Vainglory on Pixel 3

I’m very excited! I believe part of my latency/performance issues that have come up lately simply have to do with my phone, an Android One Moto 4x with 32gb room for storage. It’s simply not large enough! There are times where I’m experiencing 15,000+ ms, and not only is my game freezing, my phone is - I can’t swipe down to disconnect from WiFi and activate mobile date, I can’t close the app and restart it - everything moves slow. I just don’t think this device was meant for legit gaming.

That said, I’ve ordered a Pixel 3. Google Fi has been a unique and overall pleaseant phone company experience for me - super reasonable rates and just a straight forward process. I’m not here to sell you on it, but I saved nearly $300 today simply becuase they’re running a promotion for getting it and using Googe Fi (which I already do). If you want to learn more about Google Fi from a customer’s perspective, I’d be happy to share. Message me!.

Any way, with the 128gb (4x more space) option I selected, I am very interested in seeing if this improves my performance issues. I’ll certainly share my experience here with anyone who may be interested. I am definitely going to try to set the graphics to the highest setting (I currently play on low, and still like the graphics). I also only selected the 5.5" screen (0.3 larger than my current phone, although I don’t think the Moto 4x is really 5.2… not according to my measurement). I felt the 6.3 (1.1 increase) would be pretty big and could take some adjusting. I think the 0.3 increase will be nice and help me avoid misclicking more, without having to feel too different playing.

Any way, I’m pumped! Who doesn’t like new toys?


It will certainly improve your experience by a lot, but not because of the 128GB storage vs 32GB of storage. The type of the storage in the pixel 3 is faster tho, this will affect your experience with the phone (same with the better digitizer, processor, more and faster RAM, better screen, better speakers and so on).


Well, it was awesome! As mentioned in my It’s ON with Lebatron thread, today I gave my Pixel 3 what I thought would be a “tough” first test.

With my Moto 4x:

  • Streaming from the Omlet app to Twitch was an absolute NO for 5v5 casual or ranked. This would result in 15000+ ms
  • In general, I think VG has beat up the ole device a bit, as performance in general was worsening in regards to FPS
  • Graphics were always set to Auto or Low, depending on the day. I’ve never played VG with High graphics settings

My “test” and first day with Pixel 3:

  • Set graphics to high
  • Immediately streamted with my Omlet app to Twitch, playing 5v5 Casual to test - NO issues. Graphics and colors from the screen were so much nicer, and it felt like a much smoother game
  • Then played 4-5 ranked matches in 5v5 - again, super smooth and a LOT of fun!
  • The .3" bigger screen did have some impact - it’s amazing just how much we really are creatures of habit - I often misclicked, or, when attempting to touch :vgitem_journeyboots: or :vgitem_fountainofrenewal: :, I would press on a gap in the screen between the items that never previously existed, so my hero would simply move the left, and I would look like a buffoon! Ha! Overall, I adjusted, and felt I got better and better.

From a gaming perspective, man - what an upgrade!