Vg chest must be change


The difference between a golden chest and a rare mystery one is the new content, you have a lot higher chances to getting it in the golden one. As I said, I’m not discussing how worth the golden chests are. I’m discussing your accusation against them of ripping off players.


The problem is that we didnt know the price would be inside in chest…i think its time to replace the chest with a wheel of prize… every week there is a changes of prizes…we spin the wheel if u are lucky u can win major or big prices…hows that??


Because I remember the old golden chest vs this new golden chest , well to make things clear I told videovillain in the old forum or this forum that semc need to make the ice value clear because they put a lot of offers then later we started seeing things in the market cost real money directly , so what they did is make people buy offers and get the ice and then make things for sale in the market not with ice but with real money , because they know that the real money vs ice price made inflation , so with time they fixed this thing with introducing the chests and the keys , so instead of making good ice offers , just put the chests and keys and lower their good loot to make.the money equal the ice and you don’t have to sell things with direct money instead of ice like before , at the end it’s bad marketing , they just want to make money fast and even if they ruined their in game currency they going to to do bad attempts to fix it .


Okey, this was actually hard to read, such a long phrase.
This doesn’t prove they secretly changed the chances to trick people, this is all you assuming things with no real proof.


What do you mean real proof ? , they have all the data , even if we all agree that the chests give bad loot , someone from semc going to tell us that we are a small percentage of the players , you don’t need the data to assume that they nerfed the loot , nerfing the loot is something logical for a company made a lot of decisions to make the game make more money , like talents , hats , skin blueprints , notice that the rare and epic keys are rewards of battle pass and season rewards , but the chest keys you can find them from the spoils of war after each game , so if you make ice offers with the rare and mystery keys I won’t expect a nerf because they already cost ice , but for the free chests I expect that , and it would be reasonable for others to see these chests drop nothing because they know they drop for free and they are there with the deal hit or miss .


It’s not about them being good or not, it’s about you accusing SEMC of ripping off players without proof. As I said, it’s basically you making assumptions about their marketing system, but no real proof but… 3 pulls? So nothing.


MmmMm I won’t call it ripping off its manipulation , like Iam mad because the chests and keys could be something motivate us to play more but with the offers you have to make the value drop to make people buy more ice.


The problem that @Guest_78 is pointing out – and one which I’ve pointed out to you myself numerous times – is that you state your opinions as though they were incontrovertible facts. More concerning to me as the administrator of this site is that your opinions sometimes border on defamation, which can lead to a legal situation you don’t want to find yourself in – and which I definitely don’t want to find myself in.

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Again, you’re free to express opinions here, but defaming anyone – whether it be another member or a company such as SEMC – is unacceptable.


Without actual numbers from semc themselves we can stipulate with aggregate numbers based on player commentary as to whether semc raised or lowered a chance percentage, however it would take a rather large percentage of players from the base to state a consistent result over extended time to say that semc might be rigging chances a certain way.

The implied comment here is that we don’t have neither the playerbase size data nor the response sample data needed to make such a claim even in relative ambiguity at this time as far as we are generally aware.


I thought at least some countries had laws mandating that the drop rates for things like loot boxes be explicitly stated. Am I misremembering that?


Yes. I’m not aware of things displaying differently for semc in different countries.


Shane in the YouTube make videos about conspiracy theories and YouTube doesn’t like them and YouTube sponsors either , it’s my opinion and I think it’s correct based on things semc did in the past , like if they can’t manage obvious things everyone can see and point out , why can’t they manipulate a hidden numbers ?! , this grey area is very easy to play around , greedy companies always play with the materials and quality of their products if they can pass the test with a bribe , what stops any gaming company from doing that to their loot box , is their anyone taking their data and seeing the loot ?! , if a food company do that you going to see people complain because there is a standard point I can compare and say no or yes , there is no standard point here , they can do anything anytime .


Okay, it’s clear you’re not getting the message. Your posting privileges have been revoked for the next two weeks. The next time I see a post like the ones you’ve made here, you’re gone for good.


I though I was the only one seeing the problem. Couldn’t have said better, thank you.


No, you’re right, I couldn’t list exact countries, but this kind of stuff is happening in Europe, and I can indeed see the drop rates per chest (rare and epic mystery, blueprint, bronze, silver and gold, and rare, epic, legendary materials.)
No clue on talents chests and quest chests though


I’d imagine that the drop rates are the same … would you mind sharing a screenshot of whatever is shown? I think that’d be both interesting and helpful!


Way too long for a screenshot, but I can do better :wink: here’s a direct link : I don’t think they IP-block by country that would be crazy :

So while it’s cool that they’re that transparent (I mean, they probably don’t have a choice), be careful because the % are slightly manipulative.

On some chests, the loot listed as drop 1, drop 2, drop 3, etc. are all together, while on other, the same syntax means “you get one of those drops”, and the fact that they make sub-categories of drops is a way of hiding low % :
At most extreme, the 5% of dropping epic material chest from bronze is listed as 5%, but is actually 5% out of 35%, so it’s actually not even 2%
Other example, rare mystery loots legendary skin at “7%”, but that’s actually 35% of getting hero/skin times 55% of getting skin times 7% of getting legendary = 1.3% of getting legendary skin.