Vainglory on PC players?

any of you play VG on a computer? How is it? Is it worth it? How do I get it on my pc?


I didn’t try it on PC, but I think that the only way to play it like that right now is by using Bluestacks. It’s an android emulator for PC.

I’m assuming that it would be better to play on PC. No more miss clicking the abilities or items!

but you are playing with one cursor instead of “two”

Cursor 1: Mouse
Cursor 2: Keyboard

when stutterstepping?
30 character

Blue stacks is so laggy and looks terrible. VG can be played with a Samsung device for MnK tho forgot which

Nox is also good. I tried playing with it. Doesn’t lag that much and you can have as many key bindings as you want.

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I don’t see this being an issue. Some people are quick on the mouse click. MOBAs has always been working on the PC, I don’t know why we’re arguing on this haha.

but it can’t be as fast as using your fingers. (please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know much about pc moba as vg is my first moba)

Some dude from the OG forums had a chat with me about this very subject…

the keyboard is all your abilities at the ready… reflex block faster, no more miss taps, and stutter stepping is not really a problem.

shop faster, recall faster…

the only thing i can think of that touch is better at, is team fights… it gets messy…

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Kiting is much much better with fingers than mouse.
However the amount of misstaps because of fat fingers is high…



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It is an emulator needed to run an android game because there is no native support to run that software.

Lol, their main website is showing a guy playing a MOBA with the keyboard only. I can’t image that being very good :rofl:

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Ok thanks. Not sure why I didn’t google till after I asked :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @NinjaGuyX that’s pretty funny.

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You actually have to play with both mouse and keyboard board

Definitely! the mouse is to click where your character will go, and the keyboard is to activate your abilities/scout/items/etc.

you can actually do more. I added key binding around my character and hence could use wasd for movement. It made it a lot easier to stutterer step and general movement


That’s on Nox? Cause if so I’m downloading it tonight :smiley:

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Seriously? Do w+a create diagonal movement? If so it would be far superior.