. And as you say, the RNG system is awful from a player’s point of view.


For new players the epic one is quite good. Guaranteed skin + hero. The golden one (keys) is decent for veterans to unlock new content, but other than those 2 the rest are crap.

I opened a golden chest recently gave me 2X 150 glory (300 glory) and 70 essence , I don’t think a chest very rare like this should give this value , but like I said before semc over hype something , like making golden chests good then suddenly promote golden chests and keys with ice offers and nerf the loot secretly to make people think the value is high while in reality the chests are bad .


Proof? Given that golden chests have only a 30% chances of giving you the lastest content, i dont think you can say they’ve nerfed the chances when openning 1 chest. Thats a very strong accusation to do without proof. The same way you say you got that, i can say ive seen a lot of people getting the new lorelai skin and lyra in a single chest.

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Meh. The game’s economy as it is is built for rng. The way it’s structured, I don’t see that changing bar laws or Vainglory tries for another go at AAA quality gaming.

Also the real problem is not that rewards need to change, as nothing is p2w besides talents therefore it’s fine that content isn’t easily gained, it’s that they need to create a progression system that has rewards for regular play, and they needed premium paid content and free content as two separate classes of in game content since the beginning.


The chance of that happening is less than 2% though. I don’t know how the chests drop more than three items, given that the site only lists three possible drops, but legendary skin drop rate is 2%, so it’s definitely not in the ballpark of more than one percent.

But that’s only the legendary lol. It’s not like updates bring legendary skins only. Also, if there is no epic or rare skins, the chances increase. The drops haven’t changed, so again, saying they’ve secretly changed them to trick people is a very strong accusation to make without proof.

Edit: it’s a 20% chance of getting the newest skin, 15% of the newest hero. For the skins, once you get it it’s 75% rare skin, 15% epic, 10% legendary.

Edit2: okey, I just understand what you meant. Yeah, it’s pretty rare to get that, but screen shots are there (with also the usual bugs of cards shinning a lot).

That’s confirmation bias. You don’t see the countless other garbage pulls, so you’re led to believe that very rare results are more common than the numbers would lead you to believe.

I do see the garbage pulls, ive openned those chests too. But again, they only have a 20% chances of giving the newest content, so of course you will get those garbage pulls. That does not mean that they changed the chances to trick people, specially based on a single pull. If you are going to say they changed the chances to trick people, you will need proof.

I didn’t say any of that. I said that because you see very good pulls with greater frequency than the odds would suggest, you begin to implicitly believe that the chests are better than they are. I said nothing about manipulating the odds.

It’s a golden chest , I opened 3 of them the recently one gave me glory and essence , the other 2 both gave me San feng and glory and I already have San feng , so it’s dropping duplicates and glory , you probably going to say that’s good , but what if someone just bought 8 keys and chests and kept getting San feng over and over and over , new content doesn’t mean good , and you giving a hero not a skin , it’s super easy to get a hero , so if someone got the Lorelai skin then probably going to get again as a duplicate because that’s what semc filling the chests with .

It was just an example to show that 1 pull is not representative to the actual chances. Sorry if it wasn’t clear, my mistake.

Bad luck?

Then every thing you can get is bad as there is always a possibility of it being duplicated. I said they were good because the chances of them giving something you don’t have yet is quite high compared to other chests for veterans as that content is new.

In golden chests, getting a hero doesn’t prevent you from getting a skin unlike rare mystery ones or other chests.

Again, proof? The chances are quite high yes, but that’s because it can only give (in this update) 4 skins, 1 of them you already have.

Again, we can discuss wether the golden chests are good or bad, but that’s different from saying SEMC defrauds costumers by secretly changing the chances of a chests based of 1-3 pulls, which is what I’m talking about. So, as I said before,

Do you have any proof to support this? Because otherwise the image you give to new players that may come here is that SEMC will try to rip off them, which is completely false.

Because we have a lot of content , for me I want social pings , taunt pings and skins or atleast give me blueprint worth hundreds of essence instead of giving me 70 essence and glory , the golden chest is equal to the rare mystery key , what is the point of having 3 different chests if they all drop bad things.